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Forget Esurance

By August 21, 2012January 10th, 2015No Comments

In today’s economy, we are often looking for a great deal or discount, anywhere we can find one. Insurance is no different and is often a very costly monthly expense for many families. Researching to find the right insurance company for your situation can result in endless hours and quotes.

Find the right quote is like hitting the lottery, or is it? Some will beg to differ with you. For instance, let’s look at Esurance. This is an insurance company that is backed by one of the nation’s largest and most trusted insurance agencies around, Allstate. Think about it, it’s kind of like Old Navy and Gap; same great look for a fraction of the cost. Why would we think that Allstate would put their name on something that isn’t beneficial to its consumers? Inevitably, instant trust is formed. Great for Esurance, but is it great for consumers?

Esurance provides immediate, hassle free discounted quotes with a few clicks of the mouse. No trying to translate what someone from the company is trying to say through very broken English; in fact… it is all there in black and white. Perfect! The discounts given to new customers are extensive and very appealing. If you decided to get on the phone with Esurance, you would also see, that you initial conversation in regards to purchasing an insurance policy is nothing but fantastic; everything is perfect!

Should you decide to purchase that policy from Esurance, you will soon find out what they are worth. Through your extremely low discounted premium that you were quoted, you receive equal to lesser in service from Esurance. Not so appealing now, I know.

This bottom of the barrel company tends to have a cycle for which they feel they need to “further investigate” or the DMV reports something that may or may not be your fault and in turn, your premium sky rockets for which you have been charged… Though, you are given the chance to prove your case; you are guilty until proven innocent with this company. In the case that you are able to prove that an increase of charges is unjustified pending Esurance’s claim, you call them back and provide the necessary documentation to only find out that you will only receive a partial refund of the total amount that you should have never been charged. Don’t get discouraged, it happens to everyone, even the loyal customers for 10+ years have gone through something of this sort.

Also, whatever you do, do NOT go through more than a few cars in a fast period of time, for any reason. Say that you are experiencing problems purchasing a new used car from a local dealer and have had to take it back and trade out a few times. You are required to have insurance on your vehicles while driving, but that doesn’t always make it the right choice. Should you add and cancel, more than a few cars within a small window of time, you will then have to prove to Esurance that you are not a used car dealer. Though, they cannot prove that you are a used car dealer, you will need to somehow prove that you are not a used car dealer. Guilty until proven innocent and don’t think that any charges will stop; they will not only continue, but increase.

So, let’s review; Esurance not only provides you temporary premiums, but they provide your horrible service and treat you like you practice insurance fraud. Don’t believe me, do your homework and check out the company. The choice is yours, but be sure that you take the time to research their endless promises that will only be broken in the future. In my opinion formed from experience, this is the worst insurance company available to consumers!

Scott R Asher

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