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By January 19, 2010August 10th, 2010No Comments

Here’s a few good reason for having friends…

Have a friend for a Drink. He might be thirsty.

Have a friend so you can date their sisters.

Have a friend who is rich, in case you need a few bucks.

Have a friend that is smarter than you, just in case you are ever on a game-show with a call a friend option.

Have friend who is a pot smoker just in case you want to get high.

Have a friend who is Lawyer in case you need to kill your wife. Johnnie Cochran is dead, keep this in mind also.  That Johnnie, he could get you off anything.

Have a friend who is single so you have a place to crash, when your wife kicks you out! It also helps if he smokes pot.

Have a friend because you never know when you might need a job.

Have a friend who is a Mechanic, because Mechanics are not friendly.

Make deals with friends, because who else would you deal with?

Rely on your friends, because who else would you rely-on?

My wife hates my friends. I have to admit, I don’t like her friends either.

Look at the Mormons, just go to Utah. You’ll see what I mean. Just tell them your Mormon, then they will leave you alone. It’s an easy way to get a shit load of friends, enough to start your own basketball team. 😉

Have a friend that is Jewish, so he can do your taxes. Those fuckers are great! I got his number in case you need it! The best friend I’ve got!

If you give a friend twenty bucks and you never see him again, it was worth it. <<<yea someone told me that, it’s was ripped off…

Be friends with everyone, because you never know who their friends are.

You show me a person with friends, I will show you a person rich in life and in spirit.

Just look at me, I’ve got over 4,000 friends on Facebook!  I never turn down a friend request.

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