Scott R. Asher shares how to get free traffic to your WordPress blog or Website, it’s quick easy and best of all it’s 100% free!

This is the first of many blog post about how to get free traffic to your WordPress blog. I own a ton of WordPress blogs and I make many free marketing campaigns and execute them all the time. If you are looking to get traffic to your website or blog, I am your man! I am hoping to give you the information you need to get free visits to your website or WordPress blog in as little as a few hours. Your website is all ready to go, and now you find yourself looking all over the web trying to get the best and quickest way to getting good quality traffic to your website. I got good news, it is simple, easy, and best of all it’s free. The bad news is, its going to be a little bit of work.

Blog Commenting is a very simple and effective way to get a good amount of targeted WordPress blog traffic.

How to get started:
First you will need to open a word .doc and write some ad copy for your advertisement. Something to think about when you are writing is to make something that is not real threatening. You always want to keep this in mind, you are wanting this “other person” that owns this WordPress blog to add your link-back to your website, on their website. A lot of blog comments are viewed as spam so you want to make something that adds to their website, but short and catchy. If I was going to do a blog post for this website for example, I would say “Hey checkout where I help you get traffic to your website, for free!” So when they see this, it tells them, hey… I’m just telling people free things, I am not trying to make money off your blog. There are lots of people trying to make money on their website, so be ready for when someone cusses you out, because they feel you are trying to make money off what they got, this is normal. I get tons of spam on my WordPress, penis enlargement, tons of silly crap, more than I can count! I don’t mind comments on my blog at all and in the long run it is going to be better for you and them!

Next, make sure you have a link back to your WordPress blog, or you can use the website field to add the website.

Now that you have all your text in a word doc, you can save the working copy, and make multiple postings. This will raise your approval chances and you can save your work, copy and paste as you visit blogs.

Finding blogs to comment on.
This is really simple, start by going to google blogs search. Then you search for blogs related to your website. If you do happen to venture out, you will find that you will not have as high approval rate. For example, I went out to do baby bloggers, wow grouchy! These lady got nothing to do but search “Oh my God… My baby burped, now what?” or “What is the easiest car seat to take in and out of my mini van.”

How many hits on my website will I get?
This depends on about how many approvals you get, but if I post in about 100 blogs I get 25-500 hits, over a span of seven days. If you get an approval on a good website, then your in luck because you will get some good traffic for a long time.

Key blog posting tips:

  • Don’t go over-board, too much of a good thing is a bad thing! Blog posting brings me good hits, but doing thousands is dangerous. On a average I do about 30-300 posting a month adding them in my spare time.
  • My kids are getting older, so when they get in trouble I make them blog post… lol! I make them do 10 pages for the run of the mill disobedience.
  • If you get few hundred approvals on some high-traffic blog you can to can start getting some really good traffic.