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It has all come down to this… this is for all the Money. I have a massive 180 days coming. To even think where I will be in 180 days is mind blowing. During this time I will be visiting India. I am just out of my mind with excitement. The India Project, is at the starting gate with engines pumped and ready to blast off. I can’t even tell you all the things that are going through my mind right now. I am just finishing up moving the blogs that I am contributing to the project and to the India project hosting account. Also the Corp. papers are in the mail, coming to the right address this time! So we are in the thick of things here.

I have learned many lessons from the past project Online Investment Solutions, where we had a mix of 70 websites and domains. Surrounding them was two 40 website networks and a 35 website network.  I love the documentation of the project Mark and I have done. I think this will make for an interesting story to read, when it’s all done. We also will be posting the list of ideas for the blogs, I think some of you are going to find this very interesting. We have lots of good ideas some even silly, and some very strong front runners. We are looking to reach a lot of niche markets.

We are now also constructing a punch list for the blogs. We will also run all the blogs against this list, this will happen once we get all of them up and running. We are posting this list so you can maybe add some of our ideas to use your own blog. I think anyone can find something juicy they can use.

So what happens when the 180 days are over? I can say this, I think anyone within ten feet of The India project is going to make some real money.

Scott R Asher

My name is Scott R. Asher, I am the owner of this massive network of WordPress blogs. Let me help you obtain turnkey profitability with your own turn-key internet business blog similar to you what your reading right now! I bet you know something that someone else would like to read about, and you can even make a few bucks on the side!