Can I do all my remote work from my cell phone?

A laptop is good, I much prefer to type on a keyboard than over looking over my phone for hours and I have felt like this for a long time. But a laptop working remote has its problems and it became clear to me while traveling the world for 6 years now I need to do all my work on a phone. I wonder if I can actually accomplish working solely from my phone in a year. The main hurdle I feel like I face is writing emails, attachments. my writing style is to write out my points and organize my thoughts. But I have made a point to write shorter emails.

The problem’s With a Laptop working remotely:

  • It breaking and needing repairs, and with a Macbook that can be hard in many countries and cost extra.
  • Needing to tether wifi to your laptop cost more and is always a problem.

*Besides whatever I need to do on a laptop I can hire someone for or just have my assistant do it.

The benefits of only working from your phone:

  • If it’s lost or stolen almost any Android phone will do, and you can buy and iPhone anywhere buy a sim login to the apps and be back in minutes.
  • It goes in your pocket.


The most uncomfortable part of international travel is the the up the nose PCR test required to travel from 7-days – 24-hours before travel.

I became interested in the PCR story and take pride in giving the most up to date with reference on countries that do not require PCR testing. There is 2 types of PCR test. One is Per-travel the other is on arrival. Thailand had at one point required you to pre pay 2 covid test after arrival, now it’s down to just 2. I do feel in about 90 days, most covid restrictions will be removed altogether but will the PCR remain? There are 2 types of PCR test, the Pre Travel and the Arrival

  • What countries can you travel to, free of PCR testing.
  • This list is only the Countries that have dropped testing and the link to the info.

Its being widely reported that. As a matter of fact 45 countries have dropped the PCR test, and these restrictions are falling fast.

Countries that don’t require PCR testing:

  1. Colombia (with 2 shots)- its being reported from: Covid Controls.
  2. BELIZE – enter without a negative test result:
  3. COSTA RICA – enter without a negative test result:

News of counties coming open is: Thailand, pressure mounts on the Thai government, but it seems the government is not willing to back off the test and go program just yet.



Airbnb price bait and switch

So I observed on the Airbnb App what appears to be some type of bait and switch while looking for a new 30 day rental. When I searched from El Paso for before traveling to Baja Mexico the price seemed lower than when I arrived or was local to the area I was looking to book on the Airbnb app, the prices in the Baja area was much higher really giving the illusion cost where much lower when I was searching back in El Paso.

When I first spotted this in the Airbnb app it left me scratching my head, but I also experienced this again when I was looking to use Airbnb in La Paz Mexico, but I only had my-own experience to pull from, but then a friend said the same thing when she was looking at prices from Seattle, once she arrived in Cancun Mexico the prices seem to be much higher.


DHL US & Pack And Ship Express Lawsuit #El Paso and #DHLexpress

This is how I sued DHL and Pack and Ship Express in small claims court for my package being stolen by the Bureau of Customs in the Philippines.

On May 1, 2021,  I paid Pack and Ship Express in El Paso $520 to ship a box to the Philippines by way of DHL US.

When you go to ship a package, you present your package, they weigh the package and measure the package, and the customer service person, in the case Pack n Ship Express in El Paso service representative tells you when you can expect the package to arrive, and how much the cost is. I paid Pack and Ship Express. Back on May 3st even as we are in court today no progress on this box. These people are treating me like they are not handling my box valued detailed on the waybill $1150 plus shipping cost $520 totalling to $1670. Finger pointing back and forth of the status of the box, I even presented the receivers docs to Pack n ship so we could make sure this is in the hands of DHL. This Box labeled “abandoned” in DHL’s system.

May 1, 156 days ago I paid $520 for expedited delivery “worldwide express”. The package is fully insured, they charged me a small fortune. I paid for their express service with insurance because the contents had sensitive electronics and candy so the package would arrive in good shape… These 2 companies have given a million excuses why this box remains undelivered for half a year now, DHL and Pack and Ship sent 2 attorneys rather than deliver this box or pay the insurance. I never received the service I paid 520 for. These 2 companies have blamed everyone and don’t want to pay the insurance! I was forced to bring DHL and Pack and ship to court to get some satisfaction, Your-honor.

My Pivot points I will make when laying out my case to the on the Small claims Lawsuit against Pack and Ship Express and DHL Judge:

  1. On June 16, 2020 Quote: “The Philippines confirmed they have the 3 specimen signatures. The Package is in Clearance Processing Right now” Jess At Pack and Ship Express goes on to say: Just hold on a little longer….
  2. On June 29th about 2 months I emailed Pack and ship requesting the box returned. At that point I had lost faith that DHL even had the box, I couldn’t get an alternative arrival date. The box doesn’t move forward to the destination or returned. Also Have a voice mail from DHL confirming this also.
  3. This appears from emails from Customs this is a failure of DHL
  4. The box has electronics, candy, perfume.. That is why I sent the box premium postage. Both of these companies DHL and Pack and Ship has really done their best to give miss information and in the last few weeks running out of excuses just really said. It’s out of our control. Well that’s why I purchased the insurance for “for when its out of your control”

Other notes:

Argument we underdelcaired  – We declared the value to the dollar, I have a full accounting of the content of the box with receipts I can send to you right now. This is a known scam from DHL.

DHL is also being sued for the same fraud practices US District Court for the District of New Jersey MARTIN v. DHL EXPRESS (USA), INC

We chose to ship it via airfreight, paid Pack n ship and DHL a 55 billion dollar company for shipping so this will arrive in less than 3 weeks. How is my “abandoned” box being stored? Is the candy damaged and melted on the shoes? Are the batteries leaking on everything? I think the defendant needs to pay the insurance, plus my time to bring him to court, I paid for a service with full insurance… and had no less than 5 phone calls with pack n ship and 3 phone calls with DHL and 20 emails. PLus navigating to file this case. That took 40 hours of my time. I can’t get any answers.

DHL and Pack n Ship have made excuses and have frankly still not provided good details about this lost box… At the time of purchase they quoted me the cost of shipping and date of arrival. Both Defendants are happy to divvy up the money, I have an expectation of service, after all DHL is a 55 billion dollar monster “shipping” company.

THIS NEEDS A DATE: email I received from DHL corporate date stated this: DHL has done 3 investigations, “DHL states it has a good relationship with Philippines customs”… DHL knows I want the box returned, stated in that same email.

You would think DHL’s attorney would do better research, on the third line of DHL’s email response to my lawsuit email, DHL say’s “offering DHL services to process a shipment”. In DHL’s own words DHL is offering Shipping services and admitted to profiting $300 for this shipment. DHL and Pack Ship are liable. I’d say at the very least I’m due a refund for breach of contract.

In the points made by DHL’s attorney we have provided all that has been required, documented well in email exchanges starting back in June with DHL & Pack n Ship. All we have to rely on are these incompetent people. We are bringing them to court to get satisfaction for our damages.

And from the time the package arrived in DHL Cebu, the receiver Mary has been doing her part complying with both the DHL & Customs requirement (giving them to Pack n Ship too. And passed on to DHL district mgr.).

On June 26th >> The paperwork has been received and we are now waiting on clearance from the Philippine government.

Pack n Ship also Says> I know we sent this May 1st. That was well over a month ago, now nearly two. When we first reached out to you to ask why it hadn’t been delivered, we were under the impression that it was a taxes/fees/duties issue. I don’t remember that exact date, but it was probably the middle of May. If the fees/duties/taxes aren’t paid, they will just hold your package. They have the leverage of not releasing it until those are paid.

Receiver and DHL Cebu were coordinating and there is NO Pack n Ship involved in Philippines, clearly the transaction here and the service is supposed to be delivered by DHL no one else.

The receiver never got an instruction to pay or received an invoice that she should pay as it was understood the process is on “clearance process”, and if that was the case that this process has never moved forward because the receiver has not paid duties and taxes, they have not billed the receiver either.

This was Pack n Ship’s response

I agreed to the Fee, but also told Pack and Ship. And DHL also acknowledge this in other emails

DHL also quotes: DHL is not liable for any loss or damage arising out of circumstances beyond DHL’s control.

I think it is in DHL’s Control right?


May 1, 2021
the Box was shipped Via Pack and Ship Express in ElPaso

May 8th, 2021
shipment arrived in Cebu

May 11, 2021
First Contact from DHL Cebu , Philippines (to receiver) – informed her of the documents required by BOC, needed to apply for “Non regular Importer” or Informal as the shipment was declared “importers” due to the amount declared.

Upon checking DHL’s Tracking Page, the shipment arrived May 8th, 2021, and their first contact to the receiver was May 11, and told her that she has 15 days to comply and submit the required documents. Receiver is in Iloilo, Box is in DHL Cebu and Customs is in Manila.

May 12, 2021
Receiver filled out the forms and sent to certain Mr. Andrew Macapos of DHL Cebu for checking before finalizing the documents for notarization.

Documents required were:

Authorization Letter – Authorizing 2 of DHL employee to process the documents on her behalf (certain
CPRS (once a year importer profile information)
Annex C
Annex D
Annex E – Privacy Consent
Copy of Passport + 3 Specimen
Tax Identification Number

May 14, 2021

All documents were completed, notarized, scanned and emailed to DHL Cebu and even mailed the hard copies of every document sent to DHL CEBU.

May 24 & 27, 2021
Receiver emailed DHL Cebu for an update, still NOTHING.

May 26, 2021
DHL Customer Service emailed DHL Cebu to update the receiver

May 28th, 2021
Receiver received a message that the shipment was now in “STORED” status from Custom.
Andrew Macapos of DHL Cebu asked the receiver to forward that email from Custom and she did.
Receiver asked Mr. Macapos to explain what “STORED” status means – No answer.

June 1, 2021

DHL ILOILO Contacted DHL Cebu about the status of Receiver’s shipment
Mr. Macapos replied regarding the “STORED” status question.

June 8, 2021

Receiver Asked DHL Cebu – Mr. Macapos for an update – and no reply from them.

June 11, 2021
Receiver emailed Mr. Macapos again begging for an update – STILL NOTHING

June 14, 2021
Receiver emailed DHL Cebu again asking for an update and informed them that the Sender Mr. Asher filed a claim in DHL USA.

Mr. Macapos only then replied to receiver’s message, informing that Non-Regular importer application was submitted to Bureau of Customs Manila and awaiting completion and review.

June 26, 2021
Received an update from Mr. Macapos that the NRI application was partially denied by Customs AMO Evaluation Team, and asked the receiver to edit, notarize and scan the same types of documents as submitted in May 14th.
CPRS document was not notarized in the first submission, this time they’re asking it to be notarized. And a few edits on other documents.

June 28, 2021
I emailed Pack and Ship to demand the box be escalated to a claim.

email to pack and Ship Express

the box has not moved in 2 months

June 29, 2021 
By this time it had been just about 2 month and most of the updates about the DHL package we have received have been just not true. I had requested the package to be returned as I felt that it had been stolen.

email me agreeing to the fee for the box to be returned.

July 7, 2021
All documents requested was completed, scanned copies emailed to Mr. Macapos and hard copies were shipped via DHL iloilo to DHL Cebu:

Authorization Letter – Authorizing 2 of DHL employee to process the documents on her behalf (certain
CPRS (once a year importer profile information)
Annex C
Annex D
Annex E – Privacy Consent


July 10, 2021
Received message from DHL Cebu that “lifting of abandonment process for shipment has commenced and as per our representative, documents were submitted at Customs Customer Care Center Office”

July 15th
We send DHL and Pack and Ship Express Demand letter before suing in small claims

demand letter to DHL and Pack and Ship Express El Paso

Demand letter to Pack and Ship Express in El Paso and DHL US

July 23, 2021
Receiver emailed Mr. Macapos asking for an update – NO REPLY


July 27, 2021
Receiver emailed Mr. Macapos again asking for update – NO REPLY


August 7, 2021

Receiver Discovered that her shipment can no longer be tracked on DHL’s website, when you enter the tracking number
Receiver emailed Mr. Macapos again for an updated and asked why she can no longer track her shipment.

NOTHING FROM DHL CEBU UNTIL NOW! ALSO, DHL CEBU only Verbally told the Receiver to prepare an amount around P17,000 pesos for the fees to be released, they have never written or invoiced or asked her to pay yet. As the process is still not done.


August 11, 2021

  • Received message from ekonek system that CPRS Profile was approved by BOC.
  • There was another email from ekonek with an attachment of Certificate of Registration but this email landed in my spam folder.


August 24, 2021

  • Found the email of BOC Cebu and directly messaged them asking for status of shipment since there was no update from Mr. Macapos since July 10th.
  • Received reply from Customs and updated us that there is NO record pertaining to the subject package have been filed in Bureau of Customs for release.



September 3, 2021

  • Received email and status update from Andrew Macapos, that NRI application was approved and lifting of abandonment process has commenced.
  • Mr. Macapos requested for the copy of COR that Customs has sent me on August 11, 2021.
  • Was asked to enroll the COR to Authorized Agent bank for Duties and Taxes purposes. DHL Cebu requires the BRN.


September 4, 2021

  • Emailed Mr. Macapos – questions regarding COR and enrollment to the AAB
  • Requested photo of the box


September 10, 2021

  • Legal Analyst of DHL Florida emailed DHL Cebu




September 11, 2021


  • Marfa Matalang, the DHL Cebu Manager contacted the receiver via call.
  • Marfa answered the questions I asked Mr. Macapos in September 4, 2021 and sent me photos of the box, and sent me more details regarding COR Enrollment to AAB.


September 13, 2021

  • Processed the NRI/COR enrollment to the bank.


September 20, 2021

  • Received the BRN from local bank and forwarded it to DHLD Cebu manager via whatsapp.


September 23, 2021

  • WW Express delivered the box (by mistake)
  • Receiver argued that her box is in DHL/Customs Cebu. and that there’s a duties and taxes to pay.  Delivery says just accept the box and there’s no payment needed.
  • Receiver asked the delivery man to contact  their office and confirm. It was found out that it was sent to iloilo by mistake.
  • Receiver could have just accepted the box but chose to be honest and expected that the box may be delivered soon.
  • Receiver contacted DHL Cebu and told them about the delivery. Cebu requested DHL Iloilo to return the box to Cebu for lodging and examination process


September 24, 2021


  • Followed up with DHL Manager Marfa Matalang regarding Custom not sending a notice to debit from Receiver’s bank account yet for duties and taxes
  • Mr. Asher / sender received a message from sub port Mactan updated the sender that as of September 22, there is NO goods declaration pertaining to the package has been filed in the office for processing and release.





September 29, 2021

  • DHL Cebu Manager Ms. Marfa Matalang called the receiver and informed that the examiner x-rayed the box and opened it and found out that there were watches that were not declared and thus Customs examiner decided that they will seize the shipment. They informed the receiver that customs will send a warrant for seizure and detention.




Is car ownership going away?

The door might be closing on the value of owning an older car outright. I know this is not groundbreaking,  but the cost of ownership of even cheaper cars has gone way up, I wondered if it was even worth it to own a car at all. 

I recently went looking to buy an older cheap car, something with the value $2000-$5000 dollars. What most consider a to b used car. Me personally, I don’t care what I drive. I love cars don’t get me wrong. I was out looking to pay cash for a good running car for cheap. There was a time even recently that you could find a cheap beater and slap some liability insurance, and save some real money in car payments. Actually most finally experts recommend you only buying the car you can afford to pay cash for.

I found a car I feel like that would work, I called Farmers Insurance Agent and was shocked to find rates $240 a month with a clean driving history.

This was a real shocker, I was already overpaying for my last car I had to get rid of it, I was in a weird spot with the car, the car ran fine.. but the A/C went out and I live in Las Vegas. So here I was paying $160 a mouth just about 10% of the actual value of the car with working A/C and maybe cost is upwards of 20%+ without. 

And $240 a month for car insurance alone that is $2880 a year.  

Have we reached a point where owning older used cars is no longer worth it? Is it better to go with services like Lyft and Uber and with fill-in of the occasional rental cars and public transportation? have we gotten to a point where it’s  more cost effective to forgo car ownership altogether? I would like to look at the cost carefully and find out. 

Cost annually to own a $5000 used car – Car Insurance $2880, gas 1 tank a week $540, registration & Taxes $125, Car repairs & maintenance $600 Total – $4125.00 That amounts to 340 a month. On a car you own.

Cost annually to keep a financed car – Car Payment $6000 Car Insurance $2880, gas 1 tank a week $540, registration & Taxes $600, Car repairs & maintenance $400 Total  $000 That amounts to 000 a month. On a car you are making payments on.


My review of the Macbook Pro Apple don’t want you to read.

I recently made the switch to Apple. I am a life long PC user that decided to make the switch to Apple after my frustration with Windows’s short comings… I think it’s important to point out for the purpose of this review I had an Iphone once an really didn’t care for it much, but went ahead an purchased this Macbook Pro because I was looking for something better.

Unlike the swarm of reviews posted online of “how great” the Macbook is, if you are thinking of switching from PC to Apple this is the review I wish I had read before I threw my money in the trash. I think this is a review anyone wanting to make the switch from PC should read.

Macbook Pro Vs Lenovo

My main concern switching to Apple was basically would I be able to move around in the same manner as the PC without too much of a learning curve. The answer is “yes” I went on Youtube and watched some video tutorials on the Macbook Pro and with some basic help I started to pick-it up very quickly.

Why I decided to try Macbook Pro is simple. Windows has gone sideways with lots of holes in their operating system and no real clue of what they are doing… PC’s are poor quality in general. However Things seem to be rapidly improving in the hardware but with Windows it seem to only be getting worse.

What did I find? I was very unlucky, I got a Macbook Pro with issues out of the box. I was even more unlucky by making the mistake of buying it a Fry’s Electronics rather than a Apple store that turned out being a mistake too. If you are going to buy an Apple goto a Apple Store.

The Macbook Pro mic had issues with many of other services like Google Voice, Screen O Matic, YouTube. The so called “genius’s” had no clue or I think they ignored these issues as valid. I found that or at least it felt like Apple only was worried about its working with it’s products. There is many documented issues with the Mic on the Macbook pro using services like Google Voice.

So what happened? In less that 2 months of ownership Apple took the Macbook in for repair to replace the mic to likely install refurbished parts; a class action case they recently lost in court, something i’m not too happy about being this is brand new Macbook Read more about the case here. Only to get the Macbook back the issue un resolved. When I took the Macbook the issue was not addressed or tested.

I can go into details of crap support I received from not one but two Apple-Customer Relations Senior Advisors but I wont. Needless to say because I still somehow ended up with this Macbook. Apple support is lots of pats on the back and im sorry but no results.

My conclusion is there was a few features on the Macbook that stood out to me. One was the Battery life, the other was no real threat of viruses. That part was kind-of nice. The OS system seems more secure, but really this also turned out to work against me. I really couldn’t rap my mind around Apple’s OS file system.. But from using the product for a few months I would say the Macbook was mostly fluff and just another computer brand like Samsung, or Lenovo or whatever.. I did find Apple is a great machine for novice computer users needing help and someone to call when it breaks, Apple seems great for that sort of thing. I was able to get Apple Support but no real help to fix my issues, but with the inflated price tag support is what you seem to be paying for; Apple over all seem like a great big over priced illusion. At the end of the day I ended up taking in the ass, had to sell it on Craigslist to some broke fanboy and pony up for a another business Laptop.


My Review of Avada theme and I charged back Envato. [how I got my money back]

winner papyalThis might turn out tobe a very popular post based on my experience from buying the socalled #1 Avada WordPress theme from the website, then uncovering some very distasteful business practices from Envato when I charged back though Paypal. The reason I am writing this is to help WordPress theme and plugin developers put more money in their pocket and remove middle men like Envato from the marketplace because frankly they are just not needed.

If you are in this position all is not lost! I want to share how to effectively charge back Envato though Paypal.

The biggest issue with Envato is their weak consumer knowledge with how a US business operates.

Envato makes it punitive when opening a charging back by removing your access to all past purchases you have made as leverage to get you to close the charge back.


First off the Avada WordPress theme is not 5 stars. It has many known issues in browser Safari and iPhone. Second you don’t need, you can contact any of the makers of the theme I purchase straight from them.

Tell her to cum!

Again I offer more useless dating advice to men looking for something creative to their sex lives. If you been having a-bit of a problem getting your chick to cum while having sex I think this one of my better tips, and it’s really simple. So when you are getting-it-on with a chick, tell her “cum on my c*&k baby” and call me crazy but this works! I know many of you are going bull shit, and I fully understand, i’m just throwing this out there seems to be something about verbalizing it. You need to also understand this is not going to work if just blurt-out “cum on my c*&k” but if your licking her ear and just pounding the shit out of her, just whisper in her ear, “cum all over my c*&K baby… this is very effective. you gotta try it!!

Growing up Asher Part 2 – Why I played poker.

Harry’ll do it. I know it. He doesn’t know how to fail. –Armageddon (1998)

Many people have no idea how I got started playing poker. Well I am about to tell you. When I came back to California from Oklahoma from my Aunt’s Thelma house I was in fact homeless. I was about 16 years old, I went north of Los Angles to to live in a place called Simi Valley CA, to live near my girl friend at the time. After moving there about 5 years later would become my first wife and I would have my daughter Mercedes. The only money I had to start my life was the ring I stole from my Aunt Thelma and what I made working at the chicken plant in Arkansas and picking blue berries while I was in Oklahoma.

My parents made it clear I was not welcome home, but this is not the story my Mother and Father would tell people that would ask questions. Their side of the story was I was out of control, hard to handle, actually they really didn’t know what to think. My Parents called it “tough love” but I think it was my sick parents way of trying to control me, allowing me to fail, the result of really having no parenting skills and gross misunderstanding of the Bible. I think my parents though I would fail and they would gain control by submission because this is how my Father was raised. They were wrong.

My Father Ray Asher and Mother Joy Asher are both control freaks I gained a better understanding of this recently after spending time with Ray, him throwing a fit when I would not give into his “plan” of going to church instead of love and support. I don’t give-in period so I left and and family life has returned to the brokenness.

Though out my life I have almost never have had a “real job”. I have built homes, owned a few construction companies, waited tables in a string part time jobs. My ex wife Kimberly and I figured it out one day, I don’t think I have had a job for longer than 90 days in my whole life. We also figured out from about the age 16 that up until about the age 38 I bet I have not gone longer than 90 days without gambling or Playing Poker. The last two years, I have really been less interested and only returning to try to end my liquidity struggles. I think the biggest reason I have not had a job is from PTSD brought on from the relationship with my father. I am very sensitive person, with a very thick armor and armed with vicious cynicism. I have a complete disregard of who I offend, and criticism is like explosive gas and fuels desire to go harder.

Poker became a staple of my life very early on. I took a few odd jobs as a kid looked at my check at the end of the week (*about $125.00- $160.00) in the late 80’s and early 90’s I could tell I was fucked if I didn’t do something, and my fate awaited me home back with the fucking crazy Christians and what my parents don’t know until now, is I was going to die before ever darkening the door of that statuary of lies.

I am not confused of how I got here I have many people to thank for helping me in my life, people that I looked up to, people that backed me in my business ventures *including poker. These people truly believed in me, that is how I have been so successful. Without these people I would be no one, and honestly I really owe any success that I have or had to them.

The most important people on this list is really two people.

My cousin Robert that took me surfing at the age 10, I will never forget everything he has taught me. I can remember him towing me with his leash of his surfboard because I was not strong enough to get passed the waves in large surf. I live to surf to this day 30 years later, something my father would mockme “you cant take your girl friend on a date with a surf board” Robert taught me more about life than anyone will ever know. Little fun fact is my father hated Robert. Robert can’t read or write and misspells his own name. Robert and my Father are more alike that my father would ever admit. Robert graduated high school but cant read or write, and my father at age 67 cant write a legible sentence and never graduated high school, I think has at one point got his GED, but not sure. Ofcourse I have no idea if that has anything todo with how my father feels about Robert. But in my opinion I think it does.

The other person is my Grandfather Tom Gameson a businessman a Pastor from Orange County now passed away, he is a wonderful shrewd businessman and someone I model my life after to this day. One day Ray *my Father proudly blurted out your grandfather is a adulterer and cheated on your grandmother. I thought to myself, what is this sick fuck thinking? My Grandfather was very successful owed apartment complexes, one of the largest pest control companies in Orange County. I thought to myself, I am more like my grandfather than my father. And honestly, the passing of TC Gameson was the end of the road for my family, I feel like it was my grand parents that really held the family together.

Third on this list is my second ex-wife Kimberly Asher, to this day one of my biggest supporters. I may owe her everything. Something most people don’t know, If I die my network of websites will goto her. Even in-spite of our separation, I know for a fact she will do the right thing. And if nothing else, she will be repaid and able to have her day in the sun. Robert and Kimberly will be the benefactors of any fortune I can manage as repayment.

The next would have to be my next door neighbor Steve Long, Steve once told me that I will teach you something that you can take with you for the rest of your life. Steve was a master carpenter, I worked for Steve for one summer and I went on to be a master carpenter myself, I love to build things and I have owned 3 construction companies. And I bet I have made upwards of a million dollars with what Steve has taught me. I am a artist, and I look at carpentry as art and enjoy it very much.

The next is a very special person, Will Porter.

I let my best friend in the whole world down, I am almost ashamed to admit it. A father figure to me, someone I really have looked up to, someone who has really showed me grace, love, compassion and has help Kimberly and I out of some really tough spots. Will Porter has help me so much it would be difficult to really show my gratitude for how much it really has meant to me.  To list what Will has done for not-only Me but Kimberly too would be a post in itself.

Last and far from least is Jeff McCune, Jeff is a prodigy writer. His ability to write really inspires me. I now feel writing will be what takes me anywhere I want togo in life. To be able to write is a gift by itself.

The only thing my Father has taught me is tobe angry, and that has tobe the most damaging trait you can show a person. Show me an angry person I show you a fearful poorly spoken scared coward.

What has stood the test of time, and has had the largest impact on my life and what still remains to this day is gambling. Faithful friend. My friend Einstein say’s “gambling is a friend always available to kick it”.

I am in fact a loser. What started as pass the deck lowball game in the gritty LA casinos has lasted 24 years. I played exclusively poker but over the last 5 years that has morphed into destructive gambling out of frustration. Things have changed, I have changed, the poker has changed. At one time I could be described as a prolific rock, I have a very strong grasp on the game an I have remained in the game for a span of time that would be hard to match. Any one that truly knows me, knows the level of skill I bring. Gambling has taught me a lot about life, I could say I am here because of gambling, I could also say I would have never made it here, without gambling.

I am not someone who cant wait or cant control myself, and rushes off to carelessly gamble my money. I am a opportunist, shot taker, gambling has been a staple, a hustle, a goto for capital, emergency funds, diapers, car payments, almost anything you can think of. I think Jack in the movie Titanic said it best. “When you got nothing, you have nothing to lose.”  ironically my life may-have played out the same, winning a ticket to a damned ship. But I can honestly tell you gambling has taken something from me.

This is how I got started playing poker, poker is how I was able to avoid going home to the crazy Christians. I was able to take my small income from the odd jobs and parlay that to finance my life style.

Then I got married, had kids, and the bills would come due, and my wife and I would work hard, we would come short. No real fault of our own, landlords are tough, we were just stupid kids. Happens to anyone and everyone everyday, my mom and dad called it tough love, I just figured we had nothing to lose.

My Childhood Part 1 – I will never talk to you again.

Recently turning 40, these mile stones I like to take time to reflect back on my life and more than anything my blog has offered a makeshift therapy and I love to write. It is not easy to put oneself out there in the public eye and am not a “big blogger” by any stretch, but I am going to do my best to share my experience of being a child and maybe in some twisted way this will help someone. The following stories are my opinions and as I remember my childhood, but I am one fucked up person so you never know what is going to roll outta my mouth. <when someone say’s this, you know it’s going to be good. This is a very complex story to tell, it will be a challenge for me to being a very shitty writer. I feel my creative ideas and art have taken me further in mylife than anything, and my experiences are what has made me the person I am today.

Why did I decide to write this? I feel that many people are effected by another person’s actions and not sure how to deal with the feelings and I want to share my story. I am not ashamed but rather inspired by my experiences. So I decided to start writing my heart out! I already had about 600 pages of notes in journal I keep about my childhood this helps me understand my feelings, but lately I have  been in the desert with my creativity and not exactly sure how I wanted to tell my story, and the FUCKING light is on. Right now I am ass-hole and elbows! It’s good tobe back!

I was texting with my Father, it felt good to tell him how I feel. But when someone hurts you and wants to be back in your life, they need you to forgive and forget. I am not capable of that, instead what has happen to me is a reminder that triggers a protective response. When I confronted my father with his actions, my Father said that “he don’t remember”. Personally. I don’t think he has forgotten anything. None-the-less let them read.

So I hope you enjoy the story of me.

I was born in 1973 to Joy May Asher and Marvin Ray Asher now known as Rev. Ray Asher & Rev. Joy Asher currently Pastor Joy Whittington. Now divorced my father travels the road, and my mother Joy Whittington is remarried. Until recently I have not talked to my Mother or Father or brothers or anyone in my family in a very long time.

The estimated time frame out we have out of contact with my parents. Father 6-7 years, Mother 6-7 years, middle brother 10+ years, youngest brother 6-7 years. I also have a stretch before that of no contact with my family before this that is about 5-7 years-ish. And recently I have had a re-meeting with my Father, and my status with my Mother is I am 100% unwilling to ever talk to her ever again. Throughout my adult life I have been in contact with my family members in a very limited capacity

When someone says “I am not going to talk to you ever again” I don’t think anyone truly understands what that really means. What I think it means when someone says this, is that person wants control of their life back. This becomes very curious when this is your immediate family. I consider myself to be a strong person, a very strong person, but no man is a island. I think like most people, everyone needs to connect with their family and getting older I was feeling this way too. People like to say, whatever don’t kill you makes you stronger, well.. this may kill me, and that’s ok too.

Let’s meet the sperm donors!

My father Marvin Ray Asher a Vietnam Vet and Pastor, spent about 30 years working for the government.

My mother Joy May Asher aka Joy Whittington and known as Joy Gameson is a home maker and Pastor, but I like to think of her as the “worlds worst gold digger.”

I am the oldest of 3 brothers, who will remain nameless for their protection. Each of us have dealt with our childhoods in our own way.

My opinion on Christianity is a very slanted. I think it is fun to tell you about this before I dive into the story, mostly so that you can get a understanding how I am telling my story. I think Christians and Evangelicals are a special kind of criminal piece of shit. Anyone that is willing to prey on people in the “Name of God” is very hard for me to stomach. And yes, in my opinion my parents fall directly into this. Oh, remarkably I am feeling better already. More Coming Soon.

9/11 Memorial Museum & Ground Zero Museum Workshop: A Modern Day David & Goliath

My recent trip to NYC landed me in a small yet poignant 9/11 Museum that sits in the shadow of the future museum being built at Ground Zero. Yes, tucked away on the 2nd floor of a commercial building is the highly rated 9/11 Museum known as the “Ground Zero Museum Workshop” in NYC’s Meatpacking District – as it watches the sun slowly rise on a superpower called the “9/11 Memorial & Museum” in lower Manhattan at the former World Trade Center site.

At the helm of the Museum Workshop, known worldwide as the “Biggest LITTLE Museum in New York” is Gary Suson, 32, who served as the Official Photographer at Ground Zero for the Uniformed Firefighter’s Association. Appointed by former UFA Manhattan Trustee Rudy Sanfilippo and overseen by former FDNY Chief of Department Daniel Nigro, Suson spent seven months, 19 hours per day documenting every possible scenario that could play out on a daily basis at Ground Zero for no pay and ordered to keep his existence a secret to all media. After falling ill in 2002 with pulmonary injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, he was designated as disabled by the US Department of Justice 9/11 Victim’s Compensation Fund. Suson, fearing a shortened life, took some of his funds and opened the tiny museum. I spoke with him for a few minutes. “I wanted to make sure the stories would be preserved in case anything ever happened to me,“ says Suson. In just a few years the museum has gained a cult-like following after rising to the #1 Most Highest Rated Attraction in NYC in the Summer of 2011 on Trip Advisor. “We never thought we’d make it to #1 and beat out all the behemoths” says Suson. “I simply wanted to share the stories and our experiences at Ground Zero with the masses. The response was incredible. People have a need to know.” In Biblical terms, Gary Suson is David. Enter Goliath.

The 9/11 Memorial & Museum is a billion dollar, 800lb. gorilla with super-sized individual salaries that are larger than the highest grossing year that Ground Zero Museum Workshop has on record. There are many advantages to a large museum while at the same time some cons, the foremost being the lack of “personal attention” that say, the Museum Workshop can offer. Slated to open in the Spring of 2014, the 9/11 Memorial has been in talks to secure Mr. Suson’s image collection, dubbed “Rare Photos” by the New York Times. With the international following that Suson’s notorious images have, it stands to reason that the Memorial Museum would want to gobble up anything and everything standing in it’s path to ultimate success. That includes Gary Suson, an FDNY Honorary Battalion Chief and one of only two photographer’s in the world with unfettered access to Ground Zero in 2001-2. Photographer Joel Meyerowitz also had access to the WTC site but focused his lens on the landscaping changes of Ground Zero. Suson ‘lived’ at the World Trade Center site for half a year, in the process becoming close with the FDNY recovery teams and supervisors, leading to his being granted permission to shoot the most sensitive of moments. When asked about his talks with the Memorial, Suson kept quiet, saying the negotiations were of  ”a private nature.”

I am under the impression that the future 9/11 Memorial Museum may lack the personal touch that Suson’s Museum Workshop has: there supposedly will be no audio tours and very few chairs, designed for “speed” in shuffling the millions of guests in and out at light speed. Anything less would probably cause a traffic jam as well as frustrated lines of would-be visitors awaiting a chance to see the “Last Beam” – the “WTC Cross” – and the survivor’s staircase. These big-ticket artifacts will certainly be a draw for gawkers looking to see iconic items of the “Recovery.” Up in the Meatpacking District, Gary Suson’s Museum is held together with scotch tape, a small budget and a lot of heart. Far removed from Ground Zero, it doesn’t have the advantage of “being there” at the WTC site. With a total staff of just 5 very energetic and passionate ladies, daily tours max out at 28 guests with two to three tours per day. According to Suson, who was given a private, underground tour of the 9/11 Memorial Museum, “Our museum is roughly the size of the ladies bathroom at the Memorial.” Ground Zero Museum Workshop does boast the largest piece of World Trade Center window glass in existence, on loan to the Museum from a loyal WTC Recovery worker. Also on display is a small piece of American Airline’s flight 11, also on loan. The other small artifacts on display are ones that actually appear in Suson’s images and were removed with permission of a supervisory officer, FDNY Lt. Brian Bonsignore of the GPS Unit. What will ultimately separate the two museums is the personal touch and intimacy, or lack thereof. In terms of the 9/11 experience, will visitors want a cliché, large, commercial museum space and prefer the extra elbow room and sheer size or will they prefer a tiny museum with an attentive staff and less “wow” factor? Says Suson, “We are prepared for the worst. If there is a demand for our museum to stay open in 2014, then so be it.” So far in fiscal year 2013, Suson is unsalaried at GZMW. What extra money they get each month, they donate to the FDNY Foundation for the Children of Fallen Firefighters and to the Firefighter Ralph Geidel Fund, paying off the dental work of a cancer stricken firefighter who lost most his teeth from chemo. Ground Zero Museum Workshop has the support of numerous 9/11 families. Retired FDNY Lt. Paul Geidel was at GZMW the day I was there, visiting from Las Vegas. Mr. Geidel lost his son, firefighter Gary Geidel of FDNY Rescue-1 on 9/11. Says Geidel about Suson’s museum, “It’s a beautiful and tastefully designed museum that preserves the memory of those lost while educating the public about our Recovery work at Ground Zero. Mr. Suson’s museum has helped my other son Ralph out with his post-cancer medical bills and my family is most appreciative. I see no reason why the two museums can’t co-exist.” Suson authored the Barnes & Noble photography book, “Requiem: Images of Ground Zero” which he uses in part to raise money for charity. The book is currently sold at the 9/11 Memorial and neighboring St. Paul’s Chapel.

With the vast and diverse image collection that Suson possesses, along with his following, it stands to reason the 9/11 Memorial could make a small fortune on merchandising by gobbling him up. The Wall Street-like salaries of those in charge at the 9/11 Memorial has been called into question by the New York media, as well as the fact that all monies brought in will not go to charity but instead towards running the Memorial. In all fairness, the salaries being commanded by the folks at 911MM are the same as other large Museums around the USA. A small controversy has also formed over the $25 suggested admission fees at the 9/11 Memorial, which Suson’s Museum already charges for a two-hour guided tour.  Says Suson, “Our museum and their museum are private ventures. Neither is the “Official Museum” in theory. If you don’t charge an admission fee, the Museum cannot sustain itself as a place of education & remembrance and will close. It’s simple. The act of remembering those lost on 9/11 costs money. It’s either that or we close the doors and forget. I always stand in amazement when someone claims that charging $25 per person is making money off of 9/11. No, its not making money off of 9/11 – that is a grade school mentality – but rather it is making sure people don’t forget. Museums are a public service and all businesses, whether for profit or non-profit cost money to operate. If you don’t charge admission, you close. Period.” When asked what he thinks of the Memorial Museum, Suson stated, “From what I have seen it is wonderfully designed, a class act and will be well received. In my estimates, it will be the busiest museum in the world.” Time will tell if GZMW can sustain the opening of a gargantuan museum. In the most humble of ways, David (Gary Suson) is not looking to slay Goliath (9/11 Memorial), but rather simply co-exist in the same Big Apple with him and possibly even collaborate. The two museums joining talents makes sense if the goal is to tell the full and accurate story of Ground Zero. See both Museums at and

The Craigslist personals email harvest season is over! [How to harvest email addresses on Craigslist personals]

A job I had recently was working with a guy that would buy harvested email contacts for singles looking on Craigslist. I would get paid $1.75 for every good email lead and $3.00 of every phone number I could produce. This is one of my highest earning adcopy producers. This one produced over 80,000 leads

Thank you for reading my post… before you start to read my post, a reader from my last creative dating post commented to me – “it might help to point out that I make a living as a creative writer.” Now that I have moved to a small town in Insert town here, this mightbe even more of an issue. Because even more people may not get my brand of humor. Other feedback that I have received, is that women are intimated to respond to posting like this. But more than anything I am looking to meet new friends and if something amazing happens that would be very cool. I have a really unique creative personality, I am a very low pressure guy, I too am looking for someone special. Thanks for taking the time to read. enjoy my posting

Here I go again with another dating fucking sucks post again…

I am now convinced every sick-mutherfucker on earth surfs the craigslist personals, I was hanging at a friends house and went to Craigslist on her computer (*not really being nosy)  and I could see that the singles area on Craigslist link has been visited. Then it hit me!!! Everyone in the world is a sick-fucker just like myself. Craigslist is how everyone meets, but no-one ever wants to admit-it, this is so fucking gross. By posting ourselves online we have all been reduced to lawn equipment.

I know normal people read these online dating listings also… Because I was normal once, I can remember about 15 years ago reading the newspaper at Mc Donald’s, while I am eating my Mc Pile of shit. I love the classified section, I’m not really sure what it is. But being a little older everything has changed, forget the stupid sports.I personally love to read the used cars, free pets, rideshare, missed connections… but my point is, even before abruptly becoming single again, I would read the singles thread on craigslist, what a fascinating category… Someone throwing caution to the wind, post a ad in hopes of landing a date, it seems so crazy when you think about it. But what is sad, from my limited dating experience it seems the older we get the less likely we are to really find someone normal.

The response I am trying to trigger is the “normal one” that is – perhaps a normal person surfing this and think to herself, …”is this fucking shit even real?” No, we have reduced ourselves to lawn equipment… 🙂

So how would I describe myself? Mr toad’s wild ride – white, 6”4’, fit, late 30’s I don’t fuck on the first night, that would be considered risky behavior. If my post shocks you, run away! I don’t want your acceptance, I want someone looking for something special, someone looking to uncover a true experience, someone unique. At first you might find I am hard to talk to, I am closed off and very shy when you first meet me.

Other fun-Facts about myself

  • I have all my teeth
  • good head of hair
  • I have blue eyes
  • I am tall
  • I am here in Insert town here, taking care of my 88 year old grandma
  • I dont own a TV, but I have 4 computers
  • I have written 3 books
  • I love love love animals and plants
  • you should not feed me milk
  • I don’t play video games
  • I piss on the seat like most guys
  • I don’t like horror movies, whadda fake bull shit
  • I love to hold hands
  • I like to be ran at least an hour a day
  • I have not had a job in 15 years
  • I have a criminal history  <-I’m proud of that
  • I am 40
  • My kids are over 18
  • I might cook you dinner, have some coffee, stay up till 4 am, and sleep all day.
  • I have 13 years of education, over and above high school.
  • I don’t drink, love a little pot
  • *se habla espanol, but I am not Mexican
  • I love to take baths, because I get dizzy when I jerk-off standing up
  • AND yes! I really make a living as a semi-well known writer, I’m not rich, but I am rich in spirit.

*The picture thing is so uncomfortable, now that I have moved to this small town in Insert town here, I can’t post a photo of myself because not only am I afraid of being recognized on the street, I am worried my friends will find it on craigslist and post my dating ad on facebook, then everyone will know I too am looking for new lawn equipment and this is already humiliating enough.

Just a fun fact: it seems nurses like to use the CL personal service.

If you don’t send a picture of yourself, I will not reply. If you don’t want to send a picture first, then get yourown posting. And besides, if you send me an email trying to bait me into talking to you without a pic, then that would mean you are getting what you want and I can’t allow that to happen.  🙂 If you have a comment, rude or nice I will always politely respond. Thank you for reading and have a safe journey in life

Make sure to get your full head in-front of the shotgun.. thank you for calling!

Craigslist recently implemented changes that prohibited you from directly getting the email address from a response.

I sold my eBay sellers account on eBay

I sold my eBay sellers account on eBay. Susan a friend of mine at the time had this idea.

To make a website along the lines of my blog and post/sell items garage sale style kinda-like eBay. At the time I thought that was a ridiculously bad idea; little did I know or could fully understand the true genius behind this and how good of an idea this really was.

About a year before that I had more or less quit selling on eBay (about 5-6 years ago) but my friends Jeff and Susan were still selling on eBay and going very strong. I would checkout what they were doing and thought to myself, how are they making any money? I thought to myself eBay had really jumped the shark.

So recently (2013) when I sold a few items I had laying around the house and the cost to do this was upwards of 25% plus Paypal fees I knew my eBay sellers account usefulness was over. So I decided to sell my eBay sellers account.

I had already been familiar with people selling eBay and Paypal accounts from the website PayPal sucks. Dealing with eBay and PayPal for over 12 plus years I have had some interesting experiences and some priceless information that has helped me in my personal web business. eBay is only a website and comes up with some wild resolutions,  so if your going to sell on eBay then you are at the mercy of their terms and condition’s.

My experience with eBay has been when it comes down to-it eBay rules whatever favors their position; so you need to be prepared for the worst in any situation. Because you don’t know who your dealing with and quite frankly neither does eBay. I guess the only thing I can say in defense of eBay, they really have no playbook for dealing with millions of transactions in a free-trade environment.

I may have been one of the few sellers to see eBay at it’s best and it’s worst. eBay started to implement changes that really started to hurt sellers. The Power Seller exodus and start a website> Unfavorable terms, high fees, feedback restrictions made seller run for the hills.

These days the research I uncovered is that sellers now have to really jump over hurdles to sell online witch really seems silly, because anyone can start selling online with their own website for like $10 dollar investment and no barrier, and completely bypass eBay. I think people forget after-all eBay and Paypal are really only a website that started by selling Beanie Baby’s, without sellers and buyers, they have nothing.

Because my account was started 12 years ago and I had 100% positive feedback with 475 consumer reviews  I had establish myself for such along time I had no limits on my sellers account.

Why I sold so cheap – I sold my eBay sellers account for $1500 to (*I know this is cheap) a guy that had a good establish history. I had many offers on my eBay account, my PayPal account and even my Bank account! I had offers up to 3000+ but mostly from people with 10 feedback, or low or bad feedback, this was a concern for me. I didn’t want for this transaction togo bad on me. The info I had on selling my eBay sellers account was only what I could find published on the web and viewing what past sellers accounts sold for and that was poor at best. So I had no clue how this would turnout.

My Account SOLD! It really stated to hit me when it sold, holyshit! I put my hart and soul into my account, over the years I did my best to be a good eBayer. My motto was: I never wanted to take someones money, if they were not happy. Besides, I personally never wanted to pay for something that was miss-represented. Buying online is hard enough, alot goes into buying, mailing and waiting for the item. So I got the payment and the first thing I did was run to the bank and take out the maximum amount of money I could from my Paypal account. I started looking at my account, and stated to get worried, besides this was all my work. I have not updated my info in some time, after dealing with eBay it just became to big of risk giving them too much info, just was too much exposure, my credit card had expired, the address was 4 years old so I really had no exposure. My biggest fear was eBay shuts it down, the guy does a charge back and I am out the account, the money and left holding my dick.

What would I have done different? Because the buyer is buying my sellers account I would say the buyer has to pay the final value fee for the auction for the seller’s account. eBay has really become a different market, you can no longer sell things with thin margins.

So what happened? The transaction really went flawlessly, I was flat amazed, the seller and I got on the phone in a 3 way call with eBay support, and they made the transfer. The eBay phone support had no issue with the transfer