How to make a million dollars on the web?

The formula for making money on the internet is simple – Advertising + Traffic = Money Earned

Ads and Traffic. Yes that’s right, just add traffic to your properly monetized website and you can make all the money you’d ever want while you do something else.

If you’re asking yourself how to make more money with your website you might be asking the wrong question.  The right question is how much traffic do I need? How much web-traffic do you need to make a million? Well, I can answer that question.

Get yourself a piece of paper and I will show you how to make a million with your website.

First thing I want you to write down is – The total amount of money your website has made up to this point (a round number).

*even if it’s only made a dollar, that is fine.
*If the website has made nothing, I will address this issue.

Next I want you to write – The total amount of transactions. (This means – Pay-Per-Click, Affiliate sales, Paypal, everything.)
*Example: Let say the website has made, $3.50 from Adsense (5) clicks and you sold a PayDay Loan for $6.50, for a total about of $10.00 dollars. (keeping the numbers round so this is easy for you to follow.)

So we have 6 total transactions 5 from Adsense and 1 from the affiliate sale from the payday loan that have taken place, for a total of $10.00 this would be a avg. of about $1.60 per transaction made on your website.

Now that you know your total earned – I want you add the number of hits that your websites has received.
*In this case we are going to just say 1000, again to make this as simple to follow as possible.

This is how it is calculated:
If the website has had 1000 hits, you have converted a sale 0.06% of the time  from your traffic, at a average rate of $1.60 per sale.
*standard conversion rates for online sales are 1-5.5% (these numbers fluctuate, based on how targeted your traffic is.)

So if you are wondering where the million comes in, based on this sample data I provided and if this conversion rate is maintained.
You will need approximately ten thousand visitors to make 100 bucks
100,000 visits to make $1000.00
1,000,000 visits to make $10,000.00

Web traffic times sales times conversion factor equals earnings.

If your website hasn’t earned anything, you haven’t properly monetized it.  Look over my blog at examples of monetization.  Google ads, affiliate ads, sponsors, partners.  Pick what fits with your blog’s niche, ad them and you should start earning.  Then you can apply the formula to determine how much traffic you need to make the money you want to earn.

You get the idea…  Now go get yourself some traffic.

Crazy last minute Christmas shopping.

merry-christmas-blue-styleYou have never “last minute” Christmas shopped till you have had to find a last minute gift at the gas station. When I find myself in this spot, I go straight for the lotto scratch tickets. It’s a gift that say’s “good luck” and I want a kickback if you cash in big. I just  look at it this way. About 60% of the time they will win nothing and it will be shrugged-off as, “it was the though that count.” this will leave them thinking, lotto-tickets?? Is that the best he could do? Gezzz, what a loser…. 30% of the time they will win ten or twenty bucks and they will take the money and buy a nice sweater. 10% of the time they will win $100-$500 and give you a big hug and you will be the coolest guy at Christmas for that year, and they might even chip off a few bucks and get you something nice from Wal-mart. And about 1% of the time they will win between 500k and one million dollars, and you will go home and shoot yourself for buying such a stupid gift.

Merry Christmas from

The dating website

Dating websites, love them or hate them – they’re undeniable.

Whatever you think about them, some dating websites have made a tremendous amount of money.  Think about all of the people that pay a monthly fee to find a mate.  It’s a billion dollar industry so, of course, it was something I kept in the back of my mind.

I too have joined the ranks of webmasters that tried to make a dating website. If you are not sure what I am talking about let me explain, being a webmaster, over time you will be approached with many ideas for websites, partnership offers, “best ideas on the planet”(so they claim) are proposed to you all of the time – multi level marketing, porn, and the like.  It’s like being a dentist and when you tell someone they go, “hey, can you look at my teeth?” When I tell people that I own websites the number one reply I get is “do you own any porn websites?” Everybody thinks that they can make money with porn even though the majority of porn ventures fail.  So you quickly learn to tell when ideas are a waste of your time. Read more

An idea that snuck up on me.

lvauctioninfoAbout 2 years ago my buddy Jeff and I would kick back and have some deep idea sessions.  At the time he was making serious money buying defaulted storage auction goods and reselling them on eBay and craigslist.  I had shared the idea with him and he really ran with it.  One day Jeff  called while he was waiting for an auction.  He said, you know there are all these people sitting around and they would probably pay a subscription to have a website with all the storage auction information in one place.   Having myself been a storage auction buyer and successful at it, the thought had crossed my mind in the past, but it was one of those ideas you just don’t know what you want to do with it.  My biggest issue with the project was that I wasn’t sure if the market would support a website.  All of the information was already available from public sources.   I didn’t know if people were actually lazy enough to pay a subscription for public information.  So its like 3 a.m. and I get this wild hair, and WHAM! was born. Read more

Getting more from domain parking.

Domain parking is a potential source of residual and passive income.  This is an article describing how to earn more from your domain parking.

If you don’t already know, there is some money to be made in domain parking. Even more interesting than traditional domain parking – there are new changes in domain parking.  Sneaky hosting providers are monetizing your domain purchase for their own benefit.

If you are not sure what domain parking is exactly, it’s a simple idea.  You buy a new domain and while it’s pending development or you just bought it for your portfolio, you can park the domain and earn micro payments from the ads displayed on the page while the domain is waiting its next use. Parking services are, for the most-part free, and revenues are split between you and the provider.  If you have several domains parked, you can be earning all of the time while you plan the development or attempt to sell the domain.  I call it domain farming and has been a staple in my website development empire.

A Scott fun story- When I got started domain farming, what I would do is find a domain with good keyword qualities, buy the domain, park the domain and eleven months later I would sell the domain on eBay for what I paid for it 7-8 bucks and sometimes even make profit.  What I earned from the parking, before I sold it was just gravy.  Finding domains with good keyword qualities requires you to get in the mind of people searching.  What keywords will someone want to combine to form their domain.  If you can do this, you can make money with a very small investment.

Since I’m a caring guy, I will tell you how to make the most of your domain’s potential,  without someone else making money off your purchase.  This has worked and should continue to work but there is always a better way.

Here’s how to make even more.

First, find a good domain to register.   Do your research. It is widely known that hosting companies like Host Gator will monetize your domain while your domain resolves or when it displays a 404 errors.  For those of you that don’t understand what that means, it would be like me going to Wal-Mart, when they have a power outage and putting your sign over theirs, trying to profit from customers coming to Wal-mart.  It’s sneaky, but hosting companies do it.  Banks also do it with your deposits under the guise of a ten day hold.  They earn interest on your money while they claim it is resolving.  It is something that would most certainly result in a lawsuit, if you did it. But big companies seem to be able to get away with it.  This is just the way it is.   I find this to be an unsavory business practice.  This unfortunately has become the norm online – companies operating with virtual impunity.  So it pays to do your homework, besides once you give them your money for a domain, it’s gone.  Remember that people are constantly searching for domain names and if you own one that they want, you have the potential to sell – as long as you’re not just cybersquatting.  (Cybersquatting is basically purchasing domains that use a company’s trademarked name and waiting for them to realize that you own the domain to their name – it will result in legal action.)

Next you need to find a place to park your domain. The good news is there are many really good domain parking services.

Scott’s top domain parking resources:

So what else can you do with that domain to make money?
Are you looking to get all the benefits of parking the domain without splitting your profit with someone else?  Of course you are or you wouldn’t be reading.  The domain parking services do bring something to the table. Domain parking providers, provide hosting for your domain.  If you are parking 1-2 domains it is best for you use parking services.  If you are hosting 10 domains or more you might want to look at getting your own hosting or using a service like WhyPark that provide you with some content, for more of a traditional looking landing page.

The last piece of the puzzle
All you are lacking now is some content for the website.  There are many ways to do this. You can sit down yourself and write articles for your site or have one written for you by a professional.   For about 10 dollars you can have a custom 200-500  keyword rich article crafted for you.  If you’re not interested in writing custom website content, consider it a wise investment.

The total cost for making you own quality domain landing pages is about 25 dollars per domain.
This includes: hosting cost – domain – and an article.

Here is something that you can use to monetize your new parked domain, courtesy of Scott Asher.

Free simple adsence/affiliates template: Download Now
*Example: live website using the free template

If you need help with your domain ICANN is the place to resolve it.

I am available to consult on website development from parking to multi-user applications.  If you’re looking to monetize your site, I have all the tricks in the bag.  You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  I can take your parked domain, install a WordPress application that will start making you money immediately which in turn, makes your domain much more valuable on the open market.  Contact me today for suggestions on improving your website development campaign.

Learning to window tint cars

Here’s an idea you could consider to make some cash in short order…

Many people consider expensive trade schools as an option that really won’t offer a return that you hope for, but you may want to consider windows tinting instead.

This is something you can learn in a rather short period of time with scant competition.  After your short, initial learning curve you could advance right to the top on your very first day of work!

It’s window tinting.  Yes, I know you probably weren’t thinking that.  I wouldn’t have thought it either until I did some investigation.  Well… I paid some pot smoker $250.00 to tint my SUV in 90 mins. As it turns out, window tinting is a fantastic way to make great money, and a business you can do with very little start up capital. The average salary of a window tinter is 40k a year, working mostly from May to late September.  Sound too good to be true?  It’s not, window tint is the number one after-market product purchased by a car owners. The window tinting market has become more competitive lately as people are discovering what a great way it is to actually make cash right away.  Even with some competition in local markets, it is still very easy to make $150.00 bucks for about 2-3 hours of work.

Window tinting is a few simple techniques applied to 100’s of types of windows in all kinds of cars.  You can learn on one type of window very quickly – it might take you 2-3 years to really become an expert on all of the hundreds of types of cars in use today.  Not that I’m trying to discourage you from trying, it’s just that it might take you a few years to be so good that you can do any car in a couple hours. I liked it, BUT! I happen to be over six foot tall and this made it difficult to crawl in and out of the backseat of smaller cars with tint in my hand.

To get the tricks of the trade in window tinting, you will need to find a trainer.  The cost for training will vary.  Think about it.  A master window tinter is willing to train you to be his competition!  There’s going to be some cost associated with learning the skills, tips and tricks to master window tinting that make serious money working a small portion of the year. Basically I just went in a donated my time at a window tinting shop and worked for free. It was about three weeks when they decide to pay me 30% of the tint jobs and before I knew it I was fully employed.

How to get training to become a window-tinter:

  • Videos – I started with getting a video off eBay, it was very informational. The Tinting gave me a further understanding of what it actually took to window tint a car, but it didn’t have that all important “hands-on” elements you would need to actually to become a successful window tinter.
  • Online resource – Like tint dude, this is a forum with good help for window-tinting help and jobs.
  • Classes – Some window film manufactures have classes for about a week, some a month, cost for them range $500.00 – $2000.00.
  • Hands on – I recommend just walking in and asking tint shops in your area, I agreed to work for free so I could learn. Then what happened is in a few days I was cutting, then they started paying me 8 bucks an hour.  About month later I could tint  most any car or truck so I made a percentage.
  • States that offer the best chance of free training. Florida, Texas, California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico.
  • Something to think about before running off and learning to tint windows – you must be able to crawl in and out of the back seat or cars easily. I am 6″4 that makes it very difficult.  If you need to lose a little belly fat, check here.

Here are some business opportunities for window-tinters:

  • Mobile – (Setting up in car washes, or flea-markets.)
  • Shop – (Rent a bay in the summer.)
  • Residential tinting – (Houses and businesses – Good money!)
  • Tinting cars in your garage – (I was making 600 a week just tinting cars in my home garage. )
  • Swap-meets/flea-market
  • Mall Parking Lots
  • Gas Stations

*Over head is very low when starting a window tinting shop, most of the time you can get up and running for under $2500.00

I think this is a fantastic idea for someone looking to start a new career and they are unsure what they can do.  If you’re at all handy, you can easily learn this skill and market yourself into a great income.  Sure it’s work, but it beats flipping burgers at McDonalds.

The $15,000.00 table – Another Great Money Making Idea Courtesy of Scott Asher

tableOne thing that I love more than anything in this world is making money out of almost nothing! I hope you enjoy today’s post!

A carpenter at heart – I occasionally get inspired to do some woodworking and run with it.  I was out with my wife, checking out some garage sales and we found an old table.  The table was in poor condition and as I like to do, I talked the owner down to ten bucks.  Ten bucks for a table!  This is one reason I love garage sales.  As also happens with garage sales purchases, it sat around in my garage and for some time I couldn’t figure out what I was going to do with it. Finally my wife presents me with an ultimatum.  Do something with the table or we’re going to sell it at our own garage sale.  I love going to garage sales, not having garage sales.  “Let me think on it, please honey, let’s not have a garage sale,”  I said.  I was on a surfing trip with some bros in Mexico when inspiration hit.  We had taken a break from the waves (I know that’s hard to imagine but even surfing needs a break occasionally) and were walking through a flea market in Rosarito.  I saw this old weather beaten, antique Mexican door and they wanted I think 40 pesos for it which was about the equivalent of $4.  Four bucks for a door?!  Sure, I’ll take that any time I can find it.  I know it’s starting to sound like I have a weakness for bargain shopping but this is not the case.  I saw in my mind’s eye, the door and the table in my garage that I needed to handle or suffer some consequences in my marriage.  So I put this old door in my truck and brought it over the border. I love buying stuff like this because bringing the door over the border, nobody looked or even cared about it. How can you argue that the door had any value and no one cares. It’s an old door, what are you going to say?

IM003258So I get this door and drag it home, I am already aware of the value in old doors.  When I was little younger I would go to Mexico and buy few sets of old doors and take them to Newport Beach and other areas along the coast and peddle them to the rich people for 8-10 grand on the spot, this included installation.  One day, maybe two days of work an voila, cash money! But I get this door home, the idea hits me over the head to use the garage sale table, add the door to the center of it and put a sheet of glass on the top.  I secured the door with a L bracket kit from Lowe’s which cost me 3 bucks.  So now I’ve got about 17 bucks invested in the table.

Making the table from the door was easy.  The real skill here is looking for stuff that can undergo this kind of transformation. It must be real wood, and posses the traits to become something better and of course, I would have never purchased these items for any real money.  The trick is learning to see the potential and a finished project from apparently worthless items.

I took the table to the La Jolla arts and crafts show. A lady about 26 years old paid me with the cash she had on her. She asked me to hold her keys to her G-wagon, while she dug in her purse for the money.  Fifteen thousand bucks – almost all entirely profit!

Tools I used:
Belt sander – Skill Saw – Air-Nailer –

One dollar returned can of paint, from Home Depot.
Sand paper.
Sheet of glass. – 60 bucks.

Total investment: about 105 bucks.




I do rehabs all the time, for example I got this dresser for 6 bucks and sold it for 300.00 after refinishing it.

This is just one more example of making money from nothing. Subscribe now so you don’t miss more to follow. And be sure to check out the great money making ideas here.

The pizza gig.

I learned years ago that there were some strange ways people figured out how to make money.

Here’s one that I learned in a curious way.  I had just gotten a new car and my first car payment of about $148.00 bucks a month for a 1984 Honda Accord, my last car had “bitten the big one” so I went to a corner car lot that you see on the side of the road.  I was looking for my third car.   So I was in need of making some money and being a young kid I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay for this car I had just gotten with the full coverage insurance and registration.  I had my hands full. I put four hundred down and traded in my 1968 Dodge Dart and I was kind of nervous but feeling good, but the clock was ticking and I  needed some quick cash.

Fortunately for me I met this guy living in Brea, California at the time.  He had asked me to come to work for him about a month earlier but I wasn’t interested then. By this time I was a whipper snapper of a sales man, and I thought I had a decent grasp on whether I could make money.  I decided to listen to his pitch.  You can make some serious money delivering pizza he said.  How serious?  My guys can make up to 8 grand a month using my secret techniques.

Read more

The idea man

For many years, I have struggled to discover my true calling.  I have a variety of interesting skills, that helped me to figure it out.

For instance, I happen to be an excellent artist.  I draw mostly with pencil. But I draw mostly in my sketch books.

I have a real gift for sales.   I have learned many great communication skills, becoming a story teller of sorts.  I have found that making sales is really the skill of selling yourself.  The product you’re selling is almost irrelevant if they like you.

I love to write, but this is not really a strong skill that I have.  I  have the feeling of stored energy inside that needs released so I just start writing.  I go back and dot the i’s and cross the t’s later.  For me, it’s just about getting the idea out. Read more

Youth unemployment numbers over looked in all this!

Most don’t think about this, but I have a very eager 16 year old son wanting to go out and earn his own money and drive my car. If you are looking for a job these days, you already know that  there is not a whole lot out there, but if you are 15 to 20 years old kid you may have a real problem. As it turns out youth unemployment numbers are flooring! Gone are the days of getting a coming of the age job and learning to micro manage your money. I thought it would be easy for him to get a job at Taco Bell, besides who wants to work along side Bevis and Butt-head. After my son did some searching with no success. I started to do some research and found the unemployment rate for youth 15 to 20 years of age is upwards of 30%, it make sense, because why would you hire a kid, when you can get an adult for the same price. If you thought that number was in any way shocking, the next one is going to blow you away. In the same age group for black kids that number is 53% unemployment. Read more

The sharks are circling the Tiger

Wow, all of a sudden Tiger Woods has his hands full! No wonder he plays golf so good, he is a rock star! I would play golf like this also, if I was getting action like this!!!! Go Tiger Woods!!!! Tiger Woods Sex taps are coming soon!!!