Scott R. Asher – How to write an article for your membership site

Scott R. Asher gives you great WordPress blogging tips. When starting your first site, you will probably be writing a lot of the articles yourself. Knowing what to write, how to write it, and how to format it will keep your members longer.

Rules for creating articles:

  • Make your article timeless – You want your content to last as long as possible on your website. Don’t write any articles at first that are tied to current events or give how-to instructions for a system that will work today but will be obsolete next week. This way you can build up a library of content that will be relevant for years to come.
  • Make your articles sell your website – I know, your member’s have already been sold, but you need to keep selling them so they don’t cancel their membership. Make each article you write benefit driven, and don’t be afraid to tell the reader what benefits they are getting out of the article.
  • Know your members – If you have a membership site geared towards stock trading and your members are already savvy traders then don’t write a lot of content with “common knowledge”; things like “How to Open a Brokerage Account”. But if your members are newbie investors, then write articles that would be considered “common knowledge” for a more seasoned investor.


Elements of an Article

An article needs to have just a few simple elements to be effective.

1. Headline – Put the benefits of the article into the headline. If it’s the transcript of an interview you did, don’t have a headline that says “Transcript of Interview with John Smith”. Make it say something like “How John Smith gets a 47% annual yield with commodities using a simple checklist that will work for you!”

2. Introduction – Make your article start with the description of a problem that most of your member’s are probably facing. Then begin a story about how you or someone else had the same problem. The introduction doesn’t have to be a single paragraph.

3. Body – Discuss all the solutions to the problem outlined in the Introduction. Continue the story telling them how they can fix the problem, or how someone came up with a solution to the problem.

4. Conclusion – Wrap up the article to give the story an ending. This would be a good place to put a link to an affiliate website if you have one.

5. Provide Resources – Try not to send your reader outside of your site unless it’s an affiliate link. Post links to related resources at the end of the article. If you have to, create some resources to match the article and put them into your site.

Format the Article

You can have the greatest content in the world, but if it’s hard to read, your member’s will cancel their membership. You need to format all the content that goes up onto your site whether it was written by you or submitted by someone else. Here are some basic guidelines for formatting your articles:

1. Make the headline stand out – The headline is what attracts the member into reading the article. Don’t make the font the same size as the text of the article. Make it bigger, bolder, or in a different color… or all three. However don’t go overboard and make it fit the look and feel of your site.

2. Use short paragraphs – Make sure that most paragraphs are no longer than 5 lines long; 3 is even better. Long paragraphs are hard to read, so your members will skip the article instead of reading long paragraphs. Don’t be afraid to break apart longer paragraphs, even if it means breaking some grammatical rules.

3. Use lots of sub-heads – No matter what you do, not all of your members will read the articles. Many of them will just skim. So add benefit driven sub-heads to highlight the important parts of the article so the reader knows the article is filled with valuable content even if he doesn’t read it.

4. Create bullet lists – When possible, take content from the article and turn it into numbered or bulleted lists. Studies show that people will take the time to read lists even if they don’t read the article. People seem to find lists more valuable than article content.

Wanna get hooked up?

I have a good one for ya!

I recently needed to get a tow hitch receiver added to my truck and I had the pleasure of dealing with Lampert Hitch in the Denver Area. This is a family owned business that provides excellent service.  I am very pleased with my hitch and will return to them for any of my trucking accessory needs.

This is a non-paid review of Lampert Hitch…I am a  customer who has been charmed by the excellent customer service.

What a great group of guys and gal!

Lampert Hitch services:

Draw-Tite, Reese, 5th wheel & Gooseneck hitches, snowplows, winches, tow bars, bike racks.

Checkout the website:

3927 w. 38th ave. Denver, CO 80212

Call Jason Hart now, he will hook you up!

I do this because I support small business!

Scott reviews US Bank

The US Bank Visit:
So I went in to US Bank, I needed a sheet of checks to give to my insurance guy so they can debt my account. The teller was very nice and gave them to me. She then offered this helpful little piece of info; she stated “Each temporary check that comes through your account has an additional cost of two dollar.” Hmmmm…. WTF!!!!! Heads-up to all you US Bank user – If you need temp checks look out for the cost that comes later…Nothing is free anymore, we are just getting raped for every dollar we make, Banks are in junk-fee heaven.

Oh here’s another good one. Recently we moved. We needed to change our account information. Of course I called them up and was told that not only do they need to talk to me they needed to talk to my wife, ARE YOU KIDDING! Let me tell you something US Bank user – joint account means nothing anymore. What happen to the go old days where banks were banks, not these dictating, control freaks that tell you how to do your banking business.

You know banks are just not that useful anymore… is now trying to charge for membership!

I just logged into my DP account and went to add a post in the services section and from what I could tell, they wanted to charge $125.00 dollars a year for membership. I have been a member of Digital Point for a few years now, and there is no chance of me paying for a membership on DP. I am guessing they came up with this idea from they also try to charge you for membership.

I think if I had a choice I would pay for membership at the Warrior Forum. At DP the support is crap. I have never to this day have received one reply from DP support. I can just see myself emailing support, because somehow my money wasn’t credited to my account. No Thanks – I am not going to pay for that. DP is mostly overseas freelancers and broke webmasters looking to score review copies. Maybe I should email Shawn and ask him for a “review copy” of his member-shit! <<< if you have been on DP for any length of time, you know how funny that is!!!

Hey don’t get me wrong, I think DP is a great website. But I am not going to pay for it! lol…

My Review of Special K Red Berries

kimagesI guess this is my Special-K weight loss story! Here I am pulling up on 40 and it’s becoming clear Captain Crunch everyday for breakfast, is not apart of my healthy diet.

Here it is the beginning of the 2010, we are sitting on the couch and my wife looks over at me and says lets make a New Years resolution and lose a few pounds! So I am thinking, oh great, I can’t wait for this. So my suddenly insane wife is looking at all this fat-free stuff in the grocery store, you know what I mean, right? All the taste free crap. So most of you guys know how this goes, you eat all the good food and wait to eat the crappy “Fat-Free” stuff for when your low on grocery’s. I was looking for something to eat about 6a.m. and I glance to the top of the refrigerator and there is was. Now we have all tasted Special K and what we all know, there is nothing special about it. Last time I ate Special-K cereal was when my Grandmother would feed it to me as a kid, to be honest it tasted awful. I started eating the red berries Special K, it is excellent. About 10 days have gone by, here is it the 12th of January, I haven’t really changed my eating habits much. But instead of my 2-3 mega bowls of the Captain, I eat a box of Kellogg’s Special K and I have lost 12 pounds!

Vonage and their silly policy

I have been waiting for a while to write this blog post.  I  happen to be one of the millions of people that have used Vonage and experienced the supposed extra, extra small fine print that doesn’t show up until you want to cancel service, what a horror story. I was with Vonage for about 2 to 2 -1/2 years, the service wasn’t too bad, I would rate it as a 6.5 to 7 for phone service because from time to time you would have some issues. Vonage is just to over priced in this market. Now with the new up and comers like Magicjack, which  is an amazing product for the cost by the way! Magicjack is a real phone company and the cost is less than a $20 a year, and service is about the same as Vonage.  Regarding Vonage, one of the things I wasn’t to happy with was the phone support, I called and called and eventually I closed my account, and at the end they sprang it on me! &lt;em&gt;”Ok sir, we charged your card $20, some-odd amount for termination of your account”&lt;/em&gt; What? Where did that come from? They got me to sign up and said if I was not happy with their service at any time I could cancel with no fees would be applied. I guess it goes to show you that you can’t believe anything a company tells you now a days.  Laughingly, I just remembered few years ago playing a video game called ‘Amusement Park Tycoon”. This game has some funny functions. One of the functions that comes to mind in this case is, you can setup the game to play like this, you can give people free drinks and charge to go the bathroom, or allow free admission to get in the park and charge people to leave! See, as funny as this is at first, it has a different effect on real people, than it does in the video game. So looking at it from this prospective, this was the company’s one last shot for them to dip into my pocket on the way out the door. This is a good way to piss-off a consumer however it seems that companies can get way with making up rules along the way and the consumer has to go along for the ride.

and one other fun fact about Magic jack, for 59 bucks you can buy 5 years of service. It’s one of the best deals on the market!

One other fun fact, Once I sued this auto shop for this ad that they placed, it was for an advertisement for 99$ brake job, when I came back to pay the bill was for like $499.00. So I sued, and I showed the judge to the advertisement and I won and he ordered the job $99 bucks.  See in my mind, this Vonage policy would be a fun one to take to court. Judges don’t like funny fine print like this, how do you charge someone 20 dollar termination fee after 2 years of service for voip service?

Micro Center in Denver Colorado

Micro Center Denver – Computer, electronics and everything tech. If they ain’t got it, your shit out of luck.

Tech Center, 8000East Quincy Avenue  Denver, CO 80237

I spend a lot of time ranting about being ripped off for my money, but this time I have to give credit where credit is due.  This company goes the extra mile then goes another mile.  Micro Center in Denver, Colorado, if you are spending your money anywhere else it’s a mistake.  My hat is off to such a company.

Thank you for your wonderful service and staff! Consumers are blessed to have you.  If it comes from me you know it’s true because I am a tough consumer!

My review of Sprint service

About 4 days ago, I got a new EVO slider from Sprint. These touch screen phones are beyond me and I gotta tell ya… I am not really impressed with the consumer experience up to this point. However, what is interesting about this story is… My wife and I have been Sprint customers for about seven years! But after going though the entire consumer experience, I think I can shed a little light on this whole “Sprint’s unlimited bull-shit.” and “We’re cheaper than the other guy.”

I went to Radio Shack to get my phone, the guy at Radio Shack was not very helpful. So today, I called sprint to get the low-down on what I got myself into. What I found out was very-very interesting.

I found out, I have the unlimited 450 plan. I asked the Sprint rep, so everything is “unlimited?” The Sprint support said (I am quoting him) “Well…it’s not technically unlimited.” The first thing that popped into my mind, how fucking misleading is this?

I know what you are thinking… is all this foul language necessary? I think it is…

Ok, wait… it gets better!! I get transferred to the retention department because after four days and all these silly fees I am ready to quit Sprint.

I have a question? Why is it so hard for companies to just be straightforward with their pricing? I am really sick of these companies smearing their lies and misleading advertisements all over God’s creation. In the meantime, your getting horse fucked for a two year contract.

As promised, it gets even stranger. The Sprint operator proceeds tell me that there is a $5 a month fee, for a what they call a “spending limit fee.” are you fucking serious? If your hell-bent on fucking your customers with hidden cost, at least have the decency to come up with a better name.

I picked Sprint, for it’s competitive rates, but clearly I didn’t make the right choice. I told the Sprint phone rep, I think it is time for an IPhone. What was really funny, the idiot phone rep wittingly blurts-out, “At&t charges a fee for its data service!” One company calls it a “data charge”, the other calls it “spending limit fee”. I look at junk fees all the same, they are deceitful and misleading ways to build-in hidden cost.

Why broke people have bad credit

This might not be much of a revelation to many of you, but I offer you this explanation.

The reason people with no money have bad credit is, broke people have no expendable income making it difficult to pay unforeseen cost. So what happens is, the company in retaliation for not being paid marks the credit of this person, having a much greater effect on this person than  a silly $300.00 or $750.00 bill, or sometimes less. In fact, it is 100% proven, that this company gets to then use this unpaid bill as a tax write-off and in some cases selling the debt to a collection company recouping some cost, leaving the other party with 7 years of bad credit. I think bills with a original balance under $1000.00 should remain unreported, or the creditor should have to get a judgment before being allowed to mark someones credit. A lot of these charges are disputable and frivolous, and besides if later the broke customer comes up with the money it is often little to late. The reason for this all to often companies don’t report the fact you have paid them; therefore you are left the mark on your credit for seven years and they are made whole. There are lots of cable bills and other crap posted on peoples credit reports that means nothing. Companies should assume this risk when luring people in. If your a deadbeat cell phone company wants a two (2) year contract, for crappy service and then screw their customers credit up for seven years because they wont pay! Tough Shit,

So my question is this: Why can’t a person that has a limited amount of money with good judgment, have good credit? It is human nature to want something nice, then follow up on that with a risky buy, then something happens an you are unable to pay. They advertised it was a good deal, and pulled your credit, so they knew that there was a small chance you might default. You only live once, what is the harm in that?

How to Save $240 Per Year on Haircuts

Things you’ll need:


1 Imagine saving an hour of your time and a cool twenty dollars per month by cutting your own hair. It’s easier than you think and luckily “bald” is the new black. Go to your local drugstore and pick up a heavy duty pair of clippers. The average haircut costs $15 and there’s a tip so over the course of a year, you’ll save at least $240 in haircuts.

2 Select a guard for the hair length you desire – there should be several steps available. I personally like it trimmed as close to my head as possible.

3 Fire the clippers up and carefully run it through your head at a consistent angle. This will give you a uniform length. If you like it tapered, use a smaller guard and trim it closer at the neck, around the ears and wherever you’d like it closer. This is about your personal preference here. If you’re self confident and want to look rugged, just shave it all off. This will minimize the amount of time you spend dealing with your hair at all. I forgot to mention that you’ll save even more money by not having to buy shampoo.

4 Now that your head is shaved, clean up the mess and your clippers. There should be a little brush that came with them. Use a couple drops of oil on the blades to keep them sharp – as directed in the instructions that came with your clippers.

Tips & Warnings

If you have a close friend or spouse, ask them to clip your hair for you.

Put a towel around your shoulders to catch the clumps as they fall.

The hairs will get everywhere so plan to take a shower immediately after.

You can save even more money by not buying razor blades and trimming your head and beard the same length at the same time. Also saves time on shaving and not needing to buy shaving cream.

Don’t use clippers while intoxicated.

Be careful around eyebrows.


Change your financial outlook with this simple tip.

I have a friend that is second to none when it come to advise on almost any subject. He once offered me a tip that rocked my bottom line to its very core.

Going out to eat might be the single most expensive thing we do, the wife and I decided one day to not eat-out once in a calender year. To be honest when it was over, we had tons of money!

Where to find the best price?

Last week my wife bought our dog Haley a new pet bed. She went to Petco and picked one up for $20. It was too small, so we took it back and found a bigger one for the same price at Farm & Home. We were at Ross, dress for less, look like a mess and they have pet beds for half the price. In fact they had quite a few pet items that were much cheaper. Haley likes to chew pig’s hooves and they cost two bucks a piece at Petco. Susan found two attached to a rope (a fantastic dog toy) at Big Lots for a buck fifty.

When it comes to finding the best price for any consumer good – from apples to zinc – how could anyone possibly find the best bargain?

Dovetail this thought with the idea that was in the forefront of my consciousness this morning – the notion of community. Literally, a community is a group of people with a common interest and a common geographic location. Of course, the internet has changed the idea of community, removing geographic bonds in many instances. Relating to purchasing everyday consumer goods, community is still geographically bound. ie. the Big Lots on Appleway in Coeur d’Alene has pig’s hooves on a rope for a buck fifty and the Big Lots near you might not. Wouldn’t it be great if you could check with a community of shoppers who have taken the time to identify the best bargain on a particular item? Of course it would and I could create an online community but I fear I would be the only one uploading anything. There would be no shortage of people searching for the best price but I imagine very few people would be willing to take the time to upload their found bargains. I might be wrong about this. Facebook seems an example of community where people are willing to upload their information, rather than just search for others input. But even at that, people are really interested in navel gazing. It’s a community of ego stroking, time passing, game playing, Jesus is this day going to ever end, kind of activity. Facebook is perhaps one step above apathy.

Is anything meaningful being uploaded to the internet? Or is it all really just one giant advertisement?

Since I have this platform for random ranting, and since I already posted on Facebook this morning, I’ll continue. What I’d really like to see is a site that has a simple premise. Enter your city and search for an item that you want to buy. Everyone enters the location and price of items that they’ve purchased. I don’t have time to drive to every possible store to check out the price on any given item. I can check online prices but there’s discounts all over the place – moving sales, liquidations, or just plain stale merchandise a store wants to get rid of. Besides, I don’t want to wait 3 weeks for the dog’s chew toy and maybe that’s a bad example, perhaps it’s a television or a BBQ – whatever. I want to drive right to the store, know what the price is, know that it’s the best price in town and blamo, I buy it and feel good about it instead of finding out later that I overpaid like a sucker.

Who likes feeling duped when it comes to consumer goods?

I know what I’d like to see and I’m sure there are others who would like the same. Maybe this already exists and I just don’t know it. If you know, would you throw me a bone? I’m done for now. Must get some work done, post on Facebook, check some emails and figure out how the hell to get through this day.

How to deal with the real problems

Debt is caused by spending more money than one has, taking out a loan and building interest, or exceeding one’s credit line. Debt is also caused by job loss: getting fired, quitting or being laid off. Sometimes debt is much more than a problem with saving money or keeping track of finances. Debt can result from a gambling problem, substance abuse, or compulsive shopping. Spending money feels powerful for the buyer when the person feels powerless in other areas of one’s life. Constant phone calls and visits from bill collectors make the ordeal even worse. This problem can cause secrecy in the home, such as refusing to answer the phone, or making the family hide when someone is at the door. Children become confused and wonder what is wrong, and the spouse can get angry or depressed because of this problem.

Who is In Debt?
There are two groups of people that are in debt.

  • Group 1 – are the reckless people that don’t care or have spending problems.
  • Group 2 – are the people that make a lot of money, or they are in the middle class, but they all have one common thread – they made a few mistakes and got in over their heads. There are many ways to get in debt, but it’s so hard to get out.

Consumer counseling agencies are just as much to blame. The last thing you need when you have debt or credit problems is someone that is looking to get more out of your pocket. So where do you turn if you don’t have anyone on you side? See our Hardship Programs area for more guidance.

Debt causes an insurmountable amount of stress. Physical symptoms may develop over time: headaches, migraines, digestive problems, nausea, insomnia, chest pain, skin breakouts, body aches, and being more vulnerable to sickness. Stress also has a long list of behavioral symptoms: moodiness, restlessness, irritability, inability to relax, feeling overwhelmed, feeling hopeless or depressed, inability to concentrate, poor judgment, being pessimistic, anxious thoughts, constant worrying, and memory problems. The long-term affects of stress on the body can result high blood pressure and high cholesterol, obesity, ulcers, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, infertility, autoimmune disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and more. All of these symptoms affect the lifestyle of the entire family. Often what happens is a snowball affect: when one area of one’s life falls, the problems become larger and more varied and often exacerbates the first problem.
Fights are more likely to occur in a family struggling with debt. Money is a constant topic in arguments and every other problem seems to stem off from this one issue. Being in the home may feel like walking on eggshells. Everyone is filled with tension and the tiniest thing may set the family off and cause another outburst. Abuse may even occur or get worse when money is the central issue. Paying attention to the children may be lowered on the priority list, especially when one or both of the parents will have to get a second job. This will damage the relationship between parent and child, and they will have to grow up fast in order to become independent at a young age.

Money problems will also cause other problems, such as being behind in bills and getting the heat, water, or electricity shut off. It may also be difficult for the family to afford groceries and necessities for the family. Children may become confused when the television no longer works or when the family may have to sell their possessions. Holidays will become stressful when the family can barely afford to buy gifts or create a nice dinner. Instead of spending time buying healthy food, the family may turn to the quick, stress-free fast food restaurants, further damaging their health and causing other problems.
Debt also creates problems for the family in the future. With bad credit, banks and car dealers will not want to hand out loans. This makes it difficult to buy a new car, a new home, or take out a loan for other purposes. If taking out a loan is possible, the interest rates will skyrocket due to the bad credit. Employers sometimes do credit checks, which will hurt one’s chance of being hired, even if the person is the most qualified for the job. Even if the person is responsible and loyal, the world will now see them as high risk.

Congratulations, you have chosen to take the first step to make you future better. You will feel better about receiving a credit rating that you desire. First, you can make a difference in your credit. You should not need to use any services to make the changes that will help you. These changes are going to take time, and it can be frustrating. It is important to realize that there are no quick fixes. Any legitimate plan to improve your credit will take 6-24 months before you will start to see real results. One of the most frequently ask questions is: Will my credit be so good that I will be able to buy anything? The answer is simple – you get out what you put into it. The extra steps you take for your credit will improve it no matter how insignificant you feel it is. The minimal amount of reading you do on the subject will only benefit you. If you use the information provided from the book and research the info on the quality websites I provided for you, you will find yourself with the information you need to have the credit you always wanted.

I want to cover all the aspects of credit in this book. I will give you valuable information about credit cards, fixing credit, and using credit responsibly. Being in debt affects more than just your financial life. It creates stress and can be a time bomb in a house full of your loving family. It is important to take care of your debt for the betterment of your family and your self.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act:
This Act regulates the collection and use of your credit information. This law protects the information of credit card holders. Consumer Reporting Agencies have to abide by several rules, entitling you to certain rights, including one free credit report each year, and defining how long negative statements must be displayed on your report. This law also forces companies and employers to notify you if they have read your credit report and act negatively from this information.

Have we become so reliant on credit and cards that we are a victim of our own convenience? The banks are taking a full press on our money. The return check fee once was only 12.00 dollars. I can see what has changed. Everything is more automated and should be cheaper. But is the bank passing the cost of doing business and the risk on to its customers? The banks bait you with convenience and charge you later. The best example is the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM). This use to be a free service to all banking customers, but now it has become big business. If you make $40,000 a year, your bank is making $3600 a year. This may be a low number for many. But now your local businesses have jumped on board and started to charge fees anywhere from .25 cents to a whopping .99 cents to process your debit card for your favorite meal. You need to ask yourself when is the last time you cancelled a transaction for a fee? We as hard-working customers need to draw the line and take our money back.

Inflated Cost Of Living:

  • Restocking fees
  • Money transfer fees
  • Growing gas prices
  • movie tickets
  • Energy cost

Hardship Programs:
If you don’t have any money to pay or get into a spot that you can’t get out of, the best way to look at your situation is to realize this is not going to get fixed over night. And when you are starting to accumulate debt the best thing to do is to call the companies that you owe money and start working on all the details. This is best done if you got all the bills together and get a number that you can pay and work with the creditors. Most companies will appreciate you trying to settle your debt even in a difficult situation.

A good rule of thumb here is 50% of your total debt. Most collectors will settle the debt at this rate, and some will go lower. The best time to contact them is at the end of the month. Do not settle for more than you have.. Cutting your self short is the worst thing you can do. Start low and take your time. Do not feel rushed even when you are being rushed by the collector. Do not be intimidated.

Opt. Out:
Going underground is not a fool proof idea, but it is effective. There is some other stuff you can do to make this a better plan. Once you quit paying, you must save your money. Your creditors might not give up on you as you give up on them.

Paying Bad Debt:
Here are some helpful hints and things you need to think about before making up your mind to pay.

  1. What is the statue of limitations for your state?
  2. Depending on the time frame, how much is the debt going to settle for?
  3. Many experts suggest to never settle a debt that can not be removed. This might be the only chance you have to settle for deletion. The collection agency has little power to change your credit history as far as the credit.

Paying old debt:
Many people pay old debt out of guilt, but this is the worst reason to pay the debt. If you are looking to make amends for your old debt make sure you call the place you made the debt at the first place. Two things they

are likely to tell you:

  1. The debt was sent to collections and you need to contact them
  2. We are happy to help you!

The first is the most likely to happen, and now you will have to pay a collection agency instead of the company. You will have to pay the debt in a time frame of 3-6 months. The figure is likely 30% to 60% of the total debt. This number decreases after the debt ages a year. After 24-60 months you are being sold for pennies on the dollar. So, when you paying, you are paying to the highest bidder.

Stop Getting Calls:
The law allows you to make those annoying phone calls stop. Your phone will stop ringing off the hook! If a collection agency is over stepping its boundaries and calling you night and day, then send a “Cease and Desist Letter.” You can find a pre-written one online. Send this to the collection agency, and it will truly stop them in their tracks. Only send the letter if the collectors are being unruly and abusive.

Record phone calls:
*There are many laws to follow here. First, you need to look up the laws for your state on recording phone calls. Then, tell them you are recording the phone call. This often will lift the quality control and your experience. People do not like threatening people when they are being recorded. This will move the control back into your hands, and they will be more careful when talking to you. If they have a problem being recorded, tell them to hang up.

Credit Repair Facts:

  • Your score is not going to change over night.
  • You are having good success if you change your Score and have 3-5 removals.
  • Will everything come off you credit that is bad? Unfortunately, this is not likely to happen, but with some time (12- 36 Mo.) and work you can have some good results. Beware!

Since we can not list the credit issuers here we are just going to have to give you the warning signs. We know that most of you out there want credit, but in the long run it just is not worth it. If you have to pay something up front (even if they are going to help you out and put it on your balance) Any interest rate over 12% -24.9% this is too high to practice responsible borrowing