The Making of a Millionaire

I am almost ashamed to admit this, but while my other friends where saving for baseball cards, comic books and video games, I would buy books about how to become rich.  From about the age of 16, I would hangout in book stores, checkout the books on tape, just about anything I could get my hands on that I thought would ensure my impending wealth, I wanted in!

One of the most exciting things in this world is the accumulation of riches. Everyone on this planet starts with nothing and ends with nothing. Whatever happens in between, is for us to write.

I was sitting listing to this comedian on TV, he was talking about Africa, and the people that are living in poverty. The program ads come on TV asking for your donation, then he said, “Those people don’t need food or money, they need U-hauls.” In some way we are all effected by our surroundings some more than others.

My buddy Jeff, and his Wife, Susan, asked each other the everyday ” What are you going to do today, to make money.”

In the movie Blow, one of the best movies I have ever seen, Diego asked Boston George.

Do you know, in my country,
I’m a “magico”?

A man with a dream.
A man on the rise.

To take nothing
and make it something.

Do you have a dream, George?

I would if I could get some
fucking sleep.

You have a dream.

And maybe you will accomplish it.

But yet you failed.

-Because I got caught.

You failed…

because you had the wrong dream.

I made this website because of my passion for business. I remember being a kid and bagging groceries. It was my very first job, but it didn’t take to long for me to figure it out that I wanted to be the person that closes out register…I wanted to be at the top.

About three years ago, I took a chief executive position in a internet start-up with a company in San Diego.

So what have I learned? What do I have to say, that is so important? Because anyone can do it… But only a few do.