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How to Use the Internet to Advertise, Promote and Market Your Business or Website with Little or No Money


“…Anyone considering a web business will find this book valuable reading.” — Michael Warren, President; USA4SALE Networks, Inc.”…Anyone considering a web business will find this book valuable reading.” –Michael Warren, President; USA4SALE Networks, Inc.

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Here’s a few good reason for having friends…

Have a friend for a Drink. He might be thirsty.

Have a friend so you can date their sisters.

Have a friend who is rich, in case you need a few bucks.

Have a friend that is smarter than you, just in case you are ever on a game-show with a call a friend option.

Have friend who is a pot smoker just in case you want to get high.

Have a friend who is Lawyer in case you need to kill your wife. Johnnie Cochran is dead, keep this in mind also.  That Johnnie, he could get you off anything.

Have a friend who is single so you have a place to crash, when your wife kicks you out! It also helps if he smokes pot.

Have a friend because you never know when you might need a job.

Have a friend who is a Mechanic, because Mechanics are not friendly.

Make deals with friends, because who else would you deal with?

Rely on your friends, because who else would you rely-on?

My wife hates my friends. I have to admit, I don’t like her friends either.

Look at the Mormons, just go to Utah. You’ll see what I mean. Just tell them your Mormon, then they will leave you alone. It’s an easy way to get a shit load of friends, enough to start your own basketball team. 😉

Have a friend that is Jewish, so he can do your taxes. Those fuckers are great! I got his number in case you need it! The best friend I’ve got!

If you give a friend twenty bucks and you never see him again, it was worth it. <<<yea someone told me that, it’s was ripped off…

Be friends with everyone, because you never know who their friends are.

You show me a person with friends, I will show you a person rich in life and in spirit.

Just look at me, I’ve got over 4,000 friends on Facebook!  I never turn down a friend request.

My Craft

At one point I was doing these housing flips with investors in the Fort Collins, Cheyenne Wy area.

Using a Link wheel for traffic | Making money with "Google Adsense"

The most famous WP MU blog site would of course be WordPress .com, and from the list above, Blogsome is also running WordPress MU . But there are literally thousands of smaller ones. Just make sure they’re dofollow. Related posts: …

How to Easily Work Around A ChexSystem Problem

If you’re new victim of ChexSystems, let me tell you, it can be a real annoyance.  The clever misspelling of checks as chex, has nothing to do with the cereal of the same name.  ChexSystems operates like a credit bureau, collecting information provided by banks in a searchable database.  You don’t have to worry about your neighbors searching though; you just have to worry if you’ve gotten yourself into their database when it comes time to open a new bank account.  Let’s say, for instance, you accidentally wrote a couple of bad checks on an account (of course, it wasn’t on purpose and you probably paid late fees and made it good) and your bank closed your account.  There’s a very good chance upon the closure of your account that you were reported to ChexSystems.  You’ll know this is the case when you go to another bank to open an account.  While you’re sitting in front of the banker, they run your name and social security number through the database and if it comes up flagged in ChexSystems, the bank refuses to open a new account.  The bad news is just about every national bank subscribes to ChexSystems.  You might get lucky at a local credit union, particularly ones that offer “second chance accounts,” a popular trend in banking as many people in this economy are finding themselves flagged in ChexSystems.  The good news is I’ve discovered a fairly simple and fool-proof work around for victims of ChexSystems.  Of course, there is a dispute process and you have rights to contest your listing in ChexSystems and even get a free credit report after you’ve been declined an account because of a ChexSystems listing.  But you and I both know that these dispute processes are lengthy, in writing by certified mail, and almost never successfully ending in your favor.  Although we’d all like to believe that the underdog in this society can bring the David to Goliath, so to speak, but in reality, people almost always lose against a corporation.  So instead of beating them, let’s join them.  The best solution is often right in plain sight and in this case, it’s to form a corporation.

Luckily, the legal system we operate in has this idea known as a legal fiction.  Clearly established laws provide that an entity is treated the same as a person.  What?  A corporation, LLC, trust, or a partnership, basically any entity has the same standing in the law as a natural person.  Sounds bizarre, I know but this is how the law works.  When a corporation applies for a bank account, it uses its federal issued employer identification number (EIN) to open the account.  If it’s a new entity, it’s guaranteed NOT to be listed in ChexSystems.  For those of you at home, contemplating your ChexSystems problem, the solution is to create a corporation.  Also fortunate is the ease with which a Nevada corporation can be formed, online and for about $200.  With your new Nevada corporation or LLC, you can go to the bank and open a business account without worries of your ChexSystems problem because the account is not being opened with your social security number but the EIN.  To complete the financial rescue, notify anyone that pays you that you’re doing business as a corporation and to make the payments out to the corporation.  Additionally, you can take advantage of tax breaks by smartly filing an IRS Sub Chapter (S) election which allows the income to pass through to you, avoiding the double taxation of corporations.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this ChexSystems work around and if you need any assistance with forming your Nevada corporation, be sure to contact me.

If you’re stuck in ChexSystems, and need help, check out – they offer free advice.

Dear Guru Scott

Ok he didn’t email Guru Scott, I made that shit up. He just emailed me and asked my thoughts on this matter. What Greg wants is to receive donations for his golf products that seem like a very easy sell. At least in my mind, but like most people on the web, Greg is very unclear on how to go about doing this. Well Greg you came to the right place! Because when you get done reading this you will be healed of your issue<<<< I am going to hell for this, I am in a very funny mood right now.

Here is the email,


I took a look at your site and portfolio. True, you are great at what you do, but I only want to pay on performance, meaning I am willing to pay you a commission on every $30 donation that is made to the golf promo. Basically the promo works like this. $30 donation gets the golfer 30 sleeves of golf balls, and a hybrid 3 wood driver, so $450 worth of golf stuff! No brainer for golfers. There are 40 million golfers in the US alone, so if I gave you $2.50 per donation, and you could only get 1% of golfers to bite, you would make $1,000,000! Heck, if you were only able to get 10% of 1%, it would be a $100,000 pay day! And this we can keep running until it is pulled of the table by the manufacturer. Think of the possibilities if we can run this for 1 year, and if more and more golfers see it and buy. Could make us millionaires pretty easily, wouldn’t you agree? So, do me a favor and rethink the $100 down. You say you take risks, so do I, and I am risking that you can actually make us money. But, if you are adamant on the $100 down, what is the total cost to do a campaign to make me a millionaire?
Let me know your thoughts.


My email reply:
You have a website for this? this is not that hard to do. I will explain for free if I can post it on my blog?

– Scott

Here is the email reply,


I do not have a web site for this yet. The manufacturer has a web site, but not one that allows a way to pay, yet. We would probably have to make a capture page and then an autoresponder, that drives them to the buying info page, and then a secure page driving the money to the manufacturers bank. We would code the deal to make sure that we got credit for it. Of course, I would have to get approval for all of this, but I am sure the manufacturer will go for it, as they want to brand themselves as quick as possible. I have absolutely no problem with you posting this on your blog as when I read your bio, I see you also like to play golf, and I assume you have similar people who read your blog.What do you think?

Thanks Greg for your email and allowing me to reply to this on my blog.  I just want to say first, wow this seems like a really easy sell! How are you not making money hand over fist? First off, where can I get mine?  I need 30 sleeves of balls, I will go through all those balls in about 3 weeks LOL!Reefer Poker Initial Deposit Bonus 150% - $1420

But the major issue here is that $2.50 is too low. For example – at Refer Poker I get 30% of all their action for every person I bring to refer poker, for life! Just for bringing people to refer poker, and I don’t really have to do anything but collect money. People smoking pot and playing for money, need I say more? It’s like shooting fish in a barrel, so to speak.


Ok, maybe the Refer Poker was a bad example, but it was the best I could do to show how simple it is to make money on the web. But even Motive interactive will give me anywhere from $2.50-$10.00 for everything from people filling out questionnaires, to take love test, taking payday-loans or just playing Deal or no Deal online.

But never-the-less the offer is great, you have half the battle out of the way! The way I would go about this, if I was going to do it is very simple!

I would set up a single page website, literally saying “Want some golf balls and a new driver for 30 bucks?” Explain the offer and add some creditability to it with what ever credentials you got.  Slap a paypal button of the link to where the money can change hands, bingo-bango, your done!

To make some money this is also simple, go out and add about 20 articles about the offer and get about 1000 or so back-links, the total cost with the single page website and the back links might cost you $300.00-$400.00 on the high side, I don’t know if your going to make a million, but I bet you sell a shit load of golf balls and drivers!

Thanks Greg for your email to Scott!

WordPress plugin for excluding gallery pictures for adding to post.

If you want to add a gallery to your WordPress post and exclude pictures from the gallery to post in other places in your blog post. I have made a plugin for WordPress that will allow you to just this.

The problem is this, if you have a post and would like post a gallery and a picture in the same post that you don’t want to show in the gallery, you have an issue.  This option currently not available in WordPress.

Example of the current WordPress gallery issue:

I don’t have the plugin working on my website. But if you want to insert a photo (outside the gallery) in the post it will also show in the gallery as you can see above. This is a problem.

Example Pic:

*As you can see above posted in the gallery is this image

Screenshot of the example of the fix in place:

Video: How to use the fix

Free Downloads:


**Version 1.3 addresses gallery changes in how images are handled in the latest version of WP (3.4.2).

*New version for the plugin addressing this error (“Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /*folders*/wp-content/plugins/gallery-hack/gallery-hack.php:1011) in /*folders*/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 868″
***Please note – we have installed this on many blogs, not many need this update.

Here is the plugin that address this error gallery-hack 1.1: download here
***Please note the plugin up-loader for WordPress admin area requires .zip format.
***Please make sure WordPress blog is currently running the most up to date WP version.

Gallery-Hack 1.2 (This plugin is WordPress 3.0 compatible)

Authors of gallery-excluder plugin for WordPress:

Scott Asher of

Hey,  to download Scott’s free premium WordPress theme, the same one posted on this blog! click here


All donations go to Raj and Scott, thank you for your support.

***For support please use comment box. Please provide email in your reply, and link to the issues us to the issues you are having.

Also we are now offering custom support for our plugin, for $15.99 we install the plugin, fix any errors and make sure it is running properly. Please make sure to provide us with FTP and Admin area access to your blog. All your stuff is 100% safe. We are the good guy’s 😉

For WordPress custom layouts, fixes or support please: contact us

New changes coming to gift cards!

It is no secret that retailers have loved the fact that gift cards created huge windfalls of unreported profit.  Here’s the deal, a retailer sells a gift card for $20.  Suzie sends it to her aunt in Sheboygan who goes to the store and buys $18.90 in product, forgets to redeem the balance, loses the card or it expires.  Believe it or not, retailers at some point realized that this phenomenon caused billions of dollars to accumulate in unused or unexpired gift cards.  In addition to this unethical practice, retailers have charged fees to use gift cards!  Unbelievable.

So when I heard the government of the U.S. was going to do something about it, I thought, this is just great!  The government has finally decided to step in to protect people from being fleeced by retailers. Instead of putting them in handcuffs and arresting these rat bastards for deceptive and fraudulent business practices, they are working on new laws to protect consumers from outrageous fees from gift cards. The new laws would limit the fees and expiration dates of retail gift cards. The main changes focus on retailers no longer being able to charge fees for owners who are using their used gift cards in the previous year and will eliminate expiration of the cards. Read more

Tmobile unlimited plans $49.99

I was watching some TV and on comes this T mobile commercial. I just have one question. If you have unlimited plans starting at $49.99, then what is the plan that would be more than unlimited? You know, I am just not a fan of these deceptive ads that are clearly bait and switch.

Just in case you are not clear on the dictorney  meaning of unlimited, here.

Definition: Not limited; having no bounds; boundless; as, an unlimited expanse of ocean.

Do they think consumers are stupid?  They must sit around in meetings and say things like, “our customers will believe anything we tell them.”  “The more outrageous, the better.”  “Let’s see how far we can go with this.”  Do you feel me?

Tricky Facebook tip for getting more traffic.

nsnameMost of you reading this already know about Facebook marketing and different affiliate marketing techniques. As a matter of fact, I think some of Facebook’s success can be directly related to affiliate marketing community. This doesn’t really help Facebook with all this money changing hands, Facebook is not getting one cent, and is struggling to monetize its service. This is on top of rumors circling about trying to charge members for Facebook. It will be interesting to see if Facebooks fate will be the same as craigslist, where a good portion of its development will be spent shielding other users from aggressive marketing. Read more