Products to promote in your niche market

Once we have determined what desperate markets we are going to focus on, verified the market size, the third and final step in choosing our niche market is in identifying the number of products (as well as the types of products and services) available for that niche.

We are going to incorporate a series of affiliate campaigns and promotions within both our article content, external marketing campaigns as well as our actual blog’s layout. This means that you want to choose a market that offers an extensive number of high quality products that are likely to convert. When it comes to choosing products, there’s no specific formula or surefire strategy to consistently choosing winners, however there are a few things worth considering with every product or service you evaluate:

1: Quality of the Product

2: Saturation | Distribution of the Product

3: Commissions offered for selling the product

While it should be obvious, you always want to focus on promoting only top quality products. After all, you are attaching your name, reputation and overall brand to every campaign you create, and if you direct your visitors and subscribers to a product that is of poor quality, chances are they are not going to trust your future recommendations.

ClickBank is organized by main categories as well as sub categories that will help you chisel down into a niche to pull out potential affiliate products to promote. Just spend some time creating a swipe file of potential products that you can inject into your website, and create your affiliate links so that you can refer to them once we begin monetizing your blog. You will notice that with Clickbank, each product listing features specific information regarding its current stats.

This is what they mean:

$/sale: The amount of money you earn for every sale.

Future $: Average rebill revenue.

Total $/sale: Average total $ per sale, including all the rebills.

%/sale: The percentage of the product sale price that the sale represents.

%/refd: Fraction of publisher’s total sales that are referred by affiliates.

grav: The measure of how many affiliates are promoting the product.

For each affiliate paid in the last 8 weeks Clickbank adds an amount between 0.1 and 1.0 to the total. The more recent the last referral, the higher the value added.

The Gravity indicator will tell you how well a product is selling. So a gravity score of 100 means a product is potentially selling better than one with a gravity score of 20.

When it comes to choosing affiliate products to promote on my blog, I always stick with payouts ranging from $20 or higher per sale. It’s also wise to focus on combining single-sale products with a handful of recurring products, where you will be able to build up a monthly portfolio of recurring payments from membership and continuity websites.

You can use ClickBank’s built in search functionality to weed through existing subscription based products and service plans to identify the different options available to you based on your chosen niche. If you are interested in further evaluating specific products found within the Clickbank marketplace, I recommend visiting or where you can use their collection of information and data to properly assess a products potential.

For every niche market that you are going to promote, you will need to follow a simple process including:

1. Register domain names that represent each niche market and incorporate relevant keywords into both the domain and your blog’s title and article content.

2. Set up a new blog for every niche market you are planning on targeting and incorporate an autoresponder into your blog using (free plugin) so that you can begin building a targeted list of subscribers (for follow up campaigns and promotions).

3. Focus on building a list of targeted prospects via your RSS feed for EACH niche market that you are promoting.

4. Fill each blog with relevant content that incorporates your primary keyword phrases (within the content itself as well as each posts title)

5. Promote the website using free traffic generation strategies including social marketing sites, article marketing, blog-related communities and through search engine optimization.

6. Consistently monetize your blog with alternative promotions, including Adsense, CPA offers, paid sponsors and advertisers as well as through your affiliate based promotions and broadcasts to your newsletter/subscriber base.

7. Rinse and repeat the process.

Why is everyone talking about Mesothelioma?

I hate bandwagons and have gotten really tired of the lawyers ads on tv for mesothelioma and frankly all the stupid websites out there jumping on this bandwagon.  So I decided to finally figure out just what the hell mesothelioma is and why everyone is going on and on about it.

So it turns out, Mesothelioma is a rare form of lung cancer and has been linked causally to exposure to asbestos.  I guess this explains why the lawyers ads seem to target construction workers and others who could have been exposed to asbestos.

What the hell is asbestos?  I mean, yeah, it’s like some kind of building material that was used as insulation but what’s so bad about it.  At one time in the United States, if you were building something, it was the number one product for fire retardant and insulation so it would be in walls, ceilings, around pipes, etc.  It hasn’t been used in a new building since around the time that doctors put together that kids that ate lead paint off the wall could become retarded.  So yeah, we get that it’s bad stuff – basically the scientists have worked out that inhaling asbestos fibers can cause asbestosis, a lung disease like severe pneumonia or mesothelioma, malignant lung cancer.

But the point of this article is why everyone is jumping on the mesothelioma bandwagon and I think it’s primarily because of one thing — class action lawsuits.  See, the class action lawsuit has changed the consumer landscape.  There’s so much money out there for the lawyers to grab – think one third of a billion dollars that they will pay every media outlet available to get the 1 in a million shot of someone who can actually link their lung cancer to asbestos.  And of course, with lawyers willing to pay big bucks for a lottery ticket, step in Google Adsense.  I read somewhere that lawyers are paying upwards of $10-$15 per click on mesothelioma ads.  Holy shit batman!!  So this explains why every dick and harry has made some stupid mesothelioma landing page–just hoping that someone will come along and make a click to a lawyer’s ad.  God, don’t you just love this country!

magicJack sucks!

Believe the hype about magicJack!

I have a really good story for ya! I was at CES (Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas) on a Press Pass a few years ago with a friend of mine Scott Smith. ….and I just-so-happen to stumble onto the majicJack booth.

I had been very curious about magicJack, but after reading reviews online about peoples experience with the product I wasn’t ready to buy just yet. I had lots of questions, but despite reading lots of bad things about MagicJack or now MagicTalk, I come away from talking to the owner and the other guy feeling better about the product. When I was able to chat with them I immediately addressed the slew of bad reviews posted online from customers that have used the product.  As a matter of fact, I was given a magicJack for FREE, and loved it. I got home and was SO thrilled with it, I was thinking to myself  “how the hell can this be bad?” I told ten or more of my friends, and they all got one too”. I was preaching the gospel! This is why I was shocked when this happened to me!

Today I renewed my magicJack account and from what I can tell the service now cost more! Don’t forget – up until now, MagicJack had been free for me to use. So, I believe now I want a FULL REFUND AND ALL THESE BULL SHIT CHARGES OFF MY ACCOUNT. Like I said – when I used the product I was going to renew, I loved it. So flash forward to today, now “I’m” a  paying customer. I was charged 6 times on my card. How the hell does this happen. Not only that, now they want $10.00 more dollars, for the same service that from what I can tell was $12.95 not to mention how they handle credit cards, I don’t think so. To be honest, MagicTalk service is  almost the same service you can get from Google Voice for free, and you get a REAL NUMBER. I am not paying for this crap, I will dispute these charges.

To be honest I am sick over this. Tell me what it takes to get what you pay for these days.

screenshot of my bank account, 6 charges from MagicJack, click to see clearly.

Fun Fact: MagicJack is a real phone company, not like other VOIP service/products on the market.

Another Fun Fact: This product is great for people that need to call people from other countries, you just buy the product and send it to anyone you need to call, then you can call them like they where standing in the US. However, I don’t know if this is still the case anymore. I was doing this for awhile for my outsourcing needs, I would send the freelancer I was working with a MagicJack and I could talk to him for free or nearly free anyway.

If you want more details about the company, from other pissed off customers, you can read it here

This is what happened after posting this:

Thank you MagicJack

This is the problem with Craigslist.

Have I got a blog post for you! This is what happen to me today. I have been looking for a new place to rent, so I was looking on Craigslist like most people do these days. Let me tell you JUST ABOUT the most annoying thing on earth. On Craigslist there seems to be a trend.  People or businesses are using  Craigslist to place fake posting. They are then taking your email address and contacting you for some other commercial purpose.

See they fucked up, because they got “me” instead. In the internet world harvesting email addresses in this manner is viewed as unethical marketing practices and is referred as Back-hat, pretty much the bottom of the barrel when it comes down to it. After this documentation, I am on both knees praying to God they attempt to contact me again with their spam email.

Why would someone what to do this? To avoid paying for leads, as-it-turns-out, RENT TO OWN, RTO, and keywords like this, with housing foreclosures these leads are selling at an all time high!

*Also a fun fact – this market is very untapped, but very difficult to make good solid leads in. Because most of the people they are looking for are more or less suckers. Being a Webmaster, if I was to take 15 mins out and make a landing page with a simple email capture. With the opportunities available in this market I would be Larry Flint raking in the money in almost no time. Easily misleading people into thinking they where going to be offered a “real opportunity”, BUT… I would be much more convincing than some amateur spam email.

The really sad part about all this is there are many genuine hard working people looking for legitimate opportunities to own homes and this is what they are left with.

The spam email I received after responding to this craigslist posting:

From: Lisa Townsend – [email protected]

To: [email protected]

Date: Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 9:42 AM

Subject: RE: $1015 / 3br – Welcome Home! (Golden)

Hi Kimberly,

Thanks for replying to my ad on Craigslist.

Before I get to the details about this property, let me quickly introduce myself and share with you what our company does…

I’m Lisa Townsend and I work for a company called “Rent To Own Helpers” where we help people move into their ideal home by buying it for them…

This way our clients get the exact home they want versus settling for just “what’s available” to rent.

To learn more about our program and get all of the details, go to our website:

Here’s how our program works…

We will show you ANY of the homes for sale on the entire market… we let you choose the home you want… and then PURCHASE it for you.

We then, do a rent-to-own with you until you can ultimately OWN it for yourself… and you’ll need ZERO or little money down to do this.

We’ve worked with hundreds of families, in just the last few years, helping them become homeowners through our program.

We don’t charge any costs or fees to you for this service… in fact, we will NEVER ask you to pay us any money, ever, for ANYTHING.

When you choose the home you want, we get paid by the seller for buying his home… this makes the deal “win-win” because we only get paid when you get what you want.

We’ve made our process very EASY…

The first thing you want to do is go to our website and let us know EXACTLY the type of home you’re looking for.

We can help you move into your ideal home no matter what you’re looking for…

How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want?

What area or school district do you want to be in?

What monthly payment amount will you be comfortable with?

Do you need a basement or a fenced yard?

Do you prefer a ranch-style home or 2 stories?

On our website, you can choose “all of the details” that are important to you in your next home… and we are COMMITTED to helping you find it.

To get started and let us know what kind of home you’re looking for, just go to our website here:

I look forward to working with you…

Your Friend,

Lisa Townsend
Customer Service Representative
Rent To Own Helpers,LLC

P.S Remember, go here if you need help or have

Next time let me recommend a Craigslist posting like this:

Investment firm has Rent to Own and lease option opportunities for people looking to achieve home ownership in a difficult lending market where bank are not lending, BUT we are making home ownership possible for many people. If you want to own a home, we want to talk to you!

  • Foreclosure OK!
  • Bad Credit OK!
  • Late Payment OK!

Your Friend… lol

Christopher’s Dodge World SUCKS!!! Read about my car buying experience with Christopher’s Dodge World in Golden, Colorado

My Christopher’s Dodge World Truck

Beings that blogging is my job, I guess I will blog about what happened to me today when I went out to buy my “new to me – SUV” Chevy Tahoe  at Christopher’s Dodge World 16655 W Colfax Ave. Golden, Colorado – just a smidgen outside of the Denver Metro area.

I give this review with the full understanding that this company is in business to make money, an they would not sell me a car at cost. Please enjoy my review

It certainly was capitalism at it’s finest, and today I was a customer buying a used a car. I had been looking for a new car to drive for some time. We had a 2005 Chevy Malibu 100% paid for. The Chevy Malibu was small and very economical car, it had about 127,000 miles when we traded it in on the Chevy Tahoe, but we where ready for a change. Since we were not able to buy another car for cash, It looked like we where going to have to buy from a dealer or get some financing from our bank and search out cars from private parties. I have some experience with car dealers, and it can be very difficult for anyone to get a decent deal let-alone “good deal.” And it is extra difficult for a stupid fucker like “me” to really know if I got a “good deal” on my SUV or not, but I will share my car buying experience with Christopher’s Dodge World and how I felt about it all said and done.

I think like most people that buy a car from a dealer, it comes to a point that you have make a choice. When you buy a car like a Chevy Malibu and drive it for 7 years, it really isn’t worth very much when your trying to trade it in. As it turns out, in this case it’s not worth much period. When you buy a new or used car you try your best to make a good investment, till a day like today.

Me, being a bigger guy (6’4) and the wife wanting a little more room for my family and I, it was time for a SUV. Most of you know – that SUV’s means more money, even with gas prices being so high, it almost seemed crazy to buy a SUV on a day like today!

Before this I had been trying to sell the Malibu and it looked like we where going to get maybe $2500.00-$3300.00 from a cash offer, if we where lucky. The bottom line was, the Malibu was a pile of shit.

SUV’s cost money. I knew if where going to get something nice it was going to cost more, a lot more than my Malibu, more or less a budget automobile, but we weren’t ready to pay $500.00-$700.00 a month to drive some Cadillac or Suburban and pay 25k plus. What we where looking for was a nice-older SUV with low miles, and pray to God something didn’t go wrong in the next few years.

We had been looking at a few different SUV’s, we were not that excited about the price. But today we found what we thought might be the deal for-us, and signed on the dotted line.

I think we are like most people, we want something nice, not totally clear on the fine points on auto sales contract negations. “We are not rich and life comes at you fast!” So it can be hard, you know what I mean? I am a entrepreneur, “owner of this website” and my wife is a executive at her company. We don’t make over 100k a year, so we can be crushed any given minute. We have had some credit issues, but these days who hasn’t.

We were buying a new car for a few reasons:

  • A car really offered us little flexibility.
  • People are driving very aggressive, making a small car less appealing.
  • It was time for something better.

Today I found myself in a strange spot, I wanted this truck. Day one of seeing one of these Chevy Tahoe SUV – I WANTED ONE! Most of us know, these type of SUV’s are almost 60k brand new.

This is the one we found:

The truck has 89,000 miles, decent miles for the year – I guess.

BUT – I really liked the truck! It drove ok – I mean it is an older SUV, and rides really nice. I went to the Christopher’s Dodge World dealership a seen the salesmen and everything looked good. I was fully aware, this was an older vehicle, and this year of truck this might be prone to breakdown, along the same lines as my car I was trading in. As a matter of fact this SUV was older than the car I traded in. In Today’s market, there are some good deals on car repairs, so I was less worried about this.

But this silly stuff is not the reason I decided to write about this.

It was the buying experience, that left me feeling unsettled. The sales man was a cool working guy, I mean, I guess most of what happened until the financing part of the buying experience I was fine with.

At one point it looked like the deal wasn’t going to happen for us, but deep inside I guess a little piece of me wasn’t ready for car payments. Then it came through! WOW, I was shocked! I had waited for about 3 hours sick as a fucking dog, and to be honest I was shocked we got the loan. We don’t have “good credit”, we have what I would call “experienced credit.”

The payment they said was going to be about $340.00 and I was ok with that.

But what was interesting was how this all unfolded. Because we went from not able to get funding for our deal, to now I was being sold products. But not really sold products, it was strange. What was more unsettling, he “the finance man” said that they “The Dealership” had taken profit from our deal to buy 2 points in interest form our loan, but this whole deal was all tied to these products, oil changes, and tire warranty “BUT” none of this would change our payment. But in fact, it would  lower our from 11.9% to 9.9% percentage rate to our loan. This was really a red flag to me, and I can be 100% sure the “Dealership” didn’t do this for “me”. Like I said, they are in business to make money.

None of these products I would ever buy, but we could not have the lower percentage rate without them, which sounds like consumer fraud, but I am not an expert. Keep in mind this is something like you can’t say “no” to? No! Please give me the higher percentage rate, something don’t sound right!

links to law firm: Dealers offering lower percentage rate in lieu rate for costly warranty products:

A fun fact: On our service contact, it says : These products where not offered to me in lieu of financing. In fact it was not in lieu of financing, it was to get a lower percentage rate.

*screenshot coming soon

I am not 100% sure the reason the payment didn’t go up, but my guess is because the missing percentage points is now replaced with the cost of these products, and these products pay a much better premium than the 2 points from the loan, but again I am not an expert. I feel like we offered these products, for the lower percentage rate, that we also feel like would had lowered our price and our payment.

*And we where asked not to cancel, or please don’t cancel rather. Who is not going to say “YES” to these perks! But remember, your interest rate will not be 9.9%!

Hmmmm, I mean, I need oil changes, but this is all crap.

I looked at the contract, while I was being fucked, figuratively speaking of-course …and thought to myself, “who could understand this shit?” I sat back in my chair and literary asked myself if I wanted to drive this SUV for $340.00 a month, for the next 48 months. How was I supposed to know what all this means, sign here, this means this-and-that we are just some saps that went to community collage, I would be willing to bet some real brain power when into these contracts. I would have never – in one million years had purchased any of these products, they are 100% worthless.

From my non expert opinion buying this SUV at Christopher’s Dodge World cost me and my wife an extra $4500.00-$6000.00 for our buying experience, not including interest, or car repairs it potentially needs for the minor issues, I figure the SUV has from driving it for the last 24 hours, is the truck in good shape? Its a nice truck, for the most part.

In my non expert opinion, the best I can tell Christopher’s Dodge World in Golden, CO basically absorbed my trade and my down payment. Used some tactical accounting methods to get the maximum amount it in products, another common unethical practice typical of car dealerships these days. Like I said, they are in business to make money.  So, enjoy my money!

Is it a nice SUV? It looks very nice. Was it a good deal? PLEASE GOD I Hope so!

Christopher’s Dodge World boast a 4 star dealership, My wife and I give it one star.

Update to this story:

After talking to our sales man and the finance guy, we where thrown out of his office. And we where told to never come back, we are happy to do this.

Don’t worry we will never go back to Christopher’s Dodge World . The only problem is I would not be able to use my worthless products. More is coming….

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Creating content for your blog

Without content, you have no way to attract traffic, no way to get users to return to your website, and no possible way to build brand awareness and develop credibility as an authority in your chosen niche. Content is king and when it comes to building a profitable blog, content is the most important element of your entire campaign. When it comes to building content that will entice visitors to return to your site and essentially become “sticky”, you want a solid balance between offering high quality, relevant content and material that incorporates your primary keywords phrases.

You are writing for PEOPLE first and search engines second, so keep that in mind when outsourcing or writing your blog’s material. To begin, in order to create content that will help optimize your website’s ranking within the search engines, you need to conduct keyword research. We will cover a quick start process to developing keyword swipe files in the next chapter, for now; let’s take a quick look at why keywords are so important in the development of your blog.

Let’s say you have a blog about golf, and you found the keyword phrase “golf ball comparisons” You might want to create a blog post-titled “Golf Ball Comparisons – The Top 10 Golf Balls Reviewed”. Then you would simply write an article based on that topic encompassing relevant keywords. For example, you might find the following phrases: Golf ball comparisons, Golf balls compared, Golf ball reviews. These are all similar phrases, and you can choose to do one of two things. You can either choose to create a different article for each phrase, or you can create a single article and include all of the phrases in the text of the article and the tags for the post. I would write a separate article for each phrase, but I would space them out a few days apart so that they don’t appear to be repetitive. This allows you to target both keyword phrases while keeping your blog updated with fresh content.

When creating my blogs, I focus on adding in 10-15 posts to start, adding in 2-3 posts / articles per week on a regular basis. These articles and posts are usually based on the keyword phrases that have the best balance between traffic and competition. Once I have at least 10 posts published, I will add in some posts that will be posted automatically at regular intervals. If I have a very large list of keywords, I will add about 52 posts and set them to update weekly for one year. If I found fewer keywords, I will update monthly, and I only need to create 12 posts. Ideally you want to update at least once per month. Weekly is better, the more often you update the more traffic you are likely to get. The search engines also prefer sites with fresh content. They tend to rank pages on sites that update often higher than pages on sites that are rarely updated and their spiders (otherwise referred to as “crawlers” will visit your site far more frequently if it’s regularly updated).

Choosing your niche market

When it comes to building profitable online websites and blogs, you need to first evaluate potential niche markets. You need to have a strict focus on your overall subject matter and content so that you can effectively target a specific audience. Generic, all -encompassing blogs are not only harder to market, but far more difficult to maintain. Choosing a niche market is exceptionally easy, and it all begins by evaluating existing competition, traffic, potential advertising channels, products and services that you can advertise and general demand. Gauging the amount of potential traffic will help you determine whether a niche is a viable option or not. You want to focus on evergreen markets that will be in demand for many years to come, rather than short term markets that are based on fads or time limited trends. When evaluating traffic potential, you want to determine whether you will be able to generate targeted traffic to your website, as well as the overall costs involved based on existing competition within the market. Consider markets such as weight loss, self help, relationships, or online business niches including work at home, job hunting, start up businesses or online marketing. One of the easiest ways of choosing a niche market is to investigate the number of affiliate products that are available online. Since you will be using these affiliate campaigns to monetize your blog, evaluating the number of products available for purchase will help determine whether a potential niche is sustainable or not. Why? Because the more products available in the open market, the more likely that the niche market is a viable one. These merchants have already done the market research for you!

The easiest way to get started in selectively identifying potential niche markets is to create a product swipe file of affiliate programs that you can join later on, and incorporate into your blog. We do this by browsing through the Internet’s largest digital product marketplace,

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Desperate (hungry) Buyers
  • Overall market size
  • Available Products To promote

When it comes to building highly profitable blogs, one market that always produces results is the desperate buyers market. Desperate buyers are looking for an immediate solution to a nagging problem, the kind of problem that keeps them up at night desperate and struggling to find a way to resolve their dilemma. These groups of buyers are far easier to target because they are easy to identify and cater to since you already know what problem they are looking to resolve.

Market Size

Once we begin looking at desperate buyer markets, we need to determine the actual market size, to determine overall profitability. We want to focus on markets that are consistently growing. When combining market size with the desperate buyers community, it’s important to consider that it’s always best to focus on a market with «continued problems» rather than a market who can solve their problem with a single product or service. This is because an important aspect to profitable blogging is in being able to consistently sell products to repeat visitors and subscribers that are added to our RSS feeds and newsletters. If a single product will solve the entire problem that your target audience is seeking help with, it will be extremely difficult to consistently monetize your website without having to scope out new prospects on a regular basis.

Introduction to blogging

One of the easiest ways to build an online business, regardless of experience or skill is by using the power and simplicity of blog software. With a platform such as WordPress, you could easily create a dynamic website without ever having the traditional start up costs or technical know-how usually involved in online business. Not only is blogging one of the easiest methods of building your website, but it’s also one of the fastest methods of creating an in-depth network of profitable websites, each one focusing on a different niche market. One of the greatest aspects to building an online business using blogs is in just how incredibly automated You can use the internal drip feed functionality to leak out content on specific intervals, or pre-fill your blog will enough content to last for an entire month, or even year, adding in updates only as you find time. You can also make your blog as interactive as you would like it to be just by uploading and “activating” modules and add-on’s that will make your website more dynamic and increase visitor retention. If you are not experienced with web design or don’t have the funds to invest in hiring a seasoned designer, blog platforms solve that problem as well. With over 15,000 blog themes and templates to choose from, you can upload a variety of skins that will transform the way your blog looks. Spending just a few hours of your time customizing an existing theme is a cost effective, easy method of developing an original website that represents your brand’s message.

To read about the success I have had owning my blog, read here

Scott’s free tips for marketing your blog

When it comes to jump starting the launch of a blog, you will find it much easier than marketing a traditional website. Not only are there various blog based communities available to you, but just by using your blog’s built in search engine optimization options, RSS feeds, pinging and track backs can easily generate an incredible amount of traffic quickly and easily.

Here are the quick start traffic generation strategies that I personally use to jump start my niche blogs:

Social Marketing

With the popularity of websites like Facebook and Twitter, it’s no secret that promoting your blog within these social communities is an easy way of generating instant traffic at absolutely no cost. Use socializing to the best advantage. Network with those who have similar interest in music or hobbies.


Linked In


Other popular blog communities include:

RSS Feed Traffic And Advertising


Bloggers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed that is made available to anyone interested in becoming a subscriber. If you plan to offer advertising on your blog, many sponsors will take the number of RSS subscribers you have into consideration when deciding to promote their products or services on your blog as well, so the more readers, the better chances of landing advertisers and sponsor partnerships. The great thing about RSS is that you do not have to create it manually, it’s built into the WordPress system, and each time you create a blog post it will be added to your RSS feed.

However, In order to offer your visitors the ability to subscribe to your RSS feed, you will want to subscribe to a free service such as

Here are some other useful resources concerning RSS feeds:


Feedster was created as a search engine for finding content that has been published on blogs and websitesutilizing RSS feeds.

Blog Lines:

Bloglines is a community dedicated to finding and aggregating RSS feeds from blogs and websites. You can use their search engine to quickly locate blog posts on specific topics. With Feedburner, you are provided with an easy option for publishing RSS content as well as providing your blog visitors with the ability to subscribe for future delivery of all released content. Feedburner also provides useful statistics and data relating to your blogs activity that can be used to determine how popular individual posts or pages are, where your traffic is coming from as well as where it ends up going to, and within one single Feedburner account, you can set up and manage multiple blog websites.

Once you have your Feedburner account created, you can instantly implement a tiny portion of code that will automatically showcase a RSS subscribers box, wherever you place it in your blogs theme.

Promoting With Technorati

To create your free Technorati account, head on over to and click on the “Join Now” link to register and set up your account. Once you do, you will have the opportunity to submit your blogs URL and claim it so it can be added into the Technorati search engine directory.

Confirming a claimed blog on Technorati only takes a few minutes by creating a new post that will feature a custom link provided by Technorati that when published verifies you are the owner of the blog. Be sure to notify Technorati’s search engine of your new blog submission once you have claimed your blog by

pinging it at:

Other communities and traffic generation methods that are worth looking into as a way of creating backlinks to your blog as well as introducing it to the world:

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Complain, Complain, Complain….

As a consumer I am getting real sick of paying all these fees with very-very substandard service. I guess other people just don’t feel the same way as I do. Because I just don’t see anyone really putting their foot down. A good example is, just the other day I am on the phone with Sprint almost six hours. Because a customer rep transposed one of my free numbers causing me to have to buy extra minutes for the last three months, that is the truth by the way. Six full hours of my time and they are charging me. I don’t mean to pick on sprint, to be honest their customer service has really improved over the last two years. But something has been lost and we are paying more and getting less for our money and it is called fees.

Fees I plan of pay this month.

Maybe a ATM fee
$3.00 convenience fee for State Farm auto debiting my bank account. Well that seem easy to fix, right? Well, its is a $15.00 dollar fee if I want to send in my check, in my opinion this is a real joke!
US Bank will charge me$2.00 a check, if I write a check to anyone…

So are companies really plotting to get as much money out of you as they can? It certainly seems that way.