Implications of Google Real-Time Search

Anyone who’s been trying to keep up with how search engine users find internet content had to be blown away by the announcement of Google’s Real-Time search function.

Today a representative of Google stated, “relevance has become the critical factor.” My question is what was it before? It’s always been relevance that Google used to index the internet, right? Well, relevance and a website’s ranking according to a super top secret formula creating an entire industry attempting to “crack the code” as it were.

Assume for a second that it is even possible for any search engine to be able to spider the entire internet on a real time basis. If that is true then anyone with a blog has the possibility of thousands of views from a speedy post about a current trend. In the past, trending can give even a poorly Google ranked blog a shot at some internet traffic. If you were willing to get up early and hit Google/trends you could often predict something that would peak later in the day and an early morning blog post might show up by the time it peaked. When I wrote for paying article sites, they tended to rank higher and would receive more traffic than my blog posts with the same keywords.

Google Real-Time, according to Google will provide real time information from tweets, blog posts and sources like MySpace and Facebook. I guess I missed something but aren’t tweets usually just spam? Why would anyone searching for “relevant” information want to see what Bobby Joe in Tucson thinks about Tiger Woods affair and bothered to tweet or post on his MySpace page? In order to actually be in “real time” Google must be tapping into various RSS feeds to collect this information. I cannot see how the information could come in real time from spiders. But then again I’m not an engineer – I’m just a speculator. For Google’s real time searching, are there sites favored over others? This I will like to see.

While my mind is still boggled by the full array of implications raised by this search function, I think it could actually benefit bloggers and article writers willing to work fast and hone their trend prediction skills. I guess we’ll see.

How to Make Money Selling eBooks Ethically

The Old School Get Rich Quick Scheme…

The other day, I posted an article about the old scam I called Mail Box Money.  To re-cap, Mail Box Money is an old marketing trick that’s still used today – just in a different form.  The way it worked was, through compelling ad copy – read, tugging your psychological head strings – the desire to be rich, have a mansion, a Ferrari,  have women (or men) begging for your attention, or just not to have to work any more – you would send your ten bucks to the rich guy and he would send you the “blueprint for success,” the how to do what I did manual.  He would go to his mailbox, laugh at the envelopes and mail off the pamphlet describing how to pull off the mail box money scam.  It’s just slightly more ethical than the Ponzi scheme pulled off famously by Bernie Madoff.  Today the mail box money is email box money and here’s how it’s done.

Ever wanted to do your own get rich quick scheme?  Follow along…

The electronic version is accomplished by writing an ebook.  This is pretty simple to do really.  Any word processor and a catchy title – “Affiliate Marketing Mastery” – “Google Ad Destroyer” – “Arm Chair Millions,”  whatever.  With your 50 page ebook containing all the “secrets” of how to make money you then set about making a website that’s called a pitch page.  It’s just a scrolling css page with fake screen shots of hot cars, mansions, fake checks, testimonials, and the familiar pitch – if you’re not making money like I am, you NEED my ebook.  The page has to have the latest technology like pop-up windows that ask do you really want to throw away your life working a boring job – click here to return – video of rich internet marketers and whatever the latest gizmo is.  A good web designer with some tricks in the bag can pull this off for you, no problem.  Better yet, cut him in on the action and he might do it for free.  Then you post your new pitch to the multitude of Affiliate Marketing sites as a publisher.  Let’s say you want to charge $100 for your awesome e-book.  You offer affiliates $75 for every copy they sell.  That sounds high but with a price point like that you’ll have a hundred thousand minions putting up websites, spamming their email networks, clamoring to get traffic to your pitch page, which if good, should convert at least 25% of the leads.   That’s it in a nutshell – an electronic version of the mail box money, get rich quick idea that’s been around as long as there have been people wanting to get rich quick.

It doesn’t have to be a scam…

People will buy quality ebooks to learn how to do anything.  Your ebook doesn’t have to be about the internet or getting rich quick.    It can be about how to build your own greenhouse, how to start a window tinting business, anything really.  Affiliate Marketing sites promote ebooks about any subject if there are people willing to buy them, and there are – it’s just getting an affiliate to promote an ebook is a factor of percentage of conversion and commission paid so be generous, have a great pitch site and voila – an independent sales force selling your idea.  Here are a couple examples of legitimate ebooks and pitch pages for your review:  Dog Training and DIY Solar Power.

Want passive and residual income?

Selling an idea has and will continue to be the single most profitable thing that can be sold.  An idea, after all, is free.  They’re just thoughts floating around, available to anyone who might happen to think it.  But, an idea that is not expressed is still nothing.  Something must be done with an idea for it to be sold.  An ebook is an expression of an idea that can be sold.  Once it’s completed, it can be sold over and over again, creating passive and residual income.

Express your idea…

If you have a great idea – one in which you think people all over the world would like to know – but for whatever reason are having trouble expressing it, all is not lost.  Contact Jeff today about his ghost writing service.  If the idea is good enough, he will professionally complete your ebook  using Adobe InDesign CS3, with your name as the author, create the pitch site and place the ebook on the Affiliate Market for a percentage of the sales.  There’s no reason not to realize your dream of a passive and residual income from your idea.  Pitch the idea now:

How to Get a Venice Beach Vendor’s License

Anyone who has ever tried to find out information on how to get a vendor’s permit for Venice Beach has probably run into the same difficulties that I have. It is very discouraging just trying to get through to the right person who can tell you what you can and can’t sell. After being re-routed about 7 times, I finally reached a very hostile rep for the parks and recreations department for the City of Los Angeles who gave me very vague answers. When I was dissatisfied with his response, I did some further investigation today that helped to uncover the mystery of the vending situation.

First of all, it is called a Permit and not a License. The permit is called a “freedom of expression” permit and is only good for the west side of the boardwalk. It costs $25.00 for the initial fee which is good for a year, and then a $10.00 annual fee for a lifetime. Pretty reasonable, I must admit, but the restrictions on what you can sell is very confusing. I wanted to sell some vintage costume jewelry and was told that that was considered “commercial” and therefore not allowed. If my jewelry had a religious connotation, or had the words “peace, love, spirituality, etc”, or if it was political in nature, those pieces would be allowed. I would need to bring my jewelry with me to the office where I would buy the permit to make sure that it was appropriate and fit into the guidelines of “freedom of expression”. I had been told the day before that if I wanted to take my chances and go ahead and sell the jewelry that was deemed inappropriate, were I to be caught I would be cited with a misdemeanor ticket and would have to appear in court. Now how well manned the boardwalk is, is up for interpretation, but we have already received one ticket and really can’t see why we would want another. In addition to the “permit”, you also need to get a seller’s license at a different location in order to sell on Venice Beach. You can download this slip from the City of Los Angeles website and mail it in, or you can go directly to their office and be issued one on the spot. This is a free license, but a required one.

Once you have paid for your “permit” and received your seller’s license, you then must go to 1800 Ocean Front Walk Venice, Ca. 90291 on Tuesday morning @ 8:30 and drop your “permit” into a drum, where it will be pulled “lottery” style to see if you are able to get a spot on the beach. There are currently 300 applicants for 100 spots, so you have a 1 in 3 chance of actually getting a spot. Call (310) 396-6764 for more information. I hope this information can save someone in the future from the nonsense that I had to go through. Just make sure that whatever “expression” you want to sell fits their idea of “freedom”!

How to Take Better Black and White Photos

A black and white photograph can provoke powerful emotions and convey artistry. Symmetry, shadows and textures can be revealed in a black and white picture that appear flat in full color. This article describes how to “train the eyes” to see the world in black and white.

Things you’ll need:

A camera

Red sunglasses

1 I was introduced to making black and white pictures in high school with a film camera. The intention was to produce a striking image with depth, shadows, textures and a feeling of emotion. One way to do this is to simply take many pictures and hope that they come out well in black and white. Another way is to train your eyes to see in black and white. I was walking in the desert around Nelson, Nevada and stumbled upon this abandoned gas pump. It was set against a bunch of rusted junk and green shrubbery. The pump was rusted where the old paint had peeled off. Since the pump was white and the green of the shrubs would be dark in a black and white photo, I decided this was a good subject.

2 Buy a pair of red sunglasses. I discovered by accident (after finding a pair) that red sunglasses would make greens darker and give a good idea of whether an image would look striking in black and white.

3 Walk around and look at the world with your cheap red sunglasses. It will seem odd at first but eventually you’ll see shapes, shadows, symmetry and lines. These are elements that make black and white photography work. This photo is of the gas pump as you would see it with through your cheap red sunglasses. The red filter shows the contrast between the white pump, rust and black letters. It also shows how the greens will darken in greyscale.

4 The final step is to capture your image and process it in your favorite photo editing software. Picasa, the free google application has a variety of black and white editing functions. Photoshop offers a multitude of controls to tweak and perfect your image to your artistic taste. The old saying, “looking at the world through rose colored glasses,” can be a photographic training tool. Red colored sunglasses will even show you the potential for infrared simulated photographs.

A black and white photograph can provoke powerful emotions and convey artistry. Symmetry, shadows and textures can be revealed in a black and white picture that appear flat in full color. This article describes how to “train the eyes” to see the world in black and white.


Things you’ll need:

A camera

Red sunglasses through rose colored glasses,” can be a photographic training tool. Red colored sunglasses will even show you the potential for infrared simulated photographs.

Tips & Warnings

Have fun hunting for great black and white photograph opportunities.

If you’re driving with your cheap red sunglasses on, beware that it’s hard to see green lights.

How to Increase Page Views by Trending

This article describes how to make more money on eHow and other paid writing sites by using Google Trends to create timely, SEO articles.

things you’ll need:

A computer with an internet connection

1 If you’re like me, you probably have a notebook full of ideas for “how to” articles you’re just itching to get written to start making money on paid writing sites like eHow, Associated Content and other sites. I have written several articles for these sites and paid particular attention to the page views my articles receive. Articles I have written that happened to correspond with search engine trends have exponentially received more page views than other articles. Open your web browser and check out to view the top 100 search engine terms.

2 Spend some time checking out the random and often bizarre search terms that are currently popular. For instance today, would be a great day to write an article on “How to lose weight like “How to lose weight like Paige 22 to 0.” Paige Schmelzer is a lady who went from a size 22 to size 0 by diet and exercise and I had never heard of her until today. There is one article by Lynwood Enterprise, USA which comes at the top of a Google search that is getting thousands of page views because there’s really nothing else on the internet addressing the topic.

3 After you review the Google trends, you write your article very quickly and let Google do the rest of the work. eHow has a very high page ranking. Check for current statistics. What that means to you is that your timely article on a trend is likely to rank higher in a Google search than written on your blog or lesser sites. Compare the Alexa ranking of eHow at 468 to Associated Content at 769. In theory, the same article written for eHow should rank higher than if published on Associated Content. It really doesn’t matter though, you’re just trying to get page views by writing current, search engine friendly articles.

4 Write your timely, trending article using the key words as many times as you can get away with that the article still makes sense. In other words, don’t spam the key words. You can use headings to increase the density of your key words without offending your reader. For instance, in the article about Paige 22 to 0 you might have a header that reads, “Who is Paige Schmelzer” and later in your article, “About the Paige 22 to 0 Phenomenon.”

5 As a final example for your consideration. I was trending one morning and saw that the search terms “2009 Calendar” was high on the list. I wrote a quick article, and to the top I went!


Things you’ll need:

A computer with an internet connection

eHow article about making a 2009 calendar with your own photos. The article took me about ten minutes to publish and it has had three to four times the page views of any other article I wrote that month.

Tips & Warnings:

To effectively use, start early in the morning and work fast, the quicker you get your articles up, the more page views you will receive If you pick trends that reoccur you’ll already be poised for the traffic spike you’ll receive next year


Google Trends