Scott reviews US Bank

The US Bank Visit:
So I went in to US Bank, I needed a sheet of checks to give to my insurance guy so they can debt my account. The teller was very nice and gave them to me. She then offered this helpful little piece of info; she stated “Each temporary check that comes through your account has an additional cost of two dollar.” Hmmmm…. WTF!!!!! Heads-up to all you US Bank user – If you need temp checks look out for the cost that comes later…Nothing is free anymore, we are just getting raped for every dollar we make, Banks are in junk-fee heaven.

Oh here’s another good one. Recently we moved. We needed to change our account information. Of course I called them up and was told that not only do they need to talk to me they needed to talk to my wife, ARE YOU KIDDING! Let me tell you something US Bank user – joint account means nothing anymore. What happen to the go old days where banks were banks, not these dictating, control freaks that tell you how to do your banking business.

You know banks are just not that useful anymore…