Advanced Cyberbegging Techniques

Susan pimping in Coeur d'Alene

Susan pimping in Coeur d'Alene

To beg or not to beg; that is the question.

My friend and fellow blogger, (the owner of this blog) asked me today if I wanted to swap blogs for the day.  I thought it a great idea so he’s over at my blog posting something as we speak.  We didn’t discuss what each other would write and he told me I could be as outrageous as I wanted.  I took a thoughtful read through his blog for some inspiration to write.  His recent post on cyberbegging is timely and relevant considering there have been articles describing people receiving large sums of money from the activity.  I have personally been dabbling in cyber begging – a half assed attempt really – by sticking a donation button on my blog.  We received two donations from Susan’s mother and that was because she knew we didn’t have money to eat.  The donations would have come in the form of cash or check had we an address to receive mail.  So I’ve researched the topic throughly and now offer some tips and techniques to implement a cyberbegging campaign. Read more

The blogger you love to hate.

hate comment

One thing most people don’t think about when starting a blog, is all the people that read them from all over the world, and cast their opinions, or as my son refers to them as “Haters.”  Some people are not comfortable with this, but on the net, people you never met will just dump on you… just because you are there.  These people are usually the same people that can’t handle getting phone calls.  My wife is so silly, we will be sitting in the car, the phone will ring, and she will say, “Hmmm… 702 I wonder who it is”, I am yelled, “PICK UP THE PHONE AND FIND OUT, WHO IT IS!”, I can only guess if this is what is going on the other side of the phone. I mean, if I want to know who is on the phone, I pick up and ask. It’s works well for me. Read more

Buying small businesses, the vending route.

If you surf Craigslist, then sometimes you will stumble over things that are very interesting. One of my favorite categories on Craigslist is the business for sale. Most of it  is scams these days, but from time to time, I will find really interesting small businesses for sale. I think you will be surprised at what you might find for a few hundred bucks. If you are looking to get a good deal, this is the place! One thing I found from searching businesses for sale, the sellers are very motivated. I am referring to tangible businesses like hot dog-carts, vending routes, clearance merchandise, and so forth. Read more

Need job? Looking for a job? How to find a *%^#[email protected] JOB!

Kind of tricky finding a job these days… You look all over the net and it is slim pickings. If you are looking to hire someone right now, it’s looking real good for you. I have a few friends that own businesses right now, and they are flooded with applicants.

Am I the only one confused when looking on the web for a job? I have looked online at Yahoo, Monster, Career Builder and it’s cluttered will all this crap! I mean, come on already… Throw off the job posting proven to be a scam! The system or the services rather, don’t really work all that well. If you are looking for a job in your local area, the  job posting are very spread out and very hard to track. Some employers are just electing post for free on services like Craigslist. If you are looking for a better result, sometime you will find more local job results. Example, searching for websites like “Colorado jobs” most states and larger cities have them and these are local area job boards. (Make sure to also look at, state job listings.) I can remember the-good-ole-days when looking for a job was in the newspapers, all the jobs in one place. Now even the papers are using services like YahooJobs. Read more

If you have nothing else to offer, then just beg. The wonderful world of cyber begging.

Need money, but don’t feel like you have much to offer? Then try asking for it!

My very first exposure of cyber-begging was from a man that contacted me wanting a website. I asked him what he did, he said, “I tell stories.” “Hmmmm…ok, so how can I help you?”, I asked.  He explained to me that he was pretty much a failed writer, but he made a living making up tragic stories, posting them on the internet and cyber-begged for money. He also added this is  not much different than any other product online and his conversion rate for this was about 5%.  At first I felt kind of strange about it, but after thinking about it for a minute, I guess he is right..

As it turns out, this Cyber-Begging is no small thing, Check out

Needy MBA Student <<<< read the story now!!!

NPR story about Digital Panhandling Online

Cyber-begging big business! read more

So how much does it cost to get started cyber-begging? It’s cheaper and easier than you might think!
Scott’s how to Cyber-begging tips:

You will first need a domain name: GoDaddy is cheap and easy!
Go Daddy $7.49 .com Sale

This is about 7.99 at Godaddy. Make sure to think up something catchy!

Then you are going to need some hosting for the website:

If you want it free click here:
Free Website Hosting

You can get started for under ten bucks!!!

*Don’t forget to get a paypal account, and maybe a PO Box to receive payments.

As for the guy, I never got a 100% reply from him as to how much money he made. He said his marketing plan was simple, he made a posting in every category and every state on Craigslist and online classifieds. Most people needing money have some kind of a tragic story, is yours worth a million?

I will make anyone who wants to Cyber-beg, a easy to update website for $99.00 (will also provide domain and hosting for one year a $40.00 dollar value!)

So here is my Donation button in case you want to drop me a few bucks ;)… What can I say, I am just practicing what I preach.

The Network

A long while ago, I had meet this really interesting Asian Business man and overtime we had developed a partnership and like most partnerships I had the privilege of becoming close friends with him. Typically, it is hard to get to be good friends with Asian people. They are very family oriented and most of all they stick together. They work very hard in business, in family, in money, and shoulder to shoulder, they are an extremely tight knit group. In my mind, this is why they are so successful.

One day he told me about “The Network.” The Network, was about 30 business men that meet biweekly, they reported what was going on and they all did business together. Despite our close friendship, I was given the opportunity to meet anyone from the group, or go to any meetings. The one thing that I thought was very interesting was instead of banks they had a internal loaning system. My buddy explained many interesting details about how “The Network” operated. All loans where at a very low interest rate and the payments are very low. Because all the members where in business, you could tell everyone your needs, and they would explore and pool resources to get the  best for you needs. Also part of the deal was, we help you, you give back. So he shared that it was encouraged that 3% of your profits go to the group for life of the membership. All members had healthcare that every member paid for. We talked about how he thought that the failure rate would be higher in the same organization with Americans.

The Network was based on the concept of working together to all become rich together. All the proceeds for The Network where paid out in Christmas checks every single year. If any disagreement happens, the group voted as to the outcome and fines would be levied.

There are so many reasons why this is a great idea, but the one that stands out is, people pulling together to achieve one goal and that is success.  There is only one reason why this would fail and that would be due to the selfish nature of people.

The hazards of being online.

I have been online for many years now.  My wife and I were talking about the hazards of just buying and selling stuff online. Everything to Amazon, to solder on connectors, for my omini-directional long range antenna, and much more.  Buying online can be risky business especially these days! So I thought I would tell you about some of the more interesting things that happen to me online and just cool stuff I have heard of. – Total scam, what they do is give you a free credit report, if you sign up for some program costing $14.95 month. The really sick part is, the company that owns Free Credit Report is Experian, a company that we trust to report credit fairly and accurately. Get this, they got a big time fine from the government, but it was only a fraction of the 500 million a year they are bringing in by scamming people. The Real kicker is, this company is required to send you one for free if you send it to them in writing. If you need the real free credit report, here it is.

My Paypal account was hacked twice, yes it was fun! The really good news is that Paypal does not really do much unless they can get the money back. As it turns out, over the years Paypal is not that great of bet. Paypal acts like a bank, but really proforms like a scam artist. Paypal is kind of tricky, a good rule of thumb is to always use a credit card and never pay online money upfront. Credit Cards can be disputed and Visa makes Paypal merchants responsible for their actions.

This was really cool, I once was sent fake check for 25k, honestly I did.  And if you want a fake check for yourself all you got to do is post something on Craigslist! That’s right, just post your add in Criagslist. You’ll get thousands of reply’s to buy your item and they send you a fake check. I love to reply to scammers, and say, “Na, you  would just rip me off and steal my money.” I just try to do my best to slow them down to keep them from getting to the stupid people. The funny part is Craigslist was good, but it has become a hot bed for scammers. I bet at least 40% plus – of the posting on Craigslist are some type of scam or planted post.

The underground community.

I just so happen to belong to a small underground community of Webmasters. However, this is not your run of the mill Webmasters complaining about their clients. What we talk about is marketing and extremely clever ways to market your website online. There are many ways to market, which some are considered to be Blackhat. One of the rules of the online marketers community is to never say anything to anyone. The members view the information as valuable and frankly don’t want to be copied. I was lucky to meet one of the members, he got me in. I am not really breaking the rules with this one because I thought I would share one of the more widely known marketing methods that has become very popular and that is replying to posting on Craigslist and setting the email up with a auto responder to auto reply to incoming email.

Craigslist is a online marketers fools gold,. A buddy and I were talking on the phone and he was telling me about getting a marketing reply, from his marketing-post that he placed on Craigslist. Yes, Craigslist, has really turned into a real zoo. It’s sad too because it’s always the cool shit that gets screwed up.

Now here is something catchy…I got a reply for something I listed on Craigslist. I get this email that responded to my posting and it basically said, “I needed a job, and I found this website. It helped!” I mean what a joke! Your so happy now, that your sending out emails to everyone on the web, right? How do people buy into this stuff? But other online marketers have gone a step further, by placing fake job ads and set the email up on a auto responder. (Like there is no shortage of people looking for work right now.) So when people needing work respond to the posting, they get this email that kicks back and it say’s, “we want to hire you.” Not only is this a joke, but it looks like one too! I am still not sure how people still fall for this crap.

Works well for dating websites also. Get a pic of a hot chick, post a small description, then when all the dudes respond to the profile they all get spammed with a auto reply.

Kind of a funny side note: Me and a buddy where talking about a putting up a website for chicks to auction them self off online for dates, personal I think single mothers would make a killing, but we figured it would end up being a legal nightmare. But one night, 300 bucks and free dinner? Sounds like a good deal for me, win-win everyone is happy!

The challenge… I was clutched! [Colorado DMV fees]

So some days you got it, and some days no matter what has been going on in your personal life, you have to set that aside and dig deep, real deep… like the show, “Who’s Line is it Anyways?”, where the points don’t matter, hardcore. Well, today the points didn’t matter.

The week started out positive…made a good contact, we had lunch, chatted, and I came away feeling very positive and re-energized, not to mention, the food was not to bad either. So far so good until a passing thought came to my mind regarding my car registration…The thought was, “Damn I wonder if my car registration would be expiring soon.” So sure enough, when I went out to check my license plates, wouldn’t you know it…they expired on 10/09, what untimely luck. So now my positive week started turning sour.

To start out my adventure let me first say, as must of you that know and for those who don’t, I  had moved to another state recently.  Since we had moved we have been trying to recover financially, it has been a slow go at it, my business has been pretty much dead due to the move and time of the year we are coming to. Therefore, like anyone else in this bad economy…we are trying to push through! However, as I started out in my blog this week started off with a positive mark due to the jump start in my business with this new contact I made. Being excited I was thinking Ahhh…money, finally. My excitement was shattered when that sour twist of reality came to mind about my car registration.

And now my story begins, of course, I don’t have to tell all you how difficult the DMV’s can be. So I know you will relate when I tell  how ridiculous my experience was. It starts out with a phone call to the DMV, I was trying to get an estimate of what it would cost me to register my car where I live because, their website did not have an estimation calculator. After being on hold for a long time and having to listen to their recordings repeatedly, a lady finally comes on the line. I proceeded to ask her for a quote and she tells me “Sir we don’t give estimates over the phone you will need to go to our website and it is there you can get an estimation by using our estimation calculator.” I said to her your joking right and she replied no sir I am not. I told her if you had an estimator on your web I wouldn’t be calling you. She then said sarcastically sir you must go to the our website and use the estimator because we don’t give estimations over the phone. I yelled, What…what the hell, aren’t you listening!! I told I looked all over the website ad there isn’t one, that is why I am calling you and all I get for a response is… I am sorry sir we don’t give estimation over the phone. Needless to say, the experience was a joke, how do you register a vehicle without any type of posted documentation, estimations, fees, ballpark figures, something for out state registrations. Here I have out of state license plates I am trying to get a figure on what it would cost me since the DMV here doesn’t take Debit Cards or Credit Cards.  The phone approach didn’t work I decide navigate to the even more ridiculous Colorado Smog Service or as Colorado refers to it Clean Air Colorado to only found out that the involvement was more detailed then I thought from fees to processing. They just don’t run a smog test which runs against your VIN Number anyways, they also charge you another fee to do another background check on your VIN Number to ensure it is your car your smogging. What a junk fee grabbing society we live in, what is this world coming to!?…

Update to this story: I later find out that, this is normal. Colorado in fact will give you no pricing info over the phone or on the website for the registration of your vehicle, just bring a suitcase full of money and hope for the best.

After finding at out what I needed in the way of cash I wasn’t able to get the smog done right then because I had other things I needed to get done and along my way I planned to suck it up and let them stick me or the extra fees and stop in at the bank and go back. So things have been jumping like I said, I had been out running around town trying to make a living, meeting with people, dropping off the kids in the foot and a half of snow, that just fell on Denver. I mean my customers don’t give a shit if the Colorado DMV is just pain being an ass, the show must go on! Now mind you my tags had been expired about 5 days when I figured out I needed to register my car. The ironic thing is, my wife points out that there is another family in our complex with Nevada plates that have been expired since 6/07 and apparently they are in no hurry to get their plates changed and here I am freaking out over 5 days of expiration. What wrong with this picture…I am guess I am a freak of nature…I mean 5 days late, not the end of the world…. Know what I mean?

So after justifying myself I proceed on with my day. I am driving down the road, with expired tags of course and wouldn’t you know it a cop pulls me over. Why me, right, I mean, my tags have been expired 5 days? I had been dealing with this dilemma all day! Just to tell you up front, I am not really a fan of cops…I just don’t get the point, we should be able to just bribe them, why not? At least you wouldn’t see so many broke people being pulled over, what are they going to get off a dude in a 86 Buick? Seven bucks in cash, two bucks in change from the ash tray and a roach? Lol, most people don’t really think about stuff like this, but if you give some guy that makes $12-13 bucks an hour a $400.00 dollar ticket, you didn’t just ruin his day, you more than likely screwed up him for the whole month, if your lucky, or if he’s lucky rather… I am the first one to say, that cops are helpful when someone goes bonkers in a shopping mall and starts killing people. We need a volunteer to run in and get that stupid f&^$er, but some of these cops, forget that it says on the side of the patrol car, “serve and protect.” Now a days you got to worry if they are going accidentally shoot you in the back, then  try to cover it up, so they don’t end up going to jail. How sick is that? Cops…these guys think they are some kind of under-paid Super Hero, go out and fight crime on a janitors salary, no way. The bad news is, in real life there is no cape crusader, the good guy don’t always win, I mean never wins, courts don’t work and in real life the good guys dies and its a tragedy and what do we do, we make memorial funds…sorry for the cop rant. I could go on and on…hmmm…. I feel another blog coming on just own my views alone. Anyways,  I couldn’t help myself.

Back to being pulled over, I knew I needed something, but I didn’t need this ticket! The run of the mill excuse, dog ate my homework, wasn’t going to fly, he was walking up to the car, and I am racking my brain for something good… I decide to tell him I had the Swing Flu…right? Blame it on the Swine Flu, why not… as the cop was walking up to the car I started to  rub my eyes with my fist and twisted them and tried to make them red and watery. When he came to my window he asked for my license. So I started fumbling for my wallet coughing on my hands, being as nasty as possible, doing everything in short of licking my license,  he takes a quick look, gives me my license and tells me to slow down. What luck was that…fate was no my side, or he just didn’t want to get what I “supposedly” had… so of course I didn’t hesitate I went right to the DMV.

As I walk in the door to the DMV, this the guy blurts out “Can I help you?” I felt like saying, “Yah, shut up and sell me some plates…double cheese burgers are on sale across the street for .99- cents and hurry!” But I wussed -out, and said “I need to get plates for  my car.” You know what this guy said? “What kind?” And I said, “The plates you normally get for the front and back, you know…the ones that go on all the cars?” Unreal, sometimes you just go to shake your head in bewilderment. Here I go getting off track again, but it’s a joke, funny how life works sometimes, however, I did get my car registered and life is back to what I call normalcy in my world. Though, I can’t help imagining how fascinating it would be just to kick back and watch my life events…just can’t help chuckling right now…oh well! In closing, when smogging your car there will be redundant fees and with the Colorado DMV, as it turns out, does not give estimates for your registration cost over the phone. They don’t post anything that will even give you any type of assistance in the way cost or ball park figures, nothing, not even throwing you a bone; absolutely no hints in the costs of what could be coming. Obviously registration cost are not going to be in the millions or even in the thousands.  But, it would be nice to know where you somewhat stand before walking into to the Colorado DMV and it sticker shock. Who knows… it is just me? How could you know what to expect with things just so open-ended.