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Scott R. Asher talks about going to third base.

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Being a father an witnessing first-hand my son growing up was like reliving high school all over again. I love the coming of age stories like American Pie, 16 Candles in the 80s, Weird Science. So he is my article for giving a girl oral-sex for the first time for a high school boys.

I know things may seem a little insane at 16 and being in high school, you hormones are going freaking bananas. Every girl you see has you shifting in your pants. Don’t worry about it I’ve been in your situation before and it’s all fine, there’s nothing wrong with you dude.

You have to learn how to find a way to make that big score! How can you do that? Well dude, I’m here to let you know the secret that will get you to third base and get your rocks off to a grand slam. Just follow my tips and you will be on the road to player mode in no time. I guarantee that you will be in between girl’s legs in no time.

Next time you’re on a date with that “special girl” and you find yourself lucky enough to be alone together, this is the chance you’ve been waiting on! Take it!! After all the kissing and playing your doing with her she surely will be ready but, maybe not ready enough to get in her pants just yet. Dude don’t freak out! And don’t seem upset, you’ve got to be patient. There are different ways to play. You may not get laid this time but you will surely have her pants soaked from what you are about to do to her. Just like any guy likes getting head, girls like to be licked. This is where you show her your talents. Whether or not you have done this before, she will enjoy every bit having her tender parts tickled with your tongue.

How can you get to do that to her? Well, I am Getting to that part! As you are kissing her move on over to her neck, start giving her kisses and sucking on her neck. Not too hard dude, marks on her body are not sexy! You are trying to get her turned on, not make her think that you’re a psychotic vampire.

As you continue working on her neck, gently and smoothly start rubbing down on her leg slowly. If you’re doing this right you will notice that not only she will not say anything or stop you, her legs will open up giving you access to the goods. Don’t get all excited which I’m pretty sure by this time you probably harder than a Chinese word mathematical problem but don’t lose it dude, keep focused you are not there yet! You may feel like it but, you’re not there little dude, keep it in your pants for now!

Work your hand slowly down her leg than slowly move under her skirt, if she has pants on then the scenario will be different you would be going down her pants. Let’s just say you make it to the land down under. Work your way to getting her worked up enough, that she will want to get her out of her skirt or pants. Don’t pull your dick out and go in for the kill dude don’t be a dick! You got the power to unleash the secret!! This is it!!

Now follow these instructions to the tee and you will do great at eating her out! Kiss and lick between her thighs and move your way up gently dude, if you rush you will screw it up. If you do, you will possibly have to settle with the usual routine lotion and Rosie palm, which I’m sure you very acquainted with.

When you get the spot the slit of joy as I call it, start moving your tongue up and down it slowly. She might squirm a little and you will hear her gasping for air with a slow moan, this means you are doing it right don’t stop. Mix it up a little. At this point you will do it as if you are a professional, kiss and suck on her sweet slit (clit), go around in circles and change the speed of your tongue action. Keep it going and she will start to howl like a beagle, open her legs wider. Try licking sideways at this point and dude she will be pulling and grabbing your fucking hair, trying to damn near shove you in her! She loves you at this point and she cannot contain herself anymore. She will cum everywhere. Her clit is so sensitive and she is exploding. Don’t worry, many chicks are not able to cum like a dude can, so don’t worry about a mess.

Now this is where it gets crucial for you and your little friend in your pants. You will have to do something she or you do not expect of doing. Move back up her body kissing her tummy and chest until you make it to her lips. It is up to the two of you, what takes place after that. If you hold off on the sex, she will be begging you next time you are on a date and may even surprise you with some extra- curricular fun. She will also tell all her friends how amazing you are and trust me in high school that means more chicks for you! Prepare yourself to have panties dropped by as many chicks in high school that your dick can handle and your boring senseless days of you and Rosy palm will be over! And that dude, is the secret to scoring chicks and licking her slit!

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