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Tell her to cum!

By October 27, 2013May 1st, 2016No Comments

Again I offer more useless dating advice to men looking for something creative to their sex lives. If you been having a-bit of a problem getting your chick to cum while having sex I think this one of my better tips, and it’s really simple. So when you are getting-it-on with a chick, tell her “cum on my c*&k baby” and call me crazy but this works! I know many of you are going bull shit, and I fully understand, i’m just throwing this out there seems to be something about verbalizing it. You need to also understand this is not going to work if just blurt-out “cum on my c*&k” but if your licking her ear and just pounding the shit out of her, just whisper in her ear, “cum all over my c*&K baby… this is very effective. you gotta try it!!

Scott R Asher

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