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I guess you could say I’m tooting my own horn here but I’ve stumbled upon something really big here, which in my opinion, will change the way bloggers set up their blogs.  What I noticed about my own blog was this — I had many different interests and topics that I like to blog about and my posts often became buried so readers couldn’t find the content relevant to their interests.  They might sift through my sports handicapping posts to get to my Topsy-Turvy tomato pictures or they might just leave.

Other bloggers have solved this problem by creating multiple blogs.  They have a blog for their pro blogging tips, a blog for their photography, a blog for their rants, whatever.  And when you think about this, most people will go out and buy separate domain names for these blogs, install WordPress and go.  In fact, I had done this many times over and the development of the India Project/ is based on the premise of 100 different domain names to create a network.  But I’ll tell you, when you get to around 54 of 100, you start to feel the pinch in domain name purchases and remember, they have to be renewed next year.

Back to – I didn’t really want to purchase any more domains but I was tired of my content being all mixed up and THE IDEA occurred to me after having developing a website for a client using WordPress MU – of course, that client was creating a blog for multiple users–the obvious intention of that software.  WordPress MU is a platform that allows someone to create their own Facebook type of site, a social network of blogs, as registered members can log in and create their own blog.  So what I finally did was install WordPress MU on and create 40 subdomains and unique blogs under my main blog.  Now all of my interests and topics are a unique blog with keyword in the domain.  I just took the power of WordPress MU and turned it into a single user situation, creating my very own 40 blog network with just one domain purchase and all controlled by one dashboard.  Combine all this with the WP robot and let’s just say those fools ain’t got no chance.  I’m gonna be rich bitches!

***(MU standing for multi-user). *MU is a side development to the WordPress development and it is still blogs, just a CMS that will manage an infinite amount of blogs under sub-domains.

***Now a person that create 100 or more even blog network with the purchase of only one domain. (12.00) And making targeted sub-domains, a very lethal combination in my mind.

Scott R Asher

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