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Believe the hype about magicJack!

I have a really good story for ya! I was at CES (Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas) on a Press Pass a few years ago with a friend of mine Scott Smith. ….and I just-so-happen to stumble onto the majicJack booth.

I had been very curious about magicJack, but after reading reviews online about peoples experience with the product I wasn’t ready to buy just yet. I had lots of questions, but despite reading lots of bad things about MagicJack or now MagicTalk, I come away from talking to the owner and the other guy feeling better about the product. When I was able to chat with them I immediately addressed the slew of bad reviews posted online from customers that have used the product.  As a matter of fact, I was given a magicJack for FREE, and loved it. I got home and was SO thrilled with it, I was thinking to myself  “how the hell can this be bad?” I told ten or more of my friends, and they all got one too”. I was preaching the gospel! This is why I was shocked when this happened to me!

Today I renewed my magicJack account and from what I can tell the service now cost more! Don’t forget – up until now, MagicJack had been free for me to use. So, I believe now I want a FULL REFUND AND ALL THESE BULL SHIT CHARGES OFF MY ACCOUNT. Like I said – when I used the product I was going to renew, I loved it. So flash forward to today, now “I’m” a  paying customer. I was charged 6 times on my card. How the hell does this happen. Not only that, now they want $10.00 more dollars, for the same service that from what I can tell was $12.95 not to mention how they handle credit cards, I don’t think so. To be honest, MagicTalk service is  almost the same service you can get from Google Voice for free, and you get a REAL NUMBER. I am not paying for this crap, I will dispute these charges.

To be honest I am sick over this. Tell me what it takes to get what you pay for these days.

screenshot of my bank account, 6 charges from MagicJack, click to see clearly.

Fun Fact: MagicJack is a real phone company, not like other VOIP service/products on the market.

Another Fun Fact: This product is great for people that need to call people from other countries, you just buy the product and send it to anyone you need to call, then you can call them like they where standing in the US. However, I don’t know if this is still the case anymore. I was doing this for awhile for my outsourcing needs, I would send the freelancer I was working with a MagicJack and I could talk to him for free or nearly free anyway.

If you want more details about the company, from other pissed off customers, you can read it here

This is what happened after posting this:

Thank you MagicJack

Scott R Asher

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