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Learning to window tint cars

By December 16, 2009February 24th, 2011No Comments

Here’s an idea you could consider to make some cash in short order…

Many people consider expensive trade schools as an option that really won’t offer a return that you hope for, but you may want to consider windows tinting instead.

This is something you can learn in a rather short period of time with scant competition.  After your short, initial learning curve you could advance right to the top on your very first day of work!

It’s window tinting.  Yes, I know you probably weren’t thinking that.  I wouldn’t have thought it either until I did some investigation.  Well… I paid some pot smoker $250.00 to tint my SUV in 90 mins. As it turns out, window tinting is a fantastic way to make great money, and a business you can do with very little start up capital. The average salary of a window tinter is 40k a year, working mostly from May to late September.  Sound too good to be true?  It’s not, window tint is the number one after-market product purchased by a car owners. The window tinting market has become more competitive lately as people are discovering what a great way it is to actually make cash right away.  Even with some competition in local markets, it is still very easy to make $150.00 bucks for about 2-3 hours of work.

Window tinting is a few simple techniques applied to 100’s of types of windows in all kinds of cars.  You can learn on one type of window very quickly – it might take you 2-3 years to really become an expert on all of the hundreds of types of cars in use today.  Not that I’m trying to discourage you from trying, it’s just that it might take you a few years to be so good that you can do any car in a couple hours. I liked it, BUT! I happen to be over six foot tall and this made it difficult to crawl in and out of the backseat of smaller cars with tint in my hand.

To get the tricks of the trade in window tinting, you will need to find a trainer.  The cost for training will vary.  Think about it.  A master window tinter is willing to train you to be his competition!  There’s going to be some cost associated with learning the skills, tips and tricks to master window tinting that make serious money working a small portion of the year. Basically I just went in a donated my time at a window tinting shop and worked for free. It was about three weeks when they decide to pay me 30% of the tint jobs and before I knew it I was fully employed.

How to get training to become a window-tinter:

  • Videos – I started with getting a video off eBay, it was very informational. The Tinting gave me a further understanding of what it actually took to window tint a car, but it didn’t have that all important “hands-on” elements you would need to actually to become a successful window tinter.
  • Online resource – Like tint dude, this is a forum with good help for window-tinting help and jobs.
  • Classes – Some window film manufactures have classes for about a week, some a month, cost for them range $500.00 – $2000.00.
  • Hands on – I recommend just walking in and asking tint shops in your area, I agreed to work for free so I could learn. Then what happened is in a few days I was cutting, then they started paying me 8 bucks an hour.  About month later I could tint  most any car or truck so I made a percentage.
  • States that offer the best chance of free training. Florida, Texas, California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico.
  • Something to think about before running off and learning to tint windows – you must be able to crawl in and out of the back seat or cars easily. I am 6″4 that makes it very difficult.  If you need to lose a little belly fat, check here.

Here are some business opportunities for window-tinters:

  • Mobile – (Setting up in car washes, or flea-markets.)
  • Shop – (Rent a bay in the summer.)
  • Residential tinting – (Houses and businesses – Good money!)
  • Tinting cars in your garage – (I was making 600 a week just tinting cars in my home garage. )
  • Swap-meets/flea-market
  • Mall Parking Lots
  • Gas Stations

*Over head is very low when starting a window tinting shop, most of the time you can get up and running for under $2500.00

I think this is a fantastic idea for someone looking to start a new career and they are unsure what they can do.  If you’re at all handy, you can easily learn this skill and market yourself into a great income.  Sure it’s work, but it beats flipping burgers at McDonalds.

Scott R Asher

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