Splogger Problem Solved – How to REALLY stop the splogger sign-up on the WordPress bb forum plugin

If the WordPress bb Forum is not the poorest developed thing out-there surrounding WordPress CMS, I am not sure what-is!! This bbpress  WordPress forum plugin fucking BLOWS, or in technical terms has very weak security for it’s signup form! None of the splogger plugins like WangGuard works to really stop the splogger sign-ups at-all. The good news  is I have a fix that works 100% and stops them all! It stops Splogger in their tracks!

First thing I want to point out is – NONE of the WordPress plugins TRYING TO STOP SPLOGGER SIGN-UPS work, because from what I could tell the splogger sign-ups where being emailed in, the programming and the security is so weak on the sign-page on the WordPress bb forum, the sign-ups can just by-pass the signup and be emailed in or skipped in somehow. If I sound a little tense rightnow, it’s because these splogger sign-ups was such a nightmare to deal with in the first-place, I knew other people had to be dealing with the vary same issue.

The first thing I had todo to stop splogger sign-ups I had to actually delete the sign-up files for the WordPress bb forum plugin, as-it-turns-out this was the only way to actually make the splogger sign-ups to STOP happening. This attack was very abusive!! Because up-to that point, we had been unsuccessful at stopping the sign-ups with any type of real success. That is how abusive this Splogger sign up attack was! So I had to engineer a way to stop them, but still allow “the real” people to signup. So what I did is just by-pass the WordPress bb sign-up page, and redirect them to the onboard WordPress sign-up page that regular WordPress users, and using the WordPress sign up plugin pie sign-up form, thinking that this signup has more security to block these splogger sign-ups , with the assistance of plugins like “Stop Spammers” and “Akismet” that have stronger grip on the onboard WordPress signup.

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UPDATE TO THIS STORY – I have had very good success with this!



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