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How to deal with the real problems

Debt is caused by spending more money than one has, taking out a loan and building interest, or exceeding one’s credit line. Debt is also caused by job loss: getting fired, quitting or being laid off. Sometimes debt is much more than a problem with saving money or keeping track of finances. Debt can result from a gambling problem, substance abuse, or compulsive shopping. Spending money feels powerful for the buyer when the person feels powerless in other areas of one’s life. Constant phone calls and visits from bill collectors make the ordeal even worse. This problem can cause secrecy in the home, such as refusing to answer the phone, or making the family hide when someone is at the door. Children become confused and wonder what is wrong, and the spouse can get angry or depressed because of this problem.

Who is In Debt?
There are two groups of people that are in debt.

  • Group 1 – are the reckless people that don’t care or have spending problems.
  • Group 2 – are the people that make a lot of money, or they are in the middle class, but they all have one common thread – they made a few mistakes and got in over their heads. There are many ways to get in debt, but it’s so hard to get out.

Consumer counseling agencies are just as much to blame. The last thing you need when you have debt or credit problems is someone that is looking to get more out of your pocket. So where do you turn if you don’t have anyone on you side? See our Hardship Programs area for more guidance.

Debt causes an insurmountable amount of stress. Physical symptoms may develop over time: headaches, migraines, digestive problems, nausea, insomnia, chest pain, skin breakouts, body aches, and being more vulnerable to sickness. Stress also has a long list of behavioral symptoms: moodiness, restlessness, irritability, inability to relax, feeling overwhelmed, feeling hopeless or depressed, inability to concentrate, poor judgment, being pessimistic, anxious thoughts, constant worrying, and memory problems. The long-term affects of stress on the body can result high blood pressure and high cholesterol, obesity, ulcers, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, infertility, autoimmune disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and more. All of these symptoms affect the lifestyle of the entire family. Often what happens is a snowball affect: when one area of one’s life falls, the problems become larger and more varied and often exacerbates the first problem.
Fights are more likely to occur in a family struggling with debt. Money is a constant topic in arguments and every other problem seems to stem off from this one issue. Being in the home may feel like walking on eggshells. Everyone is filled with tension and the tiniest thing may set the family off and cause another outburst. Abuse may even occur or get worse when money is the central issue. Paying attention to the children may be lowered on the priority list, especially when one or both of the parents will have to get a second job. This will damage the relationship between parent and child, and they will have to grow up fast in order to become independent at a young age.

Money problems will also cause other problems, such as being behind in bills and getting the heat, water, or electricity shut off. It may also be difficult for the family to afford groceries and necessities for the family. Children may become confused when the television no longer works or when the family may have to sell their possessions. Holidays will become stressful when the family can barely afford to buy gifts or create a nice dinner. Instead of spending time buying healthy food, the family may turn to the quick, stress-free fast food restaurants, further damaging their health and causing other problems.
Debt also creates problems for the family in the future. With bad credit, banks and car dealers will not want to hand out loans. This makes it difficult to buy a new car, a new home, or take out a loan for other purposes. If taking out a loan is possible, the interest rates will skyrocket due to the bad credit. Employers sometimes do credit checks, which will hurt one’s chance of being hired, even if the person is the most qualified for the job. Even if the person is responsible and loyal, the world will now see them as high risk.

Congratulations, you have chosen to take the first step to make you future better. You will feel better about receiving a credit rating that you desire. First, you can make a difference in your credit. You should not need to use any services to make the changes that will help you. These changes are going to take time, and it can be frustrating. It is important to realize that there are no quick fixes. Any legitimate plan to improve your credit will take 6-24 months before you will start to see real results. One of the most frequently ask questions is: Will my credit be so good that I will be able to buy anything? The answer is simple – you get out what you put into it. The extra steps you take for your credit will improve it no matter how insignificant you feel it is. The minimal amount of reading you do on the subject will only benefit you. If you use the information provided from the book and research the info on the quality websites I provided for you, you will find yourself with the information you need to have the credit you always wanted.

I want to cover all the aspects of credit in this book. I will give you valuable information about credit cards, fixing credit, and using credit responsibly. Being in debt affects more than just your financial life. It creates stress and can be a time bomb in a house full of your loving family. It is important to take care of your debt for the betterment of your family and your self.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act:
This Act regulates the collection and use of your credit information. This law protects the information of credit card holders. Consumer Reporting Agencies have to abide by several rules, entitling you to certain rights, including one free credit report each year, and defining how long negative statements must be displayed on your report. This law also forces companies and employers to notify you if they have read your credit report and act negatively from this information.

Have we become so reliant on credit and cards that we are a victim of our own convenience? The banks are taking a full press on our money. The return check fee once was only 12.00 dollars. I can see what has changed. Everything is more automated and should be cheaper. But is the bank passing the cost of doing business and the risk on to its customers? The banks bait you with convenience and charge you later. The best example is the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM). This use to be a free service to all banking customers, but now it has become big business. If you make $40,000 a year, your bank is making $3600 a year. This may be a low number for many. But now your local businesses have jumped on board and started to charge fees anywhere from .25 cents to a whopping .99 cents to process your debit card for your favorite meal. You need to ask yourself when is the last time you cancelled a transaction for a fee? We as hard-working customers need to draw the line and take our money back.

Inflated Cost Of Living:

  • Restocking fees
  • Money transfer fees
  • Growing gas prices
  • movie tickets
  • Energy cost

Hardship Programs:
If you don’t have any money to pay or get into a spot that you can’t get out of, the best way to look at your situation is to realize this is not going to get fixed over night. And when you are starting to accumulate debt the best thing to do is to call the companies that you owe money and start working on all the details. This is best done if you got all the bills together and get a number that you can pay and work with the creditors. Most companies will appreciate you trying to settle your debt even in a difficult situation.

A good rule of thumb here is 50% of your total debt. Most collectors will settle the debt at this rate, and some will go lower. The best time to contact them is at the end of the month. Do not settle for more than you have.. Cutting your self short is the worst thing you can do. Start low and take your time. Do not feel rushed even when you are being rushed by the collector. Do not be intimidated.

Opt. Out:
Going underground is not a fool proof idea, but it is effective. There is some other stuff you can do to make this a better plan. Once you quit paying, you must save your money. Your creditors might not give up on you as you give up on them.

Paying Bad Debt:
Here are some helpful hints and things you need to think about before making up your mind to pay.

  1. What is the statue of limitations for your state?
  2. Depending on the time frame, how much is the debt going to settle for?
  3. Many experts suggest to never settle a debt that can not be removed. This might be the only chance you have to settle for deletion. The collection agency has little power to change your credit history as far as the credit.

Paying old debt:
Many people pay old debt out of guilt, but this is the worst reason to pay the debt. If you are looking to make amends for your old debt make sure you call the place you made the debt at the first place. Two things they

are likely to tell you:

  1. The debt was sent to collections and you need to contact them
  2. We are happy to help you!

The first is the most likely to happen, and now you will have to pay a collection agency instead of the company. You will have to pay the debt in a time frame of 3-6 months. The figure is likely 30% to 60% of the total debt. This number decreases after the debt ages a year. After 24-60 months you are being sold for pennies on the dollar. So, when you paying, you are paying to the highest bidder.

Stop Getting Calls:
The law allows you to make those annoying phone calls stop. Your phone will stop ringing off the hook! If a collection agency is over stepping its boundaries and calling you night and day, then send a “Cease and Desist Letter.” You can find a pre-written one online. Send this to the collection agency, and it will truly stop them in their tracks. Only send the letter if the collectors are being unruly and abusive.

Record phone calls:
*There are many laws to follow here. First, you need to look up the laws for your state on recording phone calls. Then, tell them you are recording the phone call. This often will lift the quality control and your experience. People do not like threatening people when they are being recorded. This will move the control back into your hands, and they will be more careful when talking to you. If they have a problem being recorded, tell them to hang up.

Credit Repair Facts:

  • Your score is not going to change over night.
  • You are having good success if you change your Score and have 3-5 removals.
  • Will everything come off you credit that is bad? Unfortunately, this is not likely to happen, but with some time (12- 36 Mo.) and work you can have some good results. Beware!

Since we can not list the credit issuers here we are just going to have to give you the warning signs. We know that most of you out there want credit, but in the long run it just is not worth it. If you have to pay something up front (even if they are going to help you out and put it on your balance) Any interest rate over 12% -24.9% this is too high to practice responsible borrowing

The #1 reason your broke

Have you ever thought why in the hell am I so broke?

Your car payment!  Cars are totally overrated in our society.  You need to get from A to B but do you really need a $32,000 Sienna to get you there?

If you have a normal car with an average loan payment, I would say you pay about $300.00 a month.

If you pay car insurance (and you do because it’s legally required in all 50 states), most likely you pay $125.00 a month.  ( I have 0 tickets and 0 accidents, an I pay $101.00 a month.)

If you pay car registration(again, of course you do unless you’re living in the country illegally), you most likely pay about $150.00 a year.

For maintenance and up keep of the motor vehicle (breaks, oil, fan belts, smog, tires, cleaning blood out of the trunk, wiper blades) I would say you spend at the very-least $500.00 a year.

I think most people pay about $60.00 bucks a week in gas.

Do those figures look about right to you?
It cost you about $8950.00 a year to drive this car. I think most of you would agree, these figures are low.

It was shocking even for me to see.

Now why in the world do people spend so much on their cars??  We’ve been programmed from a really early age to view our self worth by the car we drive.  Sounds ridiculous?  Perhaps–particularly when you consider that a car is a depreciating asset.  That just means, and you know it when you’re upside down, that from the moment the car is driven off the lot, it decreases in value, although your payment stays the same.  And many people, to afford the high sticker prices on new cars will take a 7 year loan.  Do you know what that car is worth at the end of 7 years?  Most likely, it’s very close to inhabiting a junk yard which if you haven’t seen one of these auto graveyards lately, it’s an eye opener.  As a society we treat cars as disposable items.

You want to stop being broke?  Seriously, get a reliable used car that somebody’s already taken the hit on its depreciation and keep it maintained until it can no longer drive.  I read in the book the Millionaire Next Door, that a majority of millionaires polled said that they NEVER buy a brand new car, they look for a two year old car in great shape.  They don’t care what other people think of them about the car they drive, why should you?

Ten biggest mistakes broke people make

There are some obvious reasons people stay broke; unemployment, underemployment, sick, disabled, lazy or unemployable.  If you’re working, living paycheck to paycheck, and feel broke all the time, check out this list of the top ten reasons people find themselves poor.

1.  Borrowing money to get out of debt.
There’s an old saying, “robbing Peter to pay Paul,” which basically means borrowing money to repay debt–and it’s a bad thing.  Here’s why:  When you’re in debt, your first priority should be getting out of debt.  Many people made the mistake of taking home equity loans to pay off school loans, credit cards and consumer loans.  When the housing market fell out and they found themselves upside in their house, they already had a new batch of credit card and consumer loans –and they lost their home.  When you’re broke, the rate of interest you get on these loans is higher than when you’re flush with cash.  Don’t ask me why this is, it just is.  Also, people that are broke often borrow from payday loans or pawn their stuff and the interest rate is astronomical.  If you’re broke you need to be “all cash, all the time.”  If you don’t have the cash for it, you can’t afford it.  And don’t borrow from family and friends because when you can’t repay it and you won’t, it causes break-ups of these relationships.

2.  Recurring Bills and Auto Withdrawals
Recurring bills are those things you purchase and pay monthly for, ie.  insurance, cell phone, cable, broadband, movies, music, utilities, etc.  You know it’s recurring because you’re either in a contract or if you don’t pay for it, they shut it off.  If you’re broke, you should look at every single recurring bill, decide that you can or can’t live without it and get rid of it.  Because of online banking, many people take on new recurring bills and set them to auto pay.  While it may seem convenient to do this – if you’re living paycheck to paycheck, there will be a day when there’s not enough in the bank to cover that auto withdrawal and that will cost you $35-$55 per occurrence.  Shut off all auto pay and manually pay those recurring bills, a $5 late fee is better than a $50 overdraft charge.

3.  Dining Out/Fast Food
As a culture, we’ve gotten lazy about our food preparation.  Everyone has to eat and there is always an expense to it but eating out regularly is a recipe for being broke.  Taking your lunch to work will save you hundreds every month.  Eating in can save you thousands in a year.  And realize this – when you do go out to eat, the most expensive thing you can do is drink something other than water.  At fast food restaurants, they’ll sell you a double cheeseburger for $1 and a large Coke for $1.75.  Where do you suppose the profit is for them?  If you’re in a restaurant and order beer and wine, you’re likely to double your ticket.  If you want to stay broke, keep eating out, order the so-called value meals and pay retail for liquor.

4.  Not saving money.
The silliest thing you can do with your earnings is spend it all every check.  The old saying pay yourself first should be your rule.  Yes, this can seem hard at first, especially when you’re broke but it’s the only thing that can provide you a light through the broke down tunnel to financial freedom.  When you get paid, take ten percent of it and put it in savings.  Then when your car breaks down at least you can get it fixed without having to take a payday loan or borrow money from family or whatever.  You might even be able to take an opportunity that can make you more money if you just had a little you could invest.  Broke people consistently spend everything they make – don’t do it.

5.  Mishandling creditors
This is a huge area of being broke with many aspects.  Mishandling creditors includes not communicating with creditors when you have a problem.  Most creditors will work with you if you cannot pay one month.  You can call and negotiate settlements of old debts.  You can even call and get a lower interest rate on most loans.  Broke people stick their heads in the sand with regard to their problems with creditors.  The result, poor credit history, increased rates, collection calls, lawsuits and finally lack of any credit whatsoever.

6.  Not staying current
In addition to mishandling creditors, many broke people just cannot stay current with their bills.  When these are “optional” bills like cell phone, cable, movie rentals, and other luxury bills, this is just stupid.  Late charges, suspended accounts, bad credit reporting, are just a few of the problems that come from not keeping current.  Staying current is really just paying attention, particularly if you actually have the money to pay.  Maintaining your mail is a must and timely writing the check is essential.  Don’t be silly, pay those bills on time or get poorer.

7.  Sin Taxes
Ok, so you like to drink, smoke, take drugs, go to strip clubs, whatever.  Know that the one pack of day smoker pays at least $150 per month for tobacco.  Do these things if you want but know that they’re all heavily taxed, leave you nothing to show for your money and are a reason that you’re always broke.

8.  Making unrealistic promises.
Every broke person knows this situation:  your cable is due to shut off on Friday so you call the provider and tell them that you’re expecting a check on the following Monday if they could just wait.  They might but that check you’re expecting probably won’t arrive.  Unfortunately your best bet if you’re unsure is to just let the cable go – if you’re broke you shouldn’t be watching tv anyway.  This goes for all credit accounts and loan repayment obligations.  Don’t promise anything, just pay when you can and negotiate to get rid of it as fast as possible.

9.  Excessive Consumer Goods
We live in a consumer based economy and are constantly bombarded to buy new stuff.  What broke people tend to do is when they get paid, they buy new stuff.  If you’re broke you shouldn’t be buying stuff, you should be selling it.  You should try to recoup your losses on luxury items and non-necessities you’ve purchased over the years.

10.  Ridiculous Repayment Programs
Sometimes it’s helpful to consult with a professional about how to go about getting out of debt but under no circumstances should you sign up for a debt repayment program.  What happens to you in those is worse than filing for bankruptcy and they’re profiting at your expense.  If you really want to get out of debt and get some financial freedom, make sure you’re not guilty of numbers 1-9 of this list and do it yourself.

Marriage is for gay people.

Now that I got that off my chest!  I hope you enjoy my annual Valentine’s Day post. As always, it is very hot and fun!

Is marriage a thing of the past? I think so, with the new prop 8 ruling and shift in people’s attitude about relationships, something has changed. I, of course, have an idea to fix it! With just hour’s to go to get my Valentines post done, it came to me, “Love Relationships”.

Marriage is a dated concept and has legal pitfalls. As a matter of fact, the only people marriage seems to appeal to is breeders, mentally unstable, and evangelicals. So what happens when the love is all gone, and you have this big mess? I think I have the solution, to everyone’s problems! I was listening to Bill Handel and he was saying that in his surrogacy practice, gay couples seem to be doing a better job at raising kids. I personally oppose this type of lifestyle, but statically this might be true.

So I offer you “Love Relationships”

Love Relationships – Gives you everything you want in a loving relationship and nothing you don’t… hot passion, no dead-beat mother-fucker.

Because one day is, “Baby, I love you” and the next your thinking to yourself, “What just happened to my life?!” Love Relationships have a lot of the same qualities as a marriage, but with clearer boundaries. For example, I will never share a checking account with a woman. It’s not that I think less of a woman, but rather, when I take her out for a nice dinner, it’s a real treat. 🙂 Sharing financial stuff with another person these days is a big risk, even with someone you think you know! You are an individual, so be one. Love Relationships, would most likely appeal to successful people, and smart people. People that are stable and do not have issues with trust.

Taking time for yourself is important, don’t neglect yourself. Have your own hobbies.  You are your own person.

Marriage after a few years fades and it should end right then. Not go on 16 years too long because of the children. Life is short! When you’re with someone that you don’t want to be with, it starts to take away from us personally.

Love Relationships are always hot because when she comes over the sheets are fresh. You are on your best behavior and most importantly she gets to watch what she wants.

Marriage when the sex fades, you got to figuring out what to do now and it leaves with you with more questions than answers. In a Love Relationships, you tell them you need to move on, the parties over and you go home, no hard feelings.

In a Love Relationship, you go out shopping together and you have sex in the dressing room. In a marriage , you wait for her, holding the purse in the hall way of the mall.

In a marriage, you have to go the in-laws around the Holidays. In a Love Relationships, fuck them. BUT, if you do happen to get talked into going to the in-laws! She is going to fuck you so hard!

In Love Relationships, you have to pull over. Because you have been finger fucking your lover for the last 10 miles, she is so hot and wet and you need to take her now! In a marriage, the kids have been fucking screaming and she is ready for bed.

In a marriage, you husband has gambled the children’s college fund. In a Love Relationship, you partner gambles all their money. You give them 20 bucks to cheer them up!

In a Love Relationships, you plan to do things together. In marriage, this dude just watches TV and gets fat.

In a marriage you by some ice cream to dull the pain of the everyday grind. In a Love Relationship you have plans coming up for this Friday! Your going to up all night with your hot lover, so your hitting the gym every-night this week after work!

In Love Relationship, every day is different and new, and you have many hot mini honey-moons if you will, and over the time you are together get to have many special days and nights spending time together. In a marriage you get one magical day, and after that it’s never the same.

An example of a ”Love Relationship”, Gene Simmons, He has lived with model/actress Shannon Tweed since 1986, but they’ve never married. Simmons has said that while he respects the rights of those who choose to marry, it’s not something he ever plans to do; specifically, he doesn’t feel man by nature is meant to be in a monogamous relationship. “The only thing wrong with marriage is that one of the persons involved is a man,” he often says. see here

So what would you rather have?

last years post-




Need some change in your life?

I have been a little dry on content lately because of the many changes in my life. I was sitting on the couch tonight trying to figure out what to write about, this is what came out.

I can’t think of anything scarier in life than a little change. Some people can’t handle change, but change is something we all go through. We change many times in our lives. We change when we reach puberty, we change when we become 21 and over; we change when we hit 40. We make many changes, some welcome it and some do not. Change always brings more changes. For example, if you lose weight. You will need to change your clothes.

Change is also very powerful tool because if you know how to make changes in your own life, the change can  empower you to accomplish small to great things What do you want to change? — Scott R. Asher

There are many people that feel changes are hard, however changes are easy. Let me change your mind… There is a Proverb in the Bible Song of Solomon 2:15 that talks about the small foxes that spoil the vine. My interpretation of this is – even something as small as a fox can spoil the whole vine. So even small and simple changes can bring about massive overhaul in your life.

How do you get started?

It is simple because once you start to change, change will happen all around you. Because change always attracts more change and change is ready when you are.

Some “Bug” facts about change

Are you ready for your change?

Need change, but you can’t? I have good news! You can make changes anytime you want, because it is up  to you to do it. Become successful at making changes. Start with something small, something you can change and have success. You never know what you might change…

I have gone though many changes in my own life. One thing I can say for sure, when you start making positive changes in your life, it is hard to stop. — Scott R Asher

Let me encourage you to make a small change today; you never know what might happen.

“The key to change… is to let go of fear.” – Rosanne Cash

Camp Awesome!!

Remember Woody Harrelson?

I came across this article posted on the about the White Men Can’t Jump star, Woody Harrelson.

Woody Harrelson Has Lost His Damn Mind

He lives in a farming village in Hawaii where there are no shops and everyone uses solar power. A committed vegan, he eats mostly raw foods. He goes through a ton of weed, which may be his biggest carbon emission because his car runs on biodiesel fuel.

Now Woody Harrelson wants to take it to the next level: a forty-day fast during which he does nothing but surf all day. And probably smoke a lot of drugs.

“I know it’s going to be really hard,” the Kingpin actor says. “But can you imagine it? Eating nothing for 40 days? Swimming and surfing every day in a remote place? Where does the mind go?”

It goes away, probably.

Honestly, this plan is so extreme that I can’t help but respect it. And wait for the epic failure. Harrelson, I’m watching.

Sounds like camp AWESOME!!… Sign me up now! Woody is a god-damn uber-genius! Wait five years from now, when all the marrow has been sucked out of our souls, people are going to be lining up around the block to pay $15,000.00 a person for an experience like this.  This is the true essence of life.

I tell you who has lost their fuckin mind… People that sit on the fucking 405 for 2 hours a day, grinding out some stupid job for 30 years then they end-up dying from second hand smoke.

The Law of Attraction in Practice

Question from Anne in Alaska:

Hi Scott, since you claim to be a spiritual guide maybe you can explain how come the law of attraction doesn’t seem to be working for me. I read “The Secret” and thought I understood what it was saying but I’m still broke and it doesn’t seem to work for me.


Dear Anne,
I’m sure you’re not alone in this. Once when I was talking to a client of mine, clutching to the book “The Secret.” I was trying to explain to her the benefits of settling her case but she insisted on going to trial, “so he could understand her pain,” she said. I asked her if she had read the book she was holding and she said she had read it over and over again and it had changed her life. “If that’s the case, then you should be prepared to let the past go and begin to heal,” I said. “No, I have to stand up for myself,” she said. I spoke to her at length about the law of attraction – that if she focused on the pain she had experienced in her 30 year marriage, that the universe would send her more of the same. I couldn’t get through to her. We went to trial and she got her ass handed to her. The judge didn’t believe anything she said. She was very unhappy with me and I reminded her of the day I begged her to settle her case because of the many, many problems she had with her case. To no avail, “The Secret” failed her. Hopefully, I can give you something helpful but it will only help if you are ready to hear it.

The law of attraction basically states that “whatever you predominantly think shapes your reality.” If you constantly think, “how come I don’t have the money I want?” the Universe only hears “don’t have money.” Basically, this is like the genie in the bottle. The old story goes when you rub the bottle, the genie appears and grants you three wishes. But beware, you will get exactly what you ask for. In the stories, people seldom ever get what they really want because they don’t ask the question right. Here, the law of attraction says that you will get everything that you want from the universe. The problem is that you are not sure what you want. It’s not enough to say to the universe that I want a million dollars. You have to be much more specific. Try thinking, money is abundant and comes to me easily and frequently. Then, and here’s where the disconnect often occurs, YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING. You cannot just think about what you want you have to think about what you want and then do something to achieve it. If you ask the universe, what can I do to make money, you’ll start to be flooded with ideas about how you can accomplish your desire. Then you have to take steps to implement the idea – that’s when you’ll get your pay-off. Take for instance, you think “I’m going to own my dream house on this certain spot on the ocean.” You have to buy the land, hire the architect, hire the contractor, and do all the things to create the dream house on the spot. Just thinking it will not bring it into existence.

Anne, the other thing to consider about the law of attraction is that you have many, many thoughts that are programmed in your brain. You might not even be aware of the multitude of thoughts that you continually have that can be sending negative impulses into the universe which the Universe delivers back to you. Negative thoughts create ill health, poverty, unhappiness, all kinds of bad things that people are not aware that THEY CREATE in their life. If you want to get to the bottom of your thoughts, you need to activate the Observer. I explain how to do this in my book From Garage Sale to Financial Freedom in Five Steps. Of course, I recommend that you read it because it will also answer your questions about how to make money. If you try my ideas, you’ll find the law of attraction working for you.

Much success,

Scott Asher

A Simple Formula to Evaluate the Value of Your Time

An all to familiar scene is playing out at my house.  My wife is searching craigslist for a job.  I’m working on our other computer.  She says, “what are you doing?”

“I’m working,” I say.  “Are you making any money?” she asks.  “Yes.”  “At this moment?”  “Not at this moment, no.”  “When?”  “Really soon, I promise, my love.”  The dog jumps on my lap, her paws land on my keyboard inserting random characters in my blog post.  If she could talk, she’d be saying, “play with me Daddy – you never want to play with me anymore.”  I could sit with my wife and try to explain the thoughts that are going through my head about money and work and the value of time but she’s knows that we need money now and that’s one of the many things I love about her.  She can focus and bring money in the door right now.  I’m entirely in a philosophical debate in my mind.  In that internal debate, I reach a mathematical formula to determine how to evaluate any monetary pursuit according to a value of one’s time.  I had to make some assumptions in order to arrive at this formula.

First assumption:  Any money earned (unless it’s gifted, inherited or compounded interest) is the result of converting a sales pitch.  I hear the first nay-sayer now:  But I have a job!  I’m not making a sales pitch. Landing a job required a big sales pitch and there’s a continual pitch made each and every hour worked.  A job is a 100% conversion rate of every hour worked.

Second assumption:  The percentage of conversion is an estimate based upon past performance.  If you’ve made a thousand sales pitches and had one hundred sales, the percentage of conversion is ten percent.  A percentage of conversion can be increased or decreased based upon the skills of the person presenting the pitch.

Third assumption:  Time is the most precious of human possessions therefore something that can be done using less of one’s time is inherently better than another.

With these assumptions, here’s the formula:

E = P x C  x e/ T = V

E= earnings

P = number of pitches

C = percentage of conversion

e = earning per conversion

T = total time investment

V = value of time invested

If you’re analyzing the value of time for a job, that’s easy.  If you make $15 an hour, V, the value of your time is $15.  There are only two variables that you can increase to increase your earnings, how many hours you work and the rate of your pay.

Let’s look at this formula with a different kind of opportunity – appointment setting, for instance.  Assume an insurance agent offers you $5 for every appointment that you set and you’re told previous appointment setters average ten appointments per one hundred calls.  You’re also told that most appointment setters work 6 hours a day, five days a week and earn an average of $500 weekly.  Assuming these are good estimates, here’s the formula at work:

$500 = 1000 x .10 x 5 / 48 = $10.42  To make $500 a week, you have to make 1000 sales calls, close ten percent of the sales at $5 per closing divided by the total hours worked, 48, for a value of $10.42 per hour.  If you want to earn more, you can increase the amount of pitches (which increases your time), the earning per conversion (ask for $10 per appointment) and/or increase the conversion percentage which would naturally occur as you perfect your sales pitch. While, this might not have been the best example, at least there are more variables you can control than with a job.

For me, the formula becomes infinitely more fascinating when dealing with the sale of intellectual property.  The creation of intellectual property; music, a photograph, a brand, a book, a website is time intensive to create but what makes it different from the above examples is, when it’s completed you’ve got the potential for your pitches to run an indefinite period of time and the amount of time required to maintain decreases significantly.  Residual and passive income is the boon of the successful marketing of intellectual property.

The hard thing to explain to my wife (and I know she already gets it without my explanation) is that I’m either creating some intellectual property, increasing the number of sales pitches I’m making, crafting pitches for a higher percentage of conversion, or increasing the earning per conversion.  This is difficult to explain when you should be working a job.  The final factor which I cannot seem to express mathematically is whether you enjoy your total time spent.   I’m not sure what E has to be to not enjoy what you’re doing – I guess that depends on just how much E you think you need.

Scott R. Asher shares how to become an Idea person

At one time or another, you’ve probably met an “idea person.” Ideas flow freely to them. This article will tell you how to become an idea person.

1 To become an idea person you will need to clear some time from your schedule to contemplate. Find yourself a quiet space that is comfortable. Turn off your phone and ensure that you will not be interrupted. Tell yourself that you would like to experience ideas and that you are an idea person.

2 Ideas come from a place of mental relaxation. You cannot fully experience the power of ideas if you are thinking about any problems that you may have. A good way to begin relaxing is to concentrate your attention on feelings within your body. Imagine yourself in a bath of warm liquid and it flows over you, covering you in warmth and relaxation. Give it a color and feel it going from the tips of your toes to the top of your head.

3 When you are physically and emotionally relaxed, you can start to pay attention to thoughts streaming into your consciousness. At this point you can start to play with thoughts. Don’t try to direct them, but allow them to come and go without any attachment to the particular thoughts. If something comes to you that you like or feel strong about, focus your attention on that thought but let it turn, twist or whatever it wants to do. You’re not trying to control your thoughts, you’re basically treating your mind as a receiver for thoughts that are just floating around in the universe. Have fun with them and don’t take it too seriously.

4 After some play time with your thoughts, you can start creating the direction of thoughts into an idea. Ideas are basically a series of coherent thoughts about a particular subject. It might be how to make something better, how to advertise a product, how to make a product or whatever. It might pop into your head all at once or you might come to it after several different thoughts. The important thing to do is to pay attention to your thoughts and you will get ideas.

5 Ideas by themselves are practically worthless. If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say about a successful idea, “I had that idea first,” I’d be a rich guy. Wait, I am a rich guy. If you do nothing with ideas, nothing happens so I recommend you take a note pad or computer into your work space to write your ideas down.

6 Learning to relax and play with thoughts is like exercising – you will get better with practice. If you really want to become an idea person, practice creating Instructions

Things you’ll need:

  • A quiet, comfortable work space and relaxation.
  • ideas every day and they will flow to you like a gushing fire hose.

Tips & Warnings

  • Add relaxation and stress relief to your life and ideas will come.
  • Don’t panic if they don’t come right away. Panic, anxiety, worry and stress are idea killers.

Introduction to blogging

One of the easiest ways to build an online business, regardless of experience or skill is by using the power and simplicity of blog software. With a platform such as WordPress, you could easily create a dynamic website without ever having the traditional start up costs or technical know-how usually involved in online business. Not only is blogging one of the easiest methods of building your website, but it’s also one of the fastest methods of creating an in-depth network of profitable websites, each one focusing on a different niche market. One of the greatest aspects to building an online business using blogs is in just how incredibly automated You can use the internal drip feed functionality to leak out content on specific intervals, or pre-fill your blog will enough content to last for an entire month, or even year, adding in updates only as you find time. You can also make your blog as interactive as you would like it to be just by uploading and “activating” modules and add-on’s that will make your website more dynamic and increase visitor retention. If you are not experienced with web design or don’t have the funds to invest in hiring a seasoned designer, blog platforms solve that problem as well. With over 15,000 blog themes and templates to choose from, you can upload a variety of skins that will transform the way your blog looks. Spending just a few hours of your time customizing an existing theme is a cost effective, easy method of developing an original website that represents your brand’s message.

To read about the success I have had owning my blog, read here

The fact that you know is too many!

The one reason I wanted to start writing on the web, is to write about stuff that you would never forget! The web is for entertainment. Let me entertain! Most of you know that I am one crappy writer! But I love it, and I have the most incredible shit to say, but getting it on to paper is the hardest thing about being me. When others use 10% of their minds, I feel like I use 90% of my mind, everyday, non stop, when I dream, my dreams are the extension of my life. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed, the feeling and observation of life going on around me is very interesting to me. Every person has a story, and for a brief period, some times you get to see the other side.

Recently a buddy of mine told me he was cheating on his wife, now why would he tell me this? It was like he was proud of himself, and almost in the same breath he said “don’t tell my wife” wa-what? I said, I am already aware that’s a no no, duh! As if the chick he is boning is not enough, he has to tell me. I think he wants to get caught! Well as old as he is I don’t think it would make much a difference. I don’t see how people go from, I want to screw that bitch, to screw that bitch.  Too much information?  There’s no such thing.  A friend of mine who is living out of a motel told me that he has a whore for a neighbor and every night around 1:00 am she goes to work and apparently wakes the whole place up with the banging and moaning coming from her room.  This is the funny shit in life that cracks me up.  It wasn’t that funny to my friend, as he explained it sounded as if they were doing it in his room, but it sure sounds funny to me.

Friends and life

I think friendships are the most important thing in this life.  I have spent a great deal of time cultivating my relationships, like flowers, watering them and trying to keep them healthy.  It’s surprising how much content comes from friends.  I think of my life as content, stories that I want to tell because, frankly, some crazy shit happens to me like being falsely arrested in Las Vegas or the time I sold a truck load of avocados in Southern California.  There’s this funny story that happened with my friend Jeff while we were traveling in Mexico.  He got a case of Montezuma’s revenge from some bad shrimp tacos and had a bad case of diarrhea but nowhere to go so he went into the Pacific and dropped trou.  I didn’t really want to hear about it, but you know this is the funny stuff you hear that just makes for entertainment.  When I think of all these things, I’m inspired to write and this is where my blog comes in handy.  Maybe some day I’ll get these stories out and make a book.  I would love nothing more than to be a published author.  But in the meantime, I’ll continue to write these little stories from my life and my interesting friends for your reading pleasure.

I own the biggest personal WordPressMU blog network on planet earth!

I have a total of __ WordPress blogs. Looking at this list of WordPress blogs I am just blown away by the amount of work this has been. I feel like, I have clicked my absolute brains out.

  1. Scott On Poker
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  5. Scott On Storage Auctions
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My blog is changing everyday, if you want to see a more up to date count on my blog network, it can be seen on the sidebar of my site. My network gets bigger everyday!

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The New Corporation Game

I’ve been talking about the benefits of owning a corporation for some time.  I’ve described you you can open a corporate checking account to avoid a personal Chex System problem, how you can “own nothing and control everything.”

For a good long while, there were primarily two states that received the lion’s share of new corporation filings –Delaware and Nevada.  And for good reason, they both had a long history of favorable laws protecting shareholders, officers and it was nearly impossible to pierce the corporate veil.  And they were relatively inexpensive.

After recently forming a new Nevada corporation, and getting hit by the extra business tax the State of Nevada drops on you, I wondered if there is a cheaper alternative.  See Nevada was at one time, the cheapest game in town.  You could make money with a Nevada corporation by doing nothing more than waiting 6 months to sell the empty shell.

The new game in town is still in the Wild West.  Wyoming corporations are the new Nevada corporations.  Cheap to form, cheap to maintain and of course, anyone with an internet connection and just a little patience can do it themselves.  It’s not rocket science.

Just think, you too could enjoy the secret that corporations have been exploiting over the public for so long.  With a corporation, you can appear to earn nothing!  I think I’ll go out and start another one, just to hold my intellectual property that I can lease to my other corporation.  Or maybe a loan!  The possibilities are endless when it comes to corporate debt and debt repayment is not income.  There’s income somewhere down the line but hey, it’s a company- it has expenses, it has debt, it can likely be bankrupt and did I mention that a corporate bankruptcy doesn’t mess with your personal credit??  Think on that.