The twist and turns of life.

I was driving down the road and of course I saw on the side of the road a homeless lady holding a sign, you all know I can’t help myself… The sign said, “homeless hurts.”  Wow touching… really, that is the best you can come-up with? Reminds me of those depression drug adds, where does it hurt? -everywhere, who does it hurt? -everyone.  Here let me try… Paying my Credit Card bill hurts. Doesn’t really have the same ring, I’ll give you that. But some months I think I would rather go homeless over what I have to deal with everyday of my life. If I was going to make a sign I would go right for the throat, something snappy, like… “Sucking dick is to demoralizing so I went for the sign instead.”  Put a smile on their face, you won’t change their life, but you might change their day.

I am sorry you had to read this, I apologize.

Big S