These days, your money is more important then ever. I provide helpful reviews of businesses that I have visited. Scott share because consumers care, so bad business beware!

My review of the Macbook Pro Apple don’t want you to read.

I recently made the switch to Apple. I am a life long PC user that decided to make the switch to Apple after my frustration with Windows’s short comings… I think it’s important to point out for the purpose of this review I had an Iphone once an really didn’t care for it much, but went ahead an purchased this Macbook Pro because I was looking for something better.

Unlike the swarm of reviews posted online of “how great” the Macbook is, if you are thinking of switching from PC to Apple this is the review I wish I had read before I threw my money in the trash. I think this is a review anyone wanting to make the switch from PC should read.

Macbook Pro Vs Lenovo

My main concern switching to Apple was basically would I be able to move around in the same manner as the PC without too much of a learning curve. The answer is “yes” I went on Youtube and watched some video tutorials on the Macbook Pro and with some basic help I started to pick-it up very quickly.

Why I decided to try Macbook Pro is simple. Windows has gone sideways with lots of holes in their operating system and no real clue of what they are doing… PC’s are poor quality in general. However Things seem to be rapidly improving in the hardware but with Windows it seem to only be getting worse.

What did I find? I was very unlucky, I got a Macbook Pro with issues out of the box. I was even more unlucky by making the mistake of buying it a Fry’s Electronics rather than a Apple store that turned out being a mistake too. If you are going to buy an Apple goto a Apple Store.

The Macbook Pro mic had issues with many of other services like Google Voice, Screen O Matic, YouTube. The so called “genius’s” had no clue or I think they ignored these issues as valid. I found that or at least it felt like Apple only was worried about its working with it’s products. There is many documented issues with the Mic on the Macbook pro using services like Google Voice.

So what happened? In less that 2 months of ownership Apple took the Macbook in for repair to replace the mic to likely install refurbished parts; a class action case they recently lost in court, something i’m not too happy about being this is brand new Macbook Read more about the case here. Only to get the Macbook back the issue un resolved. When I took the Macbook the issue was not addressed or tested.

I can go into details of crap support I received from not one but two Apple-Customer Relations Senior Advisors but I wont. Needless to say because I still somehow ended up with this Macbook. Apple support is lots of pats on the back and im sorry but no results.

My conclusion is there was a few features on the Macbook that stood out to me. One was the Battery life, the other was no real threat of viruses. That part was kind-of nice. The OS system seems more secure, but really this also turned out to work against me. I really couldn’t rap my mind around Apple’s OS file system.. But from using the product for a few months I would say the Macbook was mostly fluff and just another computer brand like Samsung, or Lenovo or whatever.. I did find Apple is a great machine for novice computer users needing help and someone to call when it breaks, Apple seems great for that sort of thing. I was able to get Apple Support but no real help to fix my issues, but with the inflated price tag support is what you seem to be paying for; Apple over all seem like a great big over priced illusion. At the end of the day I ended up taking in the ass, had to sell it on Craigslist to some broke fanboy and pony up for a another business Laptop.


Forget Esurance

In today’s economy, we are often looking for a great deal or discount, anywhere we can find one. Insurance is no different and is often a very costly monthly expense for many families. Researching to find the right insurance company for your situation can result in endless hours and quotes.

Find the right quote is like hitting the lottery, or is it? Some will beg to differ with you. For instance, let’s look at Esurance. This is an insurance company that is backed by one of the nation’s largest and most trusted insurance agencies around, Allstate. Think about it, it’s kind of like Old Navy and Gap; same great look for a fraction of the cost. Why would we think that Allstate would put their name on something that isn’t beneficial to its consumers? Inevitably, instant trust is formed. Great for Esurance, but is it great for consumers?

Esurance provides immediate, hassle free discounted quotes with a few clicks of the mouse. No trying to translate what someone from the company is trying to say through very broken English; in fact… it is all there in black and white. Perfect! The discounts given to new customers are extensive and very appealing. If you decided to get on the phone with Esurance, you would also see, that you initial conversation in regards to purchasing an insurance policy is nothing but fantastic; everything is perfect!

Should you decide to purchase that policy from Esurance, you will soon find out what they are worth. Through your extremely low discounted premium that you were quoted, you receive equal to lesser in service from Esurance. Not so appealing now, I know.

This bottom of the barrel company tends to have a cycle for which they feel they need to “further investigate” or the DMV reports something that may or may not be your fault and in turn, your premium sky rockets for which you have been charged… Though, you are given the chance to prove your case; you are guilty until proven innocent with this company. In the case that you are able to prove that an increase of charges is unjustified pending Esurance’s claim, you call them back and provide the necessary documentation to only find out that you will only receive a partial refund of the total amount that you should have never been charged. Don’t get discouraged, it happens to everyone, even the loyal customers for 10+ years have gone through something of this sort.

Also, whatever you do, do NOT go through more than a few cars in a fast period of time, for any reason. Say that you are experiencing problems purchasing a new used car from a local dealer and have had to take it back and trade out a few times. You are required to have insurance on your vehicles while driving, but that doesn’t always make it the right choice. Should you add and cancel, more than a few cars within a small window of time, you will then have to prove to Esurance that you are not a used car dealer. Though, they cannot prove that you are a used car dealer, you will need to somehow prove that you are not a used car dealer. Guilty until proven innocent and don’t think that any charges will stop; they will not only continue, but increase.

So, let’s review; Esurance not only provides you temporary premiums, but they provide your horrible service and treat you like you practice insurance fraud. Don’t believe me, do your homework and check out the company. The choice is yours, but be sure that you take the time to research their endless promises that will only be broken in the future. In my opinion formed from experience, this is the worst insurance company available to consumers!

Wanna get hooked up?

I have a good one for ya!

I recently needed to get a tow hitch receiver added to my truck and I had the pleasure of dealing with Lampert Hitch in the Denver Area. This is a family owned business that provides excellent service.  I am very pleased with my hitch and will return to them for any of my trucking accessory needs.

This is a non-paid review of Lampert Hitch…I am a  customer who has been charmed by the excellent customer service.

What a great group of guys and gal!

Lampert Hitch services:

Draw-Tite, Reese, 5th wheel & Gooseneck hitches, snowplows, winches, tow bars, bike racks.

Checkout the website:

3927 w. 38th ave. Denver, CO 80212

Call Jason Hart now, he will hook you up!

I do this because I support small business!

Scott reviews US Bank

The US Bank Visit:
So I went in to US Bank, I needed a sheet of checks to give to my insurance guy so they can debt my account. The teller was very nice and gave them to me. She then offered this helpful little piece of info; she stated “Each temporary check that comes through your account has an additional cost of two dollar.” Hmmmm…. WTF!!!!! Heads-up to all you US Bank user – If you need temp checks look out for the cost that comes later…Nothing is free anymore, we are just getting raped for every dollar we make, Banks are in junk-fee heaven.

Oh here’s another good one. Recently we moved. We needed to change our account information. Of course I called them up and was told that not only do they need to talk to me they needed to talk to my wife, ARE YOU KIDDING! Let me tell you something US Bank user – joint account means nothing anymore. What happen to the go old days where banks were banks, not these dictating, control freaks that tell you how to do your banking business.

You know banks are just not that useful anymore… is now trying to charge for membership!

I just logged into my DP account and went to add a post in the services section and from what I could tell, they wanted to charge $125.00 dollars a year for membership. I have been a member of Digital Point for a few years now, and there is no chance of me paying for a membership on DP. I am guessing they came up with this idea from they also try to charge you for membership.

I think if I had a choice I would pay for membership at the Warrior Forum. At DP the support is crap. I have never to this day have received one reply from DP support. I can just see myself emailing support, because somehow my money wasn’t credited to my account. No Thanks – I am not going to pay for that. DP is mostly overseas freelancers and broke webmasters looking to score review copies. Maybe I should email Shawn and ask him for a “review copy” of his member-shit! <<< if you have been on DP for any length of time, you know how funny that is!!!

Hey don’t get me wrong, I think DP is a great website. But I am not going to pay for it! lol…

My Review of Special K Red Berries

kimagesI guess this is my Special-K weight loss story! Here I am pulling up on 40 and it’s becoming clear Captain Crunch everyday for breakfast, is not apart of my healthy diet.

Here it is the beginning of the 2010, we are sitting on the couch and my wife looks over at me and says lets make a New Years resolution and lose a few pounds! So I am thinking, oh great, I can’t wait for this. So my suddenly insane wife is looking at all this fat-free stuff in the grocery store, you know what I mean, right? All the taste free crap. So most of you guys know how this goes, you eat all the good food and wait to eat the crappy “Fat-Free” stuff for when your low on grocery’s. I was looking for something to eat about 6a.m. and I glance to the top of the refrigerator and there is was. Now we have all tasted Special K and what we all know, there is nothing special about it. Last time I ate Special-K cereal was when my Grandmother would feed it to me as a kid, to be honest it tasted awful. I started eating the red berries Special K, it is excellent. About 10 days have gone by, here is it the 12th of January, I haven’t really changed my eating habits much. But instead of my 2-3 mega bowls of the Captain, I eat a box of Kellogg’s Special K and I have lost 12 pounds!

Vonage and their silly policy

I have been waiting for a while to write this blog post.  I  happen to be one of the millions of people that have used Vonage and experienced the supposed extra, extra small fine print that doesn’t show up until you want to cancel service, what a horror story. I was with Vonage for about 2 to 2 -1/2 years, the service wasn’t too bad, I would rate it as a 6.5 to 7 for phone service because from time to time you would have some issues. Vonage is just to over priced in this market. Now with the new up and comers like Magicjack, which  is an amazing product for the cost by the way! Magicjack is a real phone company and the cost is less than a $20 a year, and service is about the same as Vonage.  Regarding Vonage, one of the things I wasn’t to happy with was the phone support, I called and called and eventually I closed my account, and at the end they sprang it on me! &lt;em&gt;”Ok sir, we charged your card $20, some-odd amount for termination of your account”&lt;/em&gt; What? Where did that come from? They got me to sign up and said if I was not happy with their service at any time I could cancel with no fees would be applied. I guess it goes to show you that you can’t believe anything a company tells you now a days.  Laughingly, I just remembered few years ago playing a video game called ‘Amusement Park Tycoon”. This game has some funny functions. One of the functions that comes to mind in this case is, you can setup the game to play like this, you can give people free drinks and charge to go the bathroom, or allow free admission to get in the park and charge people to leave! See, as funny as this is at first, it has a different effect on real people, than it does in the video game. So looking at it from this prospective, this was the company’s one last shot for them to dip into my pocket on the way out the door. This is a good way to piss-off a consumer however it seems that companies can get way with making up rules along the way and the consumer has to go along for the ride.

and one other fun fact about Magic jack, for 59 bucks you can buy 5 years of service. It’s one of the best deals on the market!

One other fun fact, Once I sued this auto shop for this ad that they placed, it was for an advertisement for 99$ brake job, when I came back to pay the bill was for like $499.00. So I sued, and I showed the judge to the advertisement and I won and he ordered the job $99 bucks.  See in my mind, this Vonage policy would be a fun one to take to court. Judges don’t like funny fine print like this, how do you charge someone 20 dollar termination fee after 2 years of service for voip service?

Micro Center in Denver Colorado

Micro Center Denver – Computer, electronics and everything tech. If they ain’t got it, your shit out of luck.

Tech Center, 8000East Quincy Avenue  Denver, CO 80237

I spend a lot of time ranting about being ripped off for my money, but this time I have to give credit where credit is due.  This company goes the extra mile then goes another mile.  Micro Center in Denver, Colorado, if you are spending your money anywhere else it’s a mistake.  My hat is off to such a company.

Thank you for your wonderful service and staff! Consumers are blessed to have you.  If it comes from me you know it’s true because I am a tough consumer!

My review of Sprint service

About 4 days ago, I got a new EVO slider from Sprint. These touch screen phones are beyond me and I gotta tell ya… I am not really impressed with the consumer experience up to this point. However, what is interesting about this story is… My wife and I have been Sprint customers for about seven years! But after going though the entire consumer experience, I think I can shed a little light on this whole “Sprint’s unlimited bull-shit.” and “We’re cheaper than the other guy.”

I went to Radio Shack to get my phone, the guy at Radio Shack was not very helpful. So today, I called sprint to get the low-down on what I got myself into. What I found out was very-very interesting.

I found out, I have the unlimited 450 plan. I asked the Sprint rep, so everything is “unlimited?” The Sprint support said (I am quoting him) “Well…it’s not technically unlimited.” The first thing that popped into my mind, how fucking misleading is this?

I know what you are thinking… is all this foul language necessary? I think it is…

Ok, wait… it gets better!! I get transferred to the retention department because after four days and all these silly fees I am ready to quit Sprint.

I have a question? Why is it so hard for companies to just be straightforward with their pricing? I am really sick of these companies smearing their lies and misleading advertisements all over God’s creation. In the meantime, your getting horse fucked for a two year contract.

As promised, it gets even stranger. The Sprint operator proceeds tell me that there is a $5 a month fee, for a what they call a “spending limit fee.” are you fucking serious? If your hell-bent on fucking your customers with hidden cost, at least have the decency to come up with a better name.

I picked Sprint, for it’s competitive rates, but clearly I didn’t make the right choice. I told the Sprint phone rep, I think it is time for an IPhone. What was really funny, the idiot phone rep wittingly blurts-out, “At&t charges a fee for its data service!” One company calls it a “data charge”, the other calls it “spending limit fee”. I look at junk fees all the same, they are deceitful and misleading ways to build-in hidden cost.