The benifits of selling your website on Flippa vs. eBay.

Recently – Selling websites on the web has become very problematic. “Just-how-much” is a website worth these days? I personally build websites and then turn-around and sell them to people that want to be in business on the web. This is a very tricky market, to sell your website you need to reach real buyers. I have sold websites on eBay, but I have only listed websites for sale on Flippa, never actually sold any. I will share my experience and what I think are the pros-and-cons of selling websites on eBay versus Flippa and give you some valuable tips for saving money and getting even more money for your website!

I was reading is article I found – I think it was the USA Today, it said any website or domain name in 5 years could be worth 500x times what it’s worth right now.

The number one problem you face when looking to get a good price for your website, is the mound of horse-shit scam websites that promise large returns for no investment. This is what buyers that are looking to buy websites have to wade though when looking to buy. Stupid and ridiculous domains priced for 1 million, affiliate websites scams, all kind of scams.

The other problem – It is difficult to sell a website to just anyone, most people are a little intimated or simply have no idea what they are even looking at. I don’t think either eBay or Flippa really offer the “optimal selling experience” for selling websites. Ideally  you want to list your website where you will attract the most potential buyers. Buyer beware!

Flippa – They boast making something like 10 million in sales, to be honest I found this very hard to believe. I didn’t feel like that many of the listings on Flippa ended in a actual sale of the website. All I seen was a bunch of junk websites and maybe 2-10 real offerings. The websites I listed on Flippa, I feel really didn’t attract much attention. …and it was over priced, but again when I listed my sites for sale it was about 12 months ago. 😉 Last I heard it was even higher now, with some “success fee” bullshit. read more about dat chit

eBay – has the traffic and the following, brought you lots and lots of potential buyers, also you can list the website for sale in the niche category you are looking to target. Example: Remote Control Cars. I think eBay brings a stronger buyer base to the table than Flippa does, and at a reasonable cost.

*** SCOTTY – FUN FACT***: You can also buy traffic for your listing, or what you could do instead – Make a single sales page with blogger, or even a page on the website that your selling, then set up AdWords account and bid on keywords against Flippa, targeting keywords like; buy websites, website investments, website business, web business. This will allow you to go-directly to the horses mouth for real website buyers not just a bunch of lookie-losers.

*This is also a good way of selling your website, with less chance of your site being copied by a fake-buyer.

I had my best results selling website – When I self-marketed the website, I was WAYYYY more effective. Or you can look at it this way… The few hundred bucks that you would pay for the “success fee” for selling your website on Flippa, can be used to get more targeted clicks from AdWords, and you might even save a few bucks!

RECOMMEND: Craigslist, AdWords.

*This is how I selling my websites now:

These days I really don’t spend time selling websites, I spend more of my time blogging about stupid shit like this. But I found posting websites for sale on blogs or free classifieds like Craigslist and self marketing, was by-far the best way to sell your websites.

Selling websites FAQ:

Most people buying website don’t have any idea what they are buying.

What you need to guard against is being robed for your intellectual property.

You are not covered under Paypal terms in a transactions a tangible product in not present. Example: files, websites, domains

Fun Facts:

I have sold about 50 websites on eBay and about 100 total.

Other places you can sell your website:


Craigslist Denver area rentals

I had to make a post about the amount of scams and spam in the rental section of Craigslist in Denver. …it is just killing me, it is almost crazy!

I have been looking for a home to rent for almost 4 months, and over this time I have reached maybe 4 real people with a legitimate rental to offer. I have been contacted buy rent to own scams, brokers, credit report scams, send the money overseas scammers, it is just nuts!

I am a webmaster myself, and I have to be honest, it is shameful to see how thick the level of spam on this site is. It would be difficult to estimate the amount of scam ads or spam on the Craigslist Denver rental thread alone, but if I had to guess, I would say 90% plus.

What I find even more interesting, it is fucking hilarious that Craigslist has implemented all these “new” anti-spam measures on their site to only block real users. Just a fun fact to all this – I have recently tried to post on craigslist and had to verify my phone number to complete the post, and I was unable to do. As it turns-out, my phone number is being used by someone else, and from what I can tell, there is almost nothing I can do about it.

This has to be a real battle for craigslist, it will be interesting to see what happens.

If you are dealing with the same issue please leave your comment, I would love to hear your pain also.

Marketing-SEO tips for car dealers.

Car Dealers, are you looking to bring more customers to your front door?

With the average of cars on the road being ten years old or older, dealers might want to quit wasting your marketing budget posting ads on Craigslist and think about a flank attack on the searching public.

People looking to save money on car repair are looking to Google for help with their automotive problems. People are talking about their car’s shakes and shimmy in user forums everywhere! Are you looking to make more money? With fully monetized help pages and reviews. It can bring in the foot traffic, but they never have to wipe their feet.

Looking to take your business or dealership to another level? I am available for SEO consulting and web development projects. This one was free, the next one is going to cost ya. ;p Contact me now

This is the problem with Craigslist.

Have I got a blog post for you! This is what happen to me today. I have been looking for a new place to rent, so I was looking on Craigslist like most people do these days. Let me tell you JUST ABOUT the most annoying thing on earth. On Craigslist there seems to be a trend.  People or businesses are using  Craigslist to place fake posting. They are then taking your email address and contacting you for some other commercial purpose.

See they fucked up, because they got “me” instead. In the internet world harvesting email addresses in this manner is viewed as unethical marketing practices and is referred as Back-hat, pretty much the bottom of the barrel when it comes down to it. After this documentation, I am on both knees praying to God they attempt to contact me again with their spam email.

Why would someone what to do this? To avoid paying for leads, as-it-turns-out, RENT TO OWN, RTO, and keywords like this, with housing foreclosures these leads are selling at an all time high!

*Also a fun fact – this market is very untapped, but very difficult to make good solid leads in. Because most of the people they are looking for are more or less suckers. Being a Webmaster, if I was to take 15 mins out and make a landing page with a simple email capture. With the opportunities available in this market I would be Larry Flint raking in the money in almost no time. Easily misleading people into thinking they where going to be offered a “real opportunity”, BUT… I would be much more convincing than some amateur spam email.

The really sad part about all this is there are many genuine hard working people looking for legitimate opportunities to own homes and this is what they are left with.

The spam email I received after responding to this craigslist posting:

From: Lisa Townsend – [email protected]

To: [email protected]

Date: Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 9:42 AM

Subject: RE: $1015 / 3br – Welcome Home! (Golden)

Hi Kimberly,

Thanks for replying to my ad on Craigslist.

Before I get to the details about this property, let me quickly introduce myself and share with you what our company does…

I’m Lisa Townsend and I work for a company called “Rent To Own Helpers” where we help people move into their ideal home by buying it for them…

This way our clients get the exact home they want versus settling for just “what’s available” to rent.

To learn more about our program and get all of the details, go to our website:

Here’s how our program works…

We will show you ANY of the homes for sale on the entire market… we let you choose the home you want… and then PURCHASE it for you.

We then, do a rent-to-own with you until you can ultimately OWN it for yourself… and you’ll need ZERO or little money down to do this.

We’ve worked with hundreds of families, in just the last few years, helping them become homeowners through our program.

We don’t charge any costs or fees to you for this service… in fact, we will NEVER ask you to pay us any money, ever, for ANYTHING.

When you choose the home you want, we get paid by the seller for buying his home… this makes the deal “win-win” because we only get paid when you get what you want.

We’ve made our process very EASY…

The first thing you want to do is go to our website and let us know EXACTLY the type of home you’re looking for.

We can help you move into your ideal home no matter what you’re looking for…

How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want?

What area or school district do you want to be in?

What monthly payment amount will you be comfortable with?

Do you need a basement or a fenced yard?

Do you prefer a ranch-style home or 2 stories?

On our website, you can choose “all of the details” that are important to you in your next home… and we are COMMITTED to helping you find it.

To get started and let us know what kind of home you’re looking for, just go to our website here:

I look forward to working with you…

Your Friend,

Lisa Townsend
Customer Service Representative
Rent To Own Helpers,LLC

P.S Remember, go here if you need help or have

Next time let me recommend a Craigslist posting like this:

Investment firm has Rent to Own and lease option opportunities for people looking to achieve home ownership in a difficult lending market where bank are not lending, BUT we are making home ownership possible for many people. If you want to own a home, we want to talk to you!

  • Foreclosure OK!
  • Bad Credit OK!
  • Late Payment OK!

Your Friend… lol

Free Craigslist marketing ebook

At one time, my buddy Jeff and I set out to make a ebook on how to profit from Craigslist, to sell on the web. (To be honest I wrangled my “best buddy” Jeff into doing this project with me, because he is a god-damn uber-genius.)  We worked on the ebook for like three days passing it back-and-forth via email, if you sell on Craigslist, I think you will find it interesting. Then the website was live for a few months, but we never sold one copy. Not because the eBook was bad, but it was not the direction we wanted to take, so it fell off our radar.  The other night I came across the ebook and I wanted to share it with the people that visit my website! I think the ebook we wrote will help anyone looking to make more money on Craigslist. Please enjoy


by: Scott R. Asher and Jeff McCune

You are welcome to read and tell your friends.
*No obligation, no sign-up, no call backs, no rebate required, no credit card first,  no nude photos first, no trickery, no tickie no washie,  all free my friends!

How I Made A Million on Craigslist

Warning: This ebook is not to be redistributed for profit. Because if you do… we are going to piss-an-moan about it on our blog’s, till you are forced to jump off a bridge.

How to become a Craigslist email spammer.

Craigslist has become very popular with internet marketers these days, almost to the point of  being abusive.

How this works is, people that own websites are visiting all the postings on Craigslist. Then replying to Craigslist-emails provided in the posting, and using this as a method to drive traffic to their WordPress blog. The email that they send you basically say’s, “Dear sir, I was looking for a job and was so broke, then I found this WordPress blog now I have money galore.” I guess its like a cyber-game of pay it forward. I presume people see this email and say to themselves “It’s my lucky day!” and go to the website. I surf Craigslist from time to time and what kills me about this is…I place ads on Craigslist all the time and I get more spam or scam related reply’s than I do legitimate ones. If I where to think how I could improve on this semi-clever idea they came up with. I would try to reply to the Craigslist posting asking them “what’s the size” is or something random like that, making the reply seem more legitimate. And put the WordPress blog you want to get traffic to in the email signature. Then you might attract a higher curiosity of clicking type of traffic. I believe it is very easy to dismiss the other email as clearly spam.

Then I thought to myself, “I need to hire a Craigslist spammer.”

What is also interesting… Craigslist has filed lawsuits against Companies that have written software to make marketing on Craigslist easier. read the story here

Also a program has been written to flag other postings, see it here It is very hard to see how many deals still continue to happen. Craigslist has crippled the newspaper print classifieds in this country.