Problems with Denver Police

…you know, I get the fact that Denver is broke and has budget problems, but less than two days after hearing they raised the cost of many of the traffic  fines, I was pulled over. It almost seems like the cops are having prep rallies or something to rise ticket quotas, it sounds crazy, but it seems we “citizens” are being targeted to pay for the short comings of the city we are living in. The Cop or as I like to call them “city tax collectors” pulled me over for having dark window tint on my car. Until now, I was not aware that I could not have window tint on my car or for that matter go to jail for it.

I have had my car tinted for years and see people with window tint, but I have never been pulled over for it. I get that I was breaking the law. I really had no idea… I came from Nevada. We live on the edge of hell, it gets upwards of 125 in the summer and from looking online it doesn’t appear any restrictions exist.

Personally, this is the first ticket I have ever had. So to be honest I am really not up on the current Window-tint laws, and I told the Cop this. You can’t tell me this not left up to the discretion of the cop. We all look around and see tinted cars, all around us. I am from Nevada, so I really have no idea, but I guess window tint in Colorado is a big no-no… This Cop was rude and to be honest, really didn’t seem to have training as to how to handle this type of thing. I mean… here I am being stopped for window tint on my car, the cop is threatening to haul me away to jail. To be honest, at that point I was ready to go to jail. I mean, what the fuck right? As it turns out three meals a day doesn’t sound so bad and I can’t wait to hear what this moron is going to tell the Judge – I did. “I locked up this guy for Window-tint.” What happen to serve and protect? This was a real joke, I have no idea really what I am up-against, but from what I read online this is a fix-it ticket. I recently heard on the news about this fake Cop running around Denver putting people in handcuffs. Personally, I would rather be arrested by the fake cop than the real ones. I don’t see how they think they can just bully people and lie. This kind of stuff makes me not want to live in Colorado, who needs this harassment and the higher fees for that matter. There are plenty of places with high-taxes, no-jobs, high cost to visit parks and lakes, over priced housing and overcrowding!

So the cop gives me this ticket. I try to call Jefferson Co court house to see if I can’t have the tint removed and take the car in to get the ticket taken care-of, this stupid idiot tells me she “don’t know” and hangs up on me. Now I am trying to figure out why do we need these services? I am still blown away. Not only have I had a Cop pull me over that had basically had no idea what he was doing. I talked to Jefferson Co County Clerk “traffic and criminal division” and they have no idea. Now I am going to see a judge two months over fucking window tint. I’m sure he will be thrilled to see me. I am 100% sure this is a waste of time for all parties involved.

So what does all this add up to? Here we got the cop who is probably the worst paid of all of the people that I will encounter in my judicial journey, The Clerk of Court and a Judge, and of course “ME”. I had to spend my time going to court, this just doesn’t add up. Do I really need to be assaulted with civil fines? Just because the city is broke? This really is an insult, I have been unemployed or under employed rather for over two years. You think I ain’t fucking broke beyond belief?

I think everybody has window-tint and no I don’t feel singled out, or some plot is out to get me, but I feel it was a very petty poor use of city resources (tax dollars) that MOST definitely could be better spent. Unless they bang me for $500.00, it is clearly a waste of time busting window tint violations. However, have you seen nine mother fuckers training through an intersection on a left-hand turn against a red light, because they are worthless self-adsorbed pricks. Sorry, I can’t help myself, it clearly needs to be addressed. Don’t Worry, Denver PD will get their poke and I’ll pay my bill, but all I ask is service with a smile. Because I am not some criminal pieces of shit, I am a tax paying citizen.  Just a fun fact, I took 100% all the tint off my car in less than two hours after getting a ticket. If the cop would have just said, take the tint off, I would had said “yes sir!”  and I would have felt better about my day.

So what happen with all this????

As it turns-out, the cop didn’t know what he was doing!! LOL, Morons!!! I hired an attorney to fight the ticket and it was dismissed. I was out $100.00 for attorney fees and the City Attorney said, “That he had no idea what he was doing!”

The fact that you know is too many!

The one reason I wanted to start writing on the web, is to write about stuff that you would never forget! The web is for entertainment. Let me entertain! Most of you know that I am one crappy writer! But I love it, and I have the most incredible shit to say, but getting it on to paper is the hardest thing about being me. When others use 10% of their minds, I feel like I use 90% of my mind, everyday, non stop, when I dream, my dreams are the extension of my life. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed, the feeling and observation of life going on around me is very interesting to me. Every person has a story, and for a brief period, some times you get to see the other side.

Recently a buddy of mine told me he was cheating on his wife, now why would he tell me this? It was like he was proud of himself, and almost in the same breath he said “don’t tell my wife” wa-what? I said, I am already aware that’s a no no, duh! As if the chick he is boning is not enough, he has to tell me. I think he wants to get caught! Well as old as he is I don’t think it would make much a difference. I don’t see how people go from, I want to screw that bitch, to screw that bitch.  Too much information?  There’s no such thing.  A friend of mine who is living out of a motel told me that he has a whore for a neighbor and every night around 1:00 am she goes to work and apparently wakes the whole place up with the banging and moaning coming from her room.  This is the funny shit in life that cracks me up.  It wasn’t that funny to my friend, as he explained it sounded as if they were doing it in his room, but it sure sounds funny to me.

Friends and life

I think friendships are the most important thing in this life.  I have spent a great deal of time cultivating my relationships, like flowers, watering them and trying to keep them healthy.  It’s surprising how much content comes from friends.  I think of my life as content, stories that I want to tell because, frankly, some crazy shit happens to me like being falsely arrested in Las Vegas or the time I sold a truck load of avocados in Southern California.  There’s this funny story that happened with my friend Jeff while we were traveling in Mexico.  He got a case of Montezuma’s revenge from some bad shrimp tacos and had a bad case of diarrhea but nowhere to go so he went into the Pacific and dropped trou.  I didn’t really want to hear about it, but you know this is the funny stuff you hear that just makes for entertainment.  When I think of all these things, I’m inspired to write and this is where my blog comes in handy.  Maybe some day I’ll get these stories out and make a book.  I would love nothing more than to be a published author.  But in the meantime, I’ll continue to write these little stories from my life and my interesting friends for your reading pleasure.