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Can I do all my remote work from my cell phone?

A laptop is good, I much prefer to type on a keyboard than over looking over my phone for hours and I have felt like this for a long time. But a laptop working remote has its problems and it became clear to me while traveling the world for 6 years now I need to do all my work on a phone. I wonder if I can actually accomplish working solely from my phone in a year. The main hurdle I feel like I face is writing emails, attachments. my writing style is to write out my points and organize my thoughts. But I have made a point to write shorter emails.

The problem’s With a Laptop working remotely:

  • It breaking and needing repairs, and with a Macbook that can be hard in many countries and cost extra.
  • Needing to tether wifi to your laptop cost more and is always a problem.

*Besides whatever I need to do on a laptop I can hire someone for or just have my assistant do it.

The benefits of only working from your phone:

  • If it’s lost or stolen almost any Android phone will do, and you can buy and iPhone anywhere buy a sim login to the apps and be back in minutes.
  • It goes in your pocket.

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