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Make money like me, with a WordPress Blog!

Looking to start a website or blog of your own? Not sure where to start? Simply, don’t have enough time? Don’t freight, this is where I come in to help. I specialize in building successful websites and blogs using the WordPress platform. I offer this as a service.

Here is how it works:
After given your specific niche market, I will then turn to WordPress and select a theme for your site from the ideas and details you provide. I will then create a 100% customized WordPress template to suite your niche. During customization, a nice logo, fresh and crisp artwork will be added to create your new site.

While, the look and feel of your site is very important, they do not create a site alone. Content is key to having a successfully run website or blog. With this packaged deal, all the back end set=up is done for you along with up to 2500 words of organic, informative and 100% unique content. All content created is well researched and created exclusively for you and your niche market. More content can be added by us at an additional cost but with this package, we ensure you enough to get you started on the right track.

Along with the general start-up of your site, I also offer a full year of web hosting service for FREE. This value alone is worth over $100.00. As an added bonus, we offer this service for only $30.00 a year, each year after. Should you decide to move your website, we will ensure that your website is fully up and running, at no additional out of pocket cost. We want this to work for you!

So what does this cost? $399.00. With over $100.00 in hosting services, 2500 unique and organic content and a stunning new website, all included in this one package price. That’s right, all of this for just under $400.00.

You can see samples of my work>> here

Fine Print Details:
I will make you a 100% Customized WordPress Template relating to your niche. WordPress CMS blogging platform. Should you sell a product or service, you will be able to collect payments through your website via PayPal. It is really easy to use; if you can send email you can run this website! You must provide the website with content. We only provide up-to 2500 words to get you started.


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We add content (2500 words), add $199.00

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Examples of other websites that are like this package:

How to make money with your WordPress blog.

Scott’s WordPress mega blog theory – Most people can’t make a website that can or will for that matter, make a million dollars. But on the other hand, most-anyone can make a website that will rake in $1.00 a day. At one time I set-out to make a network of 100 WordPress blogs that make at least $1.00 a day called The India Project.

The Mission Statement for

I’ve heard of very few people making a million dollars by making and maintaining a website. My mission is to try to create a massive network of 100 WordPress blogs each, making at least $1.00 a day.

So how am I going to do it?

My WordPress blog/website network is 3 things:

  1. Just a regular everyday WordPress blog. – Products, ideas, simple layout
  2. My resume and documentation of my skills and experiences. Believe it or not, people hire me for freelance jobs just from the blogs I create as, I blog about everything I do.
  3. A place business and like minded people can get well researched information about the web-business world.

How simple is it? This is what I am working with.

  • I have no custom web design. (This blog is a template, free for anyone to use.)
UPDATE!!!- Yea, Well… I had to change this, with the size of my blog network. I had to make my own WordPress Theme, that I post for people to download, to use on their own WordPress blogs -> here
  • No budget for marketing. (Not one dime was spent on marketing this website.)

I offer the direction your project needs to navigate and return, make money.

This is what I am doing with my domains:

  • Making a 100 WordPress/website network.
  • What can I do with all these domains?
  • I can post and maintain each website/blog to create enough traffic to make $1.00 a day. Think 365 days and multiply that by 100. WOW!

What does a big network of blogs offer you?

  • A variety of niches, you are never tired of the same thing, day in and day out.
  • A larger audience to appeal to.
  • Keyword heaven.

Let me give you an example of a niche: Trucks (imagine how many searches are done for various styles, sizes and colors of trucks, YIKES!).

Here are two great post ideas that can be rich with SEO quality and provide strong content for your readers:

  • Lowered trucks
  • Lifted trucks
  • These topics also gain you link partners and a large network of potential readers.

Get started with our investment Starter Package

$499.99 1 blog – fully monetized.
This is for the person that has limited web experience, but looking to get started. 1 niche blog of your choice, 10 keyword rich articles about your niche market, fully monetized with affiliate banners so you can start making money. Additionally, full one-on-one support and assistance in regards to your website for one full year.
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Tips: Find and choose a niche that you already consider yourself an expert in. Having prior knowledge and needing little research time will give you a great boost for maintaining your website and adding new content. Content is key to your website.
Having trouble coming up with something? Take a look down the sidebar on this page, listed is my very own list of blogs.

All my packages offer these valuable upgrades at no extra cost!

  • 1 year 1-0n-1 phone support (unlimited value!)
  • 1 year hosting (100 dollar value!)
  • Want more blogs? Become a blog Kingpin!
  • MU – single domain or independent domains

10 blog network –

Junior Investor
all blogs hosted in one place.
3500 words of unique content per blog.
MU – single domain or independent domains

25 blog network –

Investor on the rise
blogs hosted in 2 hosting provider for optimal SEO
3000 words of unique content per blog.
MU – single domain or independent domains
[wp_cart:on the rise:price:3700:end]

50 blog network –

Mega Investor
blogs hosted at 5 locations for optimal SEO
2500 words of unique content per blog.
MU – single domain or independent domains
[wp_cart:the mega:price:8000:end]

100 blog network –

King Pin Investor
blogs hosted at 10 hosting location for optimal SEO
2500 words of unique content per blog.

*independent domains add $1250.00
[wp_cart:king pin w text:price:13250:end]

*Please note all the blogs will be brand new, the blogs will have no income.

The tricky thing about websites is, there is a method to everything. Let me handle the red tape for you.
New add-on —- not given to amy

This is a list of all the WordPress blogs in my network, and a short summery about the project.

  1. Scott on SEO – My SEO tips and techniques.
  2. Scott on Mexico – A gringo’s life in Mexico.
  3. Scott on Handicapping Websites – Everything about sports handicapping from a web-developer’s perspective.
  4. Scott on Storage Auctions – How I make money from buying storage units.
  5. Scott on The India Project – My quest to build a one hundred website network.
  6. Web Services – Scott offers web services.
  7. Thanksgiving Recipes – Scott shares his favorite Thanks giving recipes.
  8. Curb Panting – The interesting world of Curb Painting.
  9. Membership site profits – How to make money from Membership websites.
  10. Scott on Micro Lending – Making small loans for large profits.
  11. Scott the Poker Dealer – Scott shares his experience as a poker dealer.
Domain Blogs:



Scott shares his Shark Tank presentation.


After recently catching an episode of the TV show The Shark Tank. I thought it would be fun to give my Shark Tank Presentation to get investors for my idea! Why not right? I have no idea if my business venture is any good, but like the others coming on the show to pitch their business idea to the investors, I thought why not pitch mine?? I have been working hard and have been very passionate in pursuing my idea for about 18 months, and have had some impressive results. I am not a dotcom millionaire, at least not yet! But it beats flipping burgers.

What is even more interesting about my business idea versus anyone else’s. I believe my idea to be so good and easily accessible, that no matter what your budget is, you can take my idea and earn money on your own.

My name is Scott R. Asher, I am an entrepreneur. I had started this blog to share my twisted and silly ideas with anyone willing to read. I have been unable to return to regular employment after being laid off from my job about three years ago. Making this website and taking part-time freelance positions from anyone willing to pay, is basically what I have been doing to pay my bills for the last 3 years.

  • My Domain cost $10.00 year
  • My hosting cost $60.00 a year
  • My WordPress CMS is is 100% free.

SO THAT BEING SAID! If you just-so-happen to have $70.00 laying around, and are looking for ways to make money, this might interest you.

Scott R Asher – Shark Tank Presentation

The Million Dollar Idea