The upside to being on Chex Systems

Just in case you were looking for an upside for being on chex Systems, my bank just tried to charge me a flat $9.95 a month for a checking account. Now, they didn’t offer me any lube with that!  Like I am going to pay $120.00 dollars a year for a checking account, you’ve got to be kidding me! It is not a good time to be a banking customer. Not being able to get a banking account might be a good thing.  Well, unless you get paid cash, you have to find ways to cash checks and they’ve got tons of bogus fees at the local check cashing places.  Hell, even the bank that issues your paycheck will probably charge you five bucks to cash it since it’s a “business check.”  Damn these greedy banks – and you know, the banks are behind Chex Systems.  It’s not like Chex Systems is a government agency or anything –just like credit bureaus, they’re private companies that sell your personal data for their profit.

What I’m trying to understand is why we allow this shit to happen.  As consumers, we should be able to make this stop.  Banks should be paying us.  It used to be that way.  Banks actually paid interest on deposits, not this half a point annually shit.  Maybe if everyone took their money out and stashed it in a coffee can we’d all be better off.  The other day I got a paypal payment from a customer–do you know how much paypal keeps on a hundred dollar transaction.  Just over $7.  That’s amazing.  I earned $100 but by the time it was in my bank account, it’s only worth $93.  Of course I can use a paypal debit card, just like a bank but if I want to withdraw cash, there’s the atm fees so really I’d like to get paid in cash.  There is so much money being stolen from us all of the time, it’s truly amazing.  Chex Systems can really put a damper on your banking situation but that expensive checking account, might be cheaper than paypal.