Can Trucks Disclaim Liability for Broken Windshields?

One of the things about driving on the freeways in a town like Denver is the prevalence of all types of signs, stickers and stupidity.  The other day, I was behind a guy who was tailgating a gravel truck with a sign that said, “Stay Back 200 Ft. – Not responsible for damage to windshield.”  Not surprisingly, a rock flew off the back of the truck and right into his windshield.  He slammed on his brakes, swerved into the lane on the right, nearly smashing a Honda Civic which fortunately was being defensively driven to avoid a pile up.  Of course, the truck kept on going, probably unaware that any damage had occurred behind him and likely feeling comfortable that the truck disclaimed any liability.  I felt glad that I hadn’t been tailgating the guy in front of me or the truck and avoided a collision myself but I started thinking, can that truck really disclaim liability for an object falling off of his truck and breaking a windshield?

I asked a lawyer and here’s what he told me.  The owner of the truck and the driver of the truck are potentially liable for negligence.  They have a duty to avoid causing injury on the roadways including covering their loads to avoid causing injury to other motorists.   So the short answer is no, they can’t duck liability by posting a sign that warns motorists to stay back 200 or 300 feet or whatever.  But he went on to explain how they most likely get away with it repeatedly which is not too surprising.  He guessed that the guy who got hit by the rock didn’t get enough information from the truck to identify it ie, license plate number or other identifying information.  He also pointed out that I was a witness to the event but I didn’t stop or collect any identifying information either.  True, I could have helped that guy but I was in a hurry to get where I was going and wasn’t going to stop – nobody else on the road did either.   Most people on the road have an insurance deductible that is higher than the couple hundred bucks it costs to replace a windshield so they end up coming out of pocket.   But if it happens to you, try to get the license plate number of the truck and make a police report; it could actually work out in your favor.

How to get the most from your freelancer / Webmaster.

I feel most people looking to build a website are really up against it. On the other hand – It is difficult being a freelancer. I have made my living on the web for many years now…. and I made this post to help everyday laymen get the most from hiring a web developer or freelancer to do their website, or any work for that matter. I am sure I will rewrite this post and add to it for many more years.

First of all let me say that good web-developers are visionary’s and have put in years or work to develop their skills. Good webmasters are usually artist that are very talented and have a good eye. I think this post will helpful to webmasters also.

What to think about when hiring a Webmaster
1.) You are hiring an artist – Have some stuff written down, if you want your artist to see your vision of what you want, then take some time to explain what you want in a summery outlined with examples.

2.) You want your website to look nice? Then you are not looking for a highly technical web master, you are looking for an artist. An artist that will most likely be into Photoshop, there is a differences between a designer and a Web Master.

3.) Have a hard time getting what you want? When looking at a Webmasters work you can clearly see what you are going to get! Most Designers and Webmasters have tools and techniques that are “goto” tools for a designer, so what you see is what you get.

Tips for keeping the price low.
1.) Be flexible – More changes means more money. Think in terms of white and simple. Think of it this way, eBay is not the same website it once was. Look around at the top sites, all white.

2.) Get something you can update – Find something you can update and be proactive.
Millions have been spent in terms of trying to figure out what keeps the reader engaged and clicking. It at all amounts to simple and white. If you are looking to get the most from your website then WRITE!!

Tips for getting the best website
1.)Add fucking content. Sometimes it shocks people when I tell them they have to write something down. I can’t tell you have many people I work with everyday have nothing even written down about their website. Don’t even know their passwords, make notes, checkout other websites, the more details the better.

For the best results – Get your artwork from a Designer, then hire a programmer.

Why doesn’t my website/blog make any money?

There are three main reasons a site is not making money. In this article I will show novice bloggers how to get started with simple to follow steps for getting more traffic to your blog or website effectively.

Traffic – Many website owners don’t have a full understanding of statistics and how this relates to conversion to sales. With only a few hundred hits to your site – this is going to only trigger the minimal response. With a conversion rate of 2.5% it would be correct to make a sale, two maybe three times in a month, if your lucky.

How do you fix this?

  • Increase the layer of content on your site, filling information gaps, adding details about your products and maybe adding terms and conditions, or privacy policy pages to bring creditability to your site. Two or three lines of content is not going to cut it. The more the Google bot can see the better chance of you being seen in the search engine.

Targeting and Monetizing – Many site owners will just add any-old thing on there site and think its going to make money, not true.

How do you fix this?

  • This is most important! If you are going to have ads on your site, keep them as targeted as possible.
  • Add Pay Per Click Ads on your site.
  • Monetize with your own products or services.

Little “do it yourself” SEO – It is going to take a little more than a website to be seen on the web, these days. That is why you need to start by doing some small things to help your site be viewed on the web. There are many free things you can-do to get started!

How do you fix this?

  • Outline three keywords for your site and use them on your site.
  • Social bookmark pages on your site for quick indexing of your website.
  • Get free link-backs to your site with comment posting, link-swaps, directory listings.
  • Write articles about your site or about your site niche and post them around the web.

Sound simple? It is, but this is really the point, anyone can kickstart the traffic on their blog quickly by just doing a little work. These  are the same steps I used to turn my blog into a massive traffic machine! *see my results here >>>

FUN FACT: Any changes you make on your website or blog will take 1-3 months to really payoff.

Scott designs teardrop banners!

Scott designs some teardrop banners in illustrator for a Denver area Golf Company .

*To see full size image click on the thumbnail image.

How to Promote Your Website the Right Way

When we talk about presence building links, it should be something that you focus on. The best type of link building strategy you can employ is one that will focus on marketing and promotion and not just links. A lot of these activities can help to increase sales and brand your website in a positive light. You will have to do very little else if you perform these promotional activities efficiently.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the most popular methods of website promotion and this is where you create and distribute content to article directories. It is a very powerful link building tactic and one that you should definitely use. Most people know about article marketing but believe it or not, very few people know how to do is successfully. Let’s say for example, that you write an article and submit it to will then get a link from that directory to your website and if the search engines don’t ignore it, you will get some link juice too. Now the average article marketer will use a piece of software and spin the article they submitted into dozens of different variations and then submit it to other article directories and get some links. Again if the search engines don’t ignore these links they will get a little more link juice.

It’s really simple isn’t it?

How about an alternative that will allow you to get links for some other websites too? If you want to stay ahead of your competition then the topic and the quality of your writing needs to be considered. A well written topical article is more likely to be taken from an article directory and placed on someone else’s website which means another link for you. Makes sense doesn’t it? When writing articles for article directories you should avoid writing articles on how to buy your products or services as such articles are not going to get the attention you require. Instead you need to write real informational articles that people want to read. Doing this will give you more options when it comes to getting links too.

Using HubPages and Other Social Media Sites

Squidoo and Hubpages are great places to publish your content too and the search engines seem to love them. I would suggest however that you don’t put junk on these websites and that you read the rules and know how the sites actually work if you want to leverage the links that they can give you.

What Good PR Can Do

Public relations can do wonders for your website and links. If you can get your story published, get radio interviews, or even email interviews, you will be adding to your website promotion. Press releases are a great way to get the word out about your website and if done correctly; can get you a lot of attention and links.

The Power of Affiliates And Viral Marketing

Anytime you can give someone else the HTML code to use to link to your website and product, the better. You at least know that your core search terms are going to be used. This is sometimes the normal approach used in affiliate programs where the affiliate will take your code and place it on their websites. Your website and product get a great deal of promotion and you get more links. You can use this same process for viral marketing. If for example you create a tool or plugin that you are letting people use on their websites for free they will take the code you give them which will include a link to your websites, place it on their website, and hey presto you get another link. Free promotion is great.

Marketing and Advertising For Link Building

Anything that you do to market or advertise your website has the potential to also create links back to your website and of course marketing and advertising can help to increase your profits too. So market your business and watch the links build themselves.

Reciprocal Links & Link Exchanges

Not so long ago SEO was all about reciprocal linking and link exchanges and this was a primary link building strategy. Today however things have changed and search engines won’t give your links the recognition you were looking for because they can see that they are reciprocal. Search engines also look at the quality of the websites that you link to too so you should make sure that you check the websites you are linking to as well. If you have to link to a website that you don’t really like then just use the “rel=nofollow” attribute on your link.

Good Reciprocal Linking Is OK

If you link to some excellent sources then there really is no harm in checking to see if they will give you a link too. There is no penalty for exchanging links and if you gain plenty of traffic and new readers you won’t mind the fact that the search engines have ignored this link.

How to Create A Search Engine Friendly Design

There are some basic rules that you need to follow if you want to create web pages that are search engine friendly. You will need to keep these in mind when you are designing your website. If you are having a web designer do the work for you then you can pass these details on.

What about Frames?

Frames are a big no go area. Most spiders are not able to handle frames. If you do have to use them, which you shouldn’t, you will also have to create a NO FRAMES version of your website if you want spiders to crawl it.

Can I Use Flash, QuickTime, Plug-Ins etc?

Search engines are able to read and index flash websites so this is good. You shouldn’t however design your whole website in flash because it will be too hard to implement SEO techniques properly and if any issues arise, they will be very hard to resolve. A small amount of flash is fine as are small amounts of movies and other plugins. Remember flash, movies, audio, etc., are used for your human visitors and not the spiders anyway.

What about JavaScript?

If you use JavaScript on your website then you should know that it is invisible to some of the search engines as they can’t read it.

Are Image Maps Useful?

Image maps may seem like a great idea when designing your website but it is worth noting that not all the search engines follow them. Another downside to image maps is that you can’t include anchor text so I would advice using an alternative navigational design.

Do I Need To Validate My HTML?

Validating your HTML is a great way to check for errors in your code. There are a lot of times when you will get insignificant errors but on occasions you may find that you have forgotten to close tags or something else that will cause problems when spiders are indexing your website. The rule goes that you should always check you HTML and fix and errors you get.