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I’m am a YouTube Partner and have uploaded 1700 videos in 3 years, never had one issue and 2 Days ago now my second account I created 8 days ago was banned for being spam or scam. *I appealed it’s been a few days, but nothing but sitting and waiting.

YouTube Banned my account

This has been an eye opening experience. Mostly because YouTube has basically just trashed all my work and Videos and i’m reasonably confident its not spam or scam but I can be wrong… and I tried to use the support chat in my YouTube partnership admin area and it was no help, just lip service and fluff from support so I started getting a clear view at just how much my work and time really matters and it sent me scrambling.

Actually I wasn’t even going to appeal… but it hit me. They could wipe out all 1700 videos on my regular channel I have been working on now for 3 years.

I feel like I made a small mistake, that was starting a second channel on the same email. I also feel that this may affect my main channel.

So I did a google takeout of my channel, only one problem this was 1200 gigs.

So this really was going to be a much bigger problem than I thought. So I started thinking in terms of the videos I wanted to keep and a time back I started a Rumble channel so I started moving the videos I wanted to hold on to Rumble.

This experience has really made me not want to invest anymore time in YouTube, yes I have made money everyday as a YouTube Partner… but I don’t want to risk my work trashed with no notice or no support.

Another vlogger that I watched said that Rumble would be better if you were just starting out as a vlogger and likely more profitable… YouTube has not been easy or that profitable

Scott R Asher

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