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How to get the most from your freelancer / Webmaster.

By March 21, 2011August 22nd, 2011No Comments

I feel most people looking to build a website are really up against it. On the other hand – It is difficult being a freelancer. I have made my living on the web for many years now…. and I made this post to help everyday laymen get the most from hiring a web developer or freelancer to do their website, or any work for that matter. I am sure I will rewrite this post and add to it for many more years.

First of all let me say that good web-developers are visionary’s and have put in years or work to develop their skills. Good webmasters are usually artist that are very talented and have a good eye. I think this post will helpful to webmasters also.

What to think about when hiring a Webmaster
1.) You are hiring an artist – Have some stuff written down, if you want your artist to see your vision of what you want, then take some time to explain what you want in a summery outlined with examples.

2.) You want your website to look nice? Then you are not looking for a highly technical web master, you are looking for an artist. An artist that will most likely be into Photoshop, there is a differences between a designer and a Web Master.

3.) Have a hard time getting what you want? When looking at a Webmasters work you can clearly see what you are going to get! Most Designers and Webmasters have tools and techniques that are “goto” tools for a designer, so what you see is what you get.

Tips for keeping the price low.
1.) Be flexible – More changes means more money. Think in terms of white and simple. Think of it this way, eBay is not the same website it once was. Look around at the top sites, all white.

2.) Get something you can update – Find something you can update and be proactive.
Millions have been spent in terms of trying to figure out what keeps the reader engaged and clicking. It at all amounts to simple and white. If you are looking to get the most from your website then WRITE!!

Tips for getting the best website
1.)Add fucking content. Sometimes it shocks people when I tell them they have to write something down. I can’t tell you have many people I work with everyday have nothing even written down about their website. Don’t even know their passwords, make notes, checkout other websites, the more details the better.

For the best results – Get your artwork from a Designer, then hire a programmer.
Scott R Asher

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