I sold my eBay sellers account on eBay

I sold my eBay sellers account on eBay. Susan a friend of mine at the time had this idea.

To make a website along the lines of my blog and post/sell items garage sale style kinda-like eBay. At the time I thought that was a ridiculously bad idea; little did I know or could fully understand the true genius behind this and how good of an idea this really was.

About a year before that I had more or less quit selling on eBay (about 5-6 years ago) but my friends Jeff and Susan were still selling on eBay and going very strong. I would checkout what they were doing and thought to myself, how are they making any money? I thought to myself eBay had really jumped the shark.

So recently (2013) when I sold a few items I had laying around the house and the cost to do this was upwards of 25% plus Paypal fees I knew my eBay sellers account usefulness was over. So I decided to sell my eBay sellers account.

I had already been familiar with people selling eBay and Paypal accounts from the website PayPal sucks. Dealing with eBay and PayPal for over 12 plus years I have had some interesting experiences and some priceless information that has helped me in my personal web business. eBay is only a website and comes up with some wild resolutions,  so if your going to sell on eBay then you are at the mercy of their terms and condition’s.

My experience with eBay has been when it comes down to-it eBay rules whatever favors their position; so you need to be prepared for the worst in any situation. Because you don’t know who your dealing with and quite frankly neither does eBay. I guess the only thing I can say in defense of eBay, they really have no playbook for dealing with millions of transactions in a free-trade environment.

I may have been one of the few sellers to see eBay at it’s best and it’s worst. eBay started to implement changes that really started to hurt sellers. The Power Seller exodus and start a website> Unfavorable terms, high fees, feedback restrictions made seller run for the hills.

These days the research I uncovered is that sellers now have to really jump over hurdles to sell online witch really seems silly, because anyone can start selling online with their own website for like $10 dollar investment and no barrier, and completely bypass eBay. I think people forget after-all eBay and Paypal are really only a website that started by selling Beanie Baby’s, without sellers and buyers, they have nothing.

Because my account was started 12 years ago and I had 100% positive feedback with 475 consumer reviews  I had establish myself for such along time I had no limits on my sellers account.

Why I sold so cheap – I sold my eBay sellers account for $1500 to (*I know this is cheap) a guy that had a good establish history. I had many offers on my eBay account, my PayPal account and even my Bank account! I had offers up to 3000+ but mostly from people with 10 feedback, or low or bad feedback, this was a concern for me. I didn’t want for this transaction togo bad on me. The info I had on selling my eBay sellers account was only what I could find published on the web and viewing what past sellers accounts sold for and that was poor at best. So I had no clue how this would turnout.

My Account SOLD! It really stated to hit me when it sold, holyshit! I put my hart and soul into my account, over the years I did my best to be a good eBayer. My motto was: I never wanted to take someones money, if they were not happy. Besides, I personally never wanted to pay for something that was miss-represented. Buying online is hard enough, alot goes into buying, mailing and waiting for the item. So I got the payment and the first thing I did was run to the bank and take out the maximum amount of money I could from my Paypal account. I started looking at my account, and stated to get worried, besides this was all my work. I have not updated my info in some time, after dealing with eBay it just became to big of risk giving them too much info, just was too much exposure, my credit card had expired, the address was 4 years old so I really had no exposure. My biggest fear was eBay shuts it down, the guy does a charge back and I am out the account, the money and left holding my dick.

What would I have done different? Because the buyer is buying my sellers account I would say the buyer has to pay the final value fee for the auction for the seller’s account. eBay has really become a different market, you can no longer sell things with thin margins.

So what happened? The transaction really went flawlessly, I was flat amazed, the seller and I got on the phone in a 3 way call with eBay support, and they made the transfer. The eBay phone support had no issue with the transfer

Looking to avoid outrageous airline baggage fees?

Looking to save even more on the cost your flight? If you are a hardball flight bargain hunting maven and looking to save even more money on your vacation, I have just what you are looking for.  I don’t do a ton a flying, thank God! But these stupid baggage junk fees have really got me thinking. Like most of you I am trying to save a buck. With these fees, what exactly are you paying for? They call it a baggage fee, but it’s really a poke for a few more bucks. When your bag is lost, your out the extra money you paid and your bag, and that just silly. Baggage fees can add hundreds to the cost of your trips, as it turns out these are just airline junk-fees. Hopefully you will never again have to pay baggage fees and get nothing in return.

Pros to shipping your luggage vs. paying a baggage fee.

You get a tracking number – There is nothing worse than paying to have your luggage on the airplane, then when you get to your destination, it’s lost and having to pay for it.  The funny thing is – The loss of your bag won’t even get your baggage fee back! With shipping, not only will you have a tracking number, you will have insurance to cover your personal items. You have to remember, the airlines are not providing you a service. They are just looking to poke you for a few more bucks. So if your going to pay, you should get the best service you can for your money.

Door to door service – Fedex and UPS will pick your luggage up from your house and it will be waiting for you when you arrive! (Most destinations accommodate packages for guest.)

No Restrictions – When you ship your bag you can ship any size with no restrictions. With the airliners, over weight, over sized, too many, can’t lock it, just too many to remember… and talk about service, now your items will be waiting for you at your destination. Never having to lug-it around in the airport. Now that’s is service worth paying for! No more back breaking, busted wheels, TSA panties sniffers, items you can’t bring, weight restrictions, size restrictions, damage or theft of your luggage.

Cheaper? – Yes! With shipping, you don’t even need luggage, all you need is a plain old box!

And all this adds up to a happier you!

It is Scott against the world

Warning: This post contains explicit adult humor.

Do you ever feel like the water is starting to boil? Today was a day of reflection for me. Lately, I have been feeling like there is a mood or a feeling in the air, almost like consumers have become an easy target. Recently have been hearing lots of silly consumer related news stories going around lately.  This really got me thinking… you know when the best time to move in on somebody is? When I say move in on somebody, I am referring to a time that a person maybe extra vulnerable. In this economy I can’t really think of a better time for companies to take advantage of consumers and just fleece people of every last dollar.

One good example – Recently, I was looking to purchase a ticket on Allegiant Airlines. I mean the fares are cheap don’t get me wrong. But from the starting price, of $29.99, I had no less than 4 fees come time to pay. Four fees? Why?  I mean WTF! It just doesn’t feel right, I don’t get it? Why can’t you can’t just put the price? Works out well for the all the stores I go to. I look at the price, it’s 10 bucks, I pay 10 bucks. It is as simple as that. When I pay fees like this, I feel like another fee is coming any minute so I am afraid to do business with them. God forbid, they have my card! But i’ll tell you who got my business, Southwest!

Look at the banks – We are passing laws to keep banks from charging fees, isn’t that nice. A simple stop it…wasn’t good enough?  If that shit don’t make you think, it had better.

Car insurance – You got me started… See what you got going now? I just changed car insurance, I have never had a ticket or a car wreck but I get @ss F%&$ed everytime I get car insurance. I know lots of you use this Direct horse-shit, if you are not sure what “Direct horse-shit” is, this gives the companies direct access to your money, and as a reward for this, they give you a fucking discount. As for me, I wouldn’t give my mom my banking information. I pay with my Credit Card. So if they fuck me, as a reward to them, I charge back on their asses, and I love to write letters! Why can’t I get the same discount for just paying my bill on time?

Do you give your banking information out? Not me! When the banker dude gave me my little banker book and number, he told me never give this to anyone. You bet your ass I listened!

A buddy of mine calls me, he told me about what Dish Network did to him. He signs up for the bundle horse shit. They come out on Saturday to install it, he calls them on Sunday tells them it sucks. They refuse to cancel and try to stick it in his-ass. If it where me – I would get me a screw gun, take that dish down, I would paint the mother fucken dish pink, tie it to the top of my fucken car and paint Dish Network screwed me on the side. See what happens then. But that is just me…

Next time someone tries to charge you a fee, tell them – up your ass! I will take my money somewhere else, spend your hard earned money on your wife and kids!


New changes coming to gift cards!

It is no secret that retailers have loved the fact that gift cards created huge windfalls of unreported profit.  Here’s the deal, a retailer sells a gift card for $20.  Suzie sends it to her aunt in Sheboygan who goes to the store and buys $18.90 in product, forgets to redeem the balance, loses the card or it expires.  Believe it or not, retailers at some point realized that this phenomenon caused billions of dollars to accumulate in unused or unexpired gift cards.  In addition to this unethical practice, retailers have charged fees to use gift cards!  Unbelievable.

So when I heard the government of the U.S. was going to do something about it, I thought, this is just great!  The government has finally decided to step in to protect people from being fleeced by retailers. Instead of putting them in handcuffs and arresting these rat bastards for deceptive and fraudulent business practices, they are working on new laws to protect consumers from outrageous fees from gift cards. The new laws would limit the fees and expiration dates of retail gift cards. The main changes focus on retailers no longer being able to charge fees for owners who are using their used gift cards in the previous year and will eliminate expiration of the cards. Read more

The challenge… I was clutched! [Colorado DMV fees]

So some days you got it, and some days no matter what has been going on in your personal life, you have to set that aside and dig deep, real deep… like the show, “Who’s Line is it Anyways?”, where the points don’t matter, hardcore. Well, today the points didn’t matter.

The week started out positive…made a good contact, we had lunch, chatted, and I came away feeling very positive and re-energized, not to mention, the food was not to bad either. So far so good until a passing thought came to my mind regarding my car registration…The thought was, “Damn I wonder if my car registration would be expiring soon.” So sure enough, when I went out to check my license plates, wouldn’t you know it…they expired on 10/09, what untimely luck. So now my positive week started turning sour.

To start out my adventure let me first say, as must of you that know and for those who don’t, I  had moved to another state recently.  Since we had moved we have been trying to recover financially, it has been a slow go at it, my business has been pretty much dead due to the move and time of the year we are coming to. Therefore, like anyone else in this bad economy…we are trying to push through! However, as I started out in my blog this week started off with a positive mark due to the jump start in my business with this new contact I made. Being excited I was thinking Ahhh…money, finally. My excitement was shattered when that sour twist of reality came to mind about my car registration.

And now my story begins, of course, I don’t have to tell all you how difficult the DMV’s can be. So I know you will relate when I tell  how ridiculous my experience was. It starts out with a phone call to the DMV, I was trying to get an estimate of what it would cost me to register my car where I live because, their website did not have an estimation calculator. After being on hold for a long time and having to listen to their recordings repeatedly, a lady finally comes on the line. I proceeded to ask her for a quote and she tells me “Sir we don’t give estimates over the phone you will need to go to our website and it is there you can get an estimation by using our estimation calculator.” I said to her your joking right and she replied no sir I am not. I told her if you had an estimator on your web I wouldn’t be calling you. She then said sarcastically sir you must go to the our website and use the estimator because we don’t give estimations over the phone. I yelled, What…what the hell, aren’t you listening!! I told I looked all over the website ad there isn’t one, that is why I am calling you and all I get for a response is… I am sorry sir we don’t give estimation over the phone. Needless to say, the experience was a joke, how do you register a vehicle without any type of posted documentation, estimations, fees, ballpark figures, something for out state registrations. Here I have out of state license plates I am trying to get a figure on what it would cost me since the DMV here doesn’t take Debit Cards or Credit Cards.  The phone approach didn’t work I decide navigate to the even more ridiculous Colorado Smog Service or as Colorado refers to it Clean Air Colorado to only found out that the involvement was more detailed then I thought from fees to processing. They just don’t run a smog test which runs against your VIN Number anyways, they also charge you another fee to do another background check on your VIN Number to ensure it is your car your smogging. What a junk fee grabbing society we live in, what is this world coming to!?…

Update to this story: I later find out that, this is normal. Colorado in fact will give you no pricing info over the phone or on the website for the registration of your vehicle, just bring a suitcase full of money and hope for the best.

After finding at out what I needed in the way of cash I wasn’t able to get the smog done right then because I had other things I needed to get done and along my way I planned to suck it up and let them stick me or the extra fees and stop in at the bank and go back. So things have been jumping like I said, I had been out running around town trying to make a living, meeting with people, dropping off the kids in the foot and a half of snow, that just fell on Denver. I mean my customers don’t give a shit if the Colorado DMV is just pain being an ass, the show must go on! Now mind you my tags had been expired about 5 days when I figured out I needed to register my car. The ironic thing is, my wife points out that there is another family in our complex with Nevada plates that have been expired since 6/07 and apparently they are in no hurry to get their plates changed and here I am freaking out over 5 days of expiration. What wrong with this picture…I am guess I am a freak of nature…I mean 5 days late, not the end of the world…. Know what I mean?

So after justifying myself I proceed on with my day. I am driving down the road, with expired tags of course and wouldn’t you know it a cop pulls me over. Why me, right, I mean, my tags have been expired 5 days? I had been dealing with this dilemma all day! Just to tell you up front, I am not really a fan of cops…I just don’t get the point, we should be able to just bribe them, why not? At least you wouldn’t see so many broke people being pulled over, what are they going to get off a dude in a 86 Buick? Seven bucks in cash, two bucks in change from the ash tray and a roach? Lol, most people don’t really think about stuff like this, but if you give some guy that makes $12-13 bucks an hour a $400.00 dollar ticket, you didn’t just ruin his day, you more than likely screwed up him for the whole month, if your lucky, or if he’s lucky rather… I am the first one to say, that cops are helpful when someone goes bonkers in a shopping mall and starts killing people. We need a volunteer to run in and get that stupid f&^$er, but some of these cops, forget that it says on the side of the patrol car, “serve and protect.” Now a days you got to worry if they are going accidentally shoot you in the back, then  try to cover it up, so they don’t end up going to jail. How sick is that? Cops…these guys think they are some kind of under-paid Super Hero, go out and fight crime on a janitors salary, no way. The bad news is, in real life there is no cape crusader, the good guy don’t always win, I mean never wins, courts don’t work and in real life the good guys dies and its a tragedy and what do we do, we make memorial funds…sorry for the cop rant. I could go on and on…hmmm…. I feel another blog coming on just own my views alone. Anyways,  I couldn’t help myself.

Back to being pulled over, I knew I needed something, but I didn’t need this ticket! The run of the mill excuse, dog ate my homework, wasn’t going to fly, he was walking up to the car, and I am racking my brain for something good… I decide to tell him I had the Swing Flu…right? Blame it on the Swine Flu, why not… as the cop was walking up to the car I started to  rub my eyes with my fist and twisted them and tried to make them red and watery. When he came to my window he asked for my license. So I started fumbling for my wallet coughing on my hands, being as nasty as possible, doing everything in short of licking my license,  he takes a quick look, gives me my license and tells me to slow down. What luck was that…fate was no my side, or he just didn’t want to get what I “supposedly” had… so of course I didn’t hesitate I went right to the DMV.

As I walk in the door to the DMV, this the guy blurts out “Can I help you?” I felt like saying, “Yah, shut up and sell me some plates…double cheese burgers are on sale across the street for .99- cents and hurry!” But I wussed -out, and said “I need to get plates for  my car.” You know what this guy said? “What kind?” And I said, “The plates you normally get for the front and back, you know…the ones that go on all the cars?” Unreal, sometimes you just go to shake your head in bewilderment. Here I go getting off track again, but it’s a joke, funny how life works sometimes, however, I did get my car registered and life is back to what I call normalcy in my world. Though, I can’t help imagining how fascinating it would be just to kick back and watch my life events…just can’t help chuckling right now…oh well! In closing, when smogging your car there will be redundant fees and with the Colorado DMV, as it turns out, does not give estimates for your registration cost over the phone. They don’t post anything that will even give you any type of assistance in the way cost or ball park figures, nothing, not even throwing you a bone; absolutely no hints in the costs of what could be coming. Obviously registration cost are not going to be in the millions or even in the thousands.  But, it would be nice to know where you somewhat stand before walking into to the Colorado DMV and it sticker shock. Who knows… it is just me? How could you know what to expect with things just so open-ended.