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Looking to avoid outrageous airline baggage fees?

By August 5, 2010August 29th, 2010No Comments

Looking to save even more on the cost your flight? If you are a hardball flight bargain hunting maven and looking to save even more money on your vacation, I have just what you are looking for.  I don’t do a ton a flying, thank God! But these stupid baggage junk fees have really got me thinking. Like most of you I am trying to save a buck. With these fees, what exactly are you paying for? They call it a baggage fee, but it’s really a poke for a few more bucks. When your bag is lost, your out the extra money you paid and your bag, and that just silly. Baggage fees can add hundreds to the cost of your trips, as it turns out these are just airline junk-fees. Hopefully you will never again have to pay baggage fees and get nothing in return.

Pros to shipping your luggage vs. paying a baggage fee.

You get a tracking number – There is nothing worse than paying to have your luggage on the airplane, then when you get to your destination, it’s lost and having to pay for it.  The funny thing is – The loss of your bag won’t even get your baggage fee back! With shipping, not only will you have a tracking number, you will have insurance to cover your personal items. You have to remember, the airlines are not providing you a service. They are just looking to poke you for a few more bucks. So if your going to pay, you should get the best service you can for your money.

Door to door service – Fedex and UPS will pick your luggage up from your house and it will be waiting for you when you arrive! (Most destinations accommodate packages for guest.)

No Restrictions – When you ship your bag you can ship any size with no restrictions. With the airliners, over weight, over sized, too many, can’t lock it, just too many to remember… and talk about service, now your items will be waiting for you at your destination. Never having to lug-it around in the airport. Now that’s is service worth paying for! No more back breaking, busted wheels, TSA panties sniffers, items you can’t bring, weight restrictions, size restrictions, damage or theft of your luggage.

Cheaper? – Yes! With shipping, you don’t even need luggage, all you need is a plain old box!

And all this adds up to a happier you!

Scott R Asher

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