Best and Worst Public Water in the U.S.

I was engaged in some random web surfing when I came across this blog post about the best and worst water in the U.S.  After reading the article, I had to think, where in the world have I tasted the best tap water ever?  Well, that would have to be  in North Idaho, of course.  Honestly, I have never lived anywhere that I had such a good feeling about taking a drink of water from the faucet.  The Rathdrum aquifer that supplies the Inland Northwest with pleasant tasting, clean water is a hard working wonder of nature and I’m completely impressed.  So I’m reading the article and they’re listing the top 100 of “big cities”, hmm..what qualifies as a big city?  Well, Seattle, clearly a big city scored #25 on the list and Las Vegas scored #3 on the worst and clearly it qualifies as a big city.  Is Spokane a big city?  It’s not on the top 100 of best or worst.  I used to live in Las Vegas and I can attest that it has some nasty tasting water.  I have to apologize to my brother-in-law now because he is the quality control supervisor for the Las Vegas Valley Water District.  It’s not his fault the water tastes bad.  The storm drains in Las Vegas feed directly into Lake Mead where the largest supply of public drinking water comes from.  Can you imagine what people put down the storm drains in Las Vegas- yuck!  When my Wife and I arrived in North Idaho, and started drinking from the faucet at Farragut state park, I don’t think we’ve purchased a single bottle of water since.  The United States deserves to know that there are places where the water comes clean from the ground, tastes good and with minimal additives (flouride? chlorine?) it still tastes good and doesn’t send you to the phone book to find the nearest bottled water distributer.  Just my two cents on the issue, anyone out there have a thought about their city’s tap water?  I’d love to hear it.

Best places to move in a recession.

I offer you my version of “best” places to move list, with some interesting twist!

1.) Las Vegas these days is best described as a evacuation zone. Once a oasis, people looking to escape Las Vegas’s number one unemployment, might want to consider Oklahoma. Oklahoma City these days would be better described as Silicon-Tornado-Ally. With companies like Sprint offering jobs with great starting salaries. Oklahoma looks really good for small families right now, with very low cost housing. I don’t see how anyone could go-wrong with this little hidden treasure.

2.) This is going to sound crazy but if your white, you might want to consider moving to Arizona. If you are illegal and living in Arizona, you are more than likely fixing to leave to other towns in the US. No illegals, means more jobs! Need I say more?

3.) Move to Ohio! That’s right, Before LaBron left Cleveland you could buy a house for the price of a VCR. Now you can probably get one for a price of a bar of soap. So… save up a a few months of rent and go buy a house and live for free!

4.) TEXAS – Yes I said it! Texas is just doing better! Texas has a lot to offer people looking for a change! No matter what you do for a living, it has bound to get better in Texas. Just don’t kill someone, they will fuck you up!

5.) Mexico – Yes…. fuck it! If life in the US has got you down, Move to Mexico! For just 10k, you can comeback to the US after the recession is over! Sip on Margareta and love the senoritas! For under $500 a month you can live like a king, just don’t forget your bullet prof vest, life this good does have it’s drawbacks!

Written by Scott R Asher
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How to buy a home in Michigan for under a $1000.00 dollars

$200.00 House

$200.00 House

Recently I’ve been looking for a new place for my family to settle down. We have been in the Las Vegas area for about 4 years and we all know how much I love Vegas… Anyhow, the search was on!  It is my goal to own a home free and clear so when I heard about what was happening in Michigan with home prices, I got excited. Because in Michigan they are almost giving homes away!

It all started about 2 years ago, one of my ex-business partners calls me up one day, “hey whats going on?” an he proceeds tells me that he has been buying up homes in the Metro Detroit and Southern Michigan areas, for cheap. When I say cheap, I mean as low as $200.00 bucks, in some cases even less! Well it’s not everyday that someone calls you up and tells you that they are buying homes for few hundred bucks right and left, so this really piqued my interest. I mean how often to do you find homes in any kind of shape for under thousand dollars for that matter. So this had been sitting in the back of my mind for about a year till I decided to check it out… See what I was thinking is “I make most my money on the web, so what does it matter where I live?” and looking at the photo $200.00 I think I would buy it, I think most people would to be honest! In Las Vegas I pay about $1500.00 a month for rent, for 2 months rent I could own a nice home paid with cash.

Think about this – what is the number one expense a person has?  Typically, it’s rent.  Rent, mortgage payment, whatever, this is usually a family’s single largest expense.  Imagine a moment in your life without that expense hanging over your head.  It’s something I’m striving for and read on for what I’ve discovered in the process.

Some side notes of my findings:
I found some houses listed cheap on Craigslist, but after poking around I found listings be mostly from bottom feeder investors looking to move homes that are distressed and quickly double or triple their money or make contract for deed sales with people living in Michigan. There are many horror stories out there in contract for deed sales so you have to be extremely careful.  There should be an escrow company handling the paper and if the seller has a mortgage on the house, you have to make sure the escrow is instructed to pay.  The standard fraud is that the seller takes your payment, doesn’t pay his mortgage and a year later or so, you’re being locked out and everything you paid to the seller was spent on hookers and blow.  If you are looking to do a contract for deed or take over payments, work directly with homeowners, have the contract reviewed by a local attorney so you know you’re getting what you are paying for, it is a buyer beware market in Michigan, things are cheap and people are very desperate and cash is at a premium. If you are looking to invest in a home on your own, buy from the auction directly.  Of course, this requires cash.  In bank foreclosures auctions the taxes in most cases will be up to date and you will get the best deals.  It’s not just Michigan that is experiencing this type of housing situation.  Basically, it is occurring in places where massive amounts of people have been laid off and the economy has brutalized them.  It’s happening in parts of the upper Midwest, Ohio and Indiana for instance.  Hey, I even heard of a $200,000 house in Las Vegas selling at auction for $45,000. so there is something for everyone.

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