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YouTube’s AI is deleting videos and removing creators YouTube accounts.

By June 20, 2023No Comments

So this week I’ve been contacted by many clients and fellow YouTubers that have had videos and or their YouTube Accounts closed for ‘Violations’. Only there is not volition. Google seems to have rolled out their AI to try and target content that volatiles the YouTube’s terms of service. Only one big problem… The AI has not been correct in one of it’s take downs yet, at least from the accounts I have been involved in to try to recover.

So I think I know the problem…. Of course Google trained this “AI” to make YouTube a safe space, only it seems the AI is not clear on what that means, falsely taking down videos and terminating accounts. YouTube’s unclear terms of service are not easy to understand and that seems to be the case here. The email that creators are receiving from YouTube for these volitions are off the wall, makes you scratch your head, clearly these emails are not from a real person and “We” means AI.

YouTube emailFrom using AI myself, I’m not going to say AI is not a good tool, but I found ChatGPT is wrong a lot and it has limitations placed on it from OpenAI, and I am willing to bet this has an effect on its ability to make intelligent

So what happens here is AI takes down videos and termates the account all without any oversight from a real person, You can appeal to this *not real person who made the mistake in the first place and from my experience goes ahead and just closes your account

So how is a person to appeal when YouTube’s AI makes a mistake, tough shit you can’t.


Of course I don’t work at YouTube so I can only guess what the issue might be.

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