Best places to move in a recession.

I offer you my version of “best” places to move list, with some interesting twist!

1.) Las Vegas these days is best described as a evacuation zone. Once a oasis, people looking to escape Las Vegas’s number one unemployment, might want to consider Oklahoma. Oklahoma City these days would be better described as Silicon-Tornado-Ally. With companies like Sprint offering jobs with great starting salaries. Oklahoma looks really good for small families right now, with very low cost housing. I don’t see how anyone could go-wrong with this little hidden treasure.

2.) This is going to sound crazy but if your white, you might want to consider moving to Arizona. If you are illegal and living in Arizona, you are more than likely fixing to leave to other towns in the US. No illegals, means more jobs! Need I say more?

3.) Move to Ohio! That’s right, Before LaBron left Cleveland you could buy a house for the price of a VCR. Now you can probably get one for a price of a bar of soap. So… save up a a few months of rent and go buy a house and live for free!

4.) TEXAS – Yes I said it! Texas is just doing better! Texas has a lot to offer people looking for a change! No matter what you do for a living, it has bound to get better in Texas. Just don’t kill someone, they will fuck you up!

5.) Mexico – Yes…. fuck it! If life in the US has got you down, Move to Mexico! For just 10k, you can comeback to the US after the recession is over! Sip on Margareta and love the senoritas! For under $500 a month you can live like a king, just don’t forget your bullet prof vest, life this good does have it’s drawbacks!

Written by Scott R Asher
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Top Ten Reasons to Move to Arizona!

Here’s the thing, Arizona is probably getting excessively bad press over the proposed legislation which would criminalize living in the state illegally, Arizona Immigration Law SB1070 201.  What with California wanting to boycott the state and MLB players threatening walk outs during spring training.  But there will definitely be some upsides suggesting that Arizona might become a good place to live. Here are the top ten reasons to move to Arizona:

1.  Getting rid of illegals will free up tons of parking.

2.  There will be plenty of lawn maintenance and ditch digging jobs available!

3.  I won’t have to speak Spanish at the drive-thru of Taco Bell.

4.  It will be very relaxed because of all the boycotts.  Nobody will be there but John McCain.

5.  I hear Sarah Palin is buying a winter residence there.

6.  You won’t have to talk to your neighbor in Spanish.

7.  TV’s in public locations will be broadcasting programming in English.

8.  Public School classes will be cut in half.

9.  Going to DMV will seem less like a trip to Tijuana.

10.  The donkey show will go back to Nogales.