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My Aero Garden project

I love to garden! This is my Aero Garden project.

My Very-Own WordPress Theme

Using Thesis I was very impressed on it’s flexible and the SEO qualities the theme had, but I had to make something for my network of blogs. I felt if I made this massive network of WordPress blogs, that I would be giving up too much away by publishing all these websites with Thesis’s back-link on everyone of my sites. So I had to make my own WordPress theme!

I called mine the WordPressBuddyTheme

Domain rated to

This is it:>> ScottRAsher.com

Blueprint for Reaching Viral Status

I just came off a three day acid fueled bender and somewhere, in an otherworldly kaleidoscope involving fat smoking Indonesian babies and dancing Care Bears receiving blow jobs, the universe opened wide, giant legs spread, revealing a sure-fire blueprint for going viral. You’re probably thinking the sink-hole between the giant legs contained any number of super-strains of STD’s and, that’s one way to go viral but the virus I’m talking about is the kind Simon Cowell shits between takes on the set of X-Factor, not
viral like H1N1 or the bird flu—viral like a retard on youtube sucking his own cock, Daniel Tosh style. No real talent is required for this type of viral success. Here’s the super top-secret formula straight from the Acid Gods themselves:

Be a complete douche bag. You can’t go viral being an ordinary douche, you’ve got to be a douchebag milkshake. Anyone that would let their fat Indonesian baby chain smoke AND film it is not an ordinary douche but the kind of complete douche that goes viral. I could give you a million examples here but you know what kind of douche you are which leads us to #2.

2. Show your Ass. Not literally (nobody really wants to see your fat, cottage cheese, hair covered ass), I’m saying, if you find yourself naked break dancing in a crowd, don’t be afraid to grab that guy’s cock and jerk it for all its worth—that’s viral shit! See #1 above, be a complete douchebag.

3. Become oblivious to cameras or just be stupid. Let’s face it, most people freeze up when they know they’re being filmed. The secret to overcoming this flaw in the human condition is retarded conditioning. Have someone follow you with a camera all the time and be ready to act entirely stupid—jump off that building! Do a back-flip when you weigh 400 pounds. Come on, just do it!

4. If at first you don’t succeed, try harder. Viral status is part luck but preparedness and persistence is ninety percent of luck. The first time you fuck your own ass might go unnoticed. Who really knows what sick fuck shit people will click on? You have to always push the envelope, be a douchebag, show your ass and be retarded. Now, go make your youtube video bitches.

Get some real sick fuck ideas for your viral video from Dirk McFergus at Highkublog.com

Can’t sell your used RV? I can help!!!

Having a hard time selling your used RV in today’s market? Today is your lucky day!! I think I may be able to help you out and unlike other websites the information posted on my website is 100% free.

Something you may not be aware of, but there is a small niche market, currently in Williston, North Dakota, that may allow you to sell your used RV for 2 times up to 5 times what your used RV is currently worth in this sagging market.

Wages are high and the lack of affordable housing is making hard for people moving to the area. With people sleeping at Wal-Mart and some are even camping on the side of the road in tents and sleeping bags. Williston, North Dakota, is the modern day gold rush!


In the town of Williston, N.D., America’s newest oil boomtown, more than 6,000 job seekers have come from every corner of the country looking for work. Yet, oil companies and other developers haven’t been able to build housing units fast enough.

In the past year, only about 2,000 new housing units have been built, leaving many workers out in the cold.

Another fun fact to support the idea is, local hotels are charging upwards of $6,000 a month and are booked till next year.

Newer arrivals who can’t find vacant hotel rooms or apartments, sleep in their cars, or in sleeping bags on spare patches of grass along the highway. The luckier ones nab a spot in one of the dozens of dorm-like facilities, known as “man camps,” that the oil companies have built to house their workers.

Important point – This market might only support RV’s in the price range $1000-$10,000.00. Many of the employees salaries are $4,500.00-$12,000.00 a month. Even fast food workers are making as much as$15.00 hour.

Something else that just crossed my mind while I was writing this –You may not be able to sell higher priced RV’s, BUT!!! You might be able to rent your RV for a thousand a month or something.

Quotes in this article taken from Yahoo Finance – to read the full article posted on Yahoo

CNN money oil boomtown article here

Thanksgiving dinner is on ScottRAsher.com this year!!!

This year Scott is feeding your family Thanksgiving Dinner for free!

This is all you need to get your free Thanksgiving dinner!

I want the family Thanksgiving recipes. Transfer your popular Thanksgiving family recipes into Word format and add them to a CD, and then meet me at the grocery store. In exchange I will buy your family Thanksgiving dinner this year!

Legal Disclaimer

  • Thanksgiving recipes must be yours.
  • I will gladly give credit to granny or mom. Must provide name.
  • Family recipes will be published on my website here on my Thanksgiving blog: http://turkeydinner.scottrasher.com/
  • 10 recipes or less gets $50.00 of food.
  • 20 or more recipes gets $100.00 of food.
  • Thanksgiving recipes must be related to a traditional Thanksgiving feast.

Please note: All recipes will be checked with copyscapes: http://www.copyscape.com/

Just make sure to thank God first of-course, then thank Scott!

A report released by the American Farm Bureau Federation said the average cost of a Thanksgiving dinner for 10 is $44.61, up $2.35 from last year’s average of $42.26. That’s a 6 percent increase.

Progressive Snapshot Discount Consumer Warning [My Review]

Is the Snapshot Discount the biggest discount ever, or is it the biggest consumer scam ever? Is the snapshot discount from Progressive Insurance really designed to save you money, or is the Snapshot device collecting data that can be used to potently raise your insurance rates, rather than lower them as it boast in the commercial.

Driver beware – The Snapshot Discount is a device that hooks up to your cars computer and starts to collect data on your driving habits – good but also BAD over 7-10 day period.

Is this good? I think most people feel like they drive fairly-well over all, but this may not be the case in your insurance companies eyes. Insurance companies are doing their best to gain the most information about you and your driving habits as they can, before they actually insure you.

So how is the Snapshot Discount bad? The information that is collected from your car by the Snapshot Discount device about your driving habits can be used to save you money, but this information can also be used against you. And your driving habits can be and most likely will-be shared with other insurers, making it even harder for you to get lower rates on your auto insurance. I can tell you personally, there is no chance I would plug anything into my car that would track my driving habits, especially an insurance company.

I have never been in a car accident and have no tickets, and I still think my auto insurance rates are WAY too high. And as a matter of fact, I found Progressive insurance rates to be the highest of all the providers I called for a quote .

If your truly looking to save real money on your auto insurance policy. I am a member of Costco, and I buy my car insurance with my membership. To date – I have yet to find a company that can even meet the price I’m currently paying on auto insurance. And I already know because I am dealing with Costco, I know I am dealing with a quality insurance company.

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Scott goes on the air with Vegas Banter live in Las Vegas

Scott goes live on Las Vegas local talk show – Vegas Banter on TLVS1.com and talks to host Marc Hernandez about Pia-Gow Poker and his website.

Other Projects Marc – Strip Poker http://www.youtube.com/user/TheVegasBanterShow

How to Take Better Photographs With Any Equipment

As a photographer, I am occasionally asked “how can I take better pictures?”  My stock answer is “put yourself in front of more interesting subjects.”  This is usually not well received by the asker and I have to go into further detail.  There are several points to take into consideration to move beyond taking snapshots.  Here are several tips for taking better pictures.  These are some fundamentals that will help your photography.

1.  Get Closer to Your Subject

We’ve all seen throngs of tourists with cameras around their necks, pointing the camera aimlessly, snapping up whatever image is in front of them.  Hundreds of pictures are taken and boring slide shows ensue.  You’ve probably seen a vacation slide show – picture after picture of boring landscapes, tiny people next to big objects, buildings – not much in the way of personality.  The idea here is that you are seeing something with your eyes that is appealing to you – either light, texture or whatever – it is a subject.  The snapshooter stands 6-10 feet away from the subject and snaps a shot.  What I’m suggesting is that you do is move forward 5 steps past where you feel comfortable.  You might think you’re crowding or invading your subject’s space.  If you feel that sensation, go even further, take a couple more steps.  Find the most interesting thing about your subject and frame that in the lens.  If it’s a human being, it’s most likely their face, particularly their eyes and mouth.  There are usually pictures within pictures everywhere and if you get closer, you’ll find interest within your subjects and your photographs will be better.

2.  Photography is all about Light

Cameras record the reflectivity of light – that’s really all they do.  There are better qualities of light which can turn a snapshot into an artistic photograph.  The first and last light of the day is the best light to transform an otherwise boring image into an artistic expression.  The middle of the day is that absolute worst time to take outdoor photographs (unless you’re in open shade and use fill flash to illuminate a face).

What is REALLY happening on Associated Content (AC)?

Scott, I saw your article about relaxation on Associated Content (AC) and I read a little about writing for AC.  It looks like a fair opportunity to make money working at home.  What kind of money do you think I could make writing a few good articles a week?

Paul B., Minn.

Thanks for writing Paul.  I have written a few articles for AC and found them to be prompt in paying.  If you submit your content requesting an up-front payment, they review your piece and make you an offer within a week or so.  I haven’t been offered anything staggering for any piece, about $3 per article.  I made more money selling one item from the last storage unit auction I bought at but hey, it’s all about multiple streams of income, right?  One of the things I occasionally do to put things in perspective is to ask myself, what is really going on here.  It forces you to peel through multiple layers of reality.  To answer your question, I asked myself, “What is REALLY going on at Associated Content?”  Let’s look at it together.

Here’s Associated Content‘s vital statistics:

Associated Content, Inc. is a privately held Delaware Corporation.  This is only significant in that AC does not have any public reporting requirements as publicly traded corporations do.  Read – they do not have to publicly state their income – no biggie, right?  What they earn is their business.   According to Silicone Alley Insider, it is estimated at a value of $65 million.   The Associated Content site has a traffic ranking of 773 according to Alexa – compare eHow at 476.

According to AC,

  • Associated Content publishes authentic, useful and informative content on nearly every conceivable topic, produced by real people sharing real-world expertise from diverse perspectives.

Anyone who knows anything about the internet knows that “Content is King,” and AC has an army of Content Producers (CPs) constantly churning out articles on just about any subject or topic imaginable.  The site is covered in advertising links which generate impressions and clicks leading to advertising revenue.  I suppose it is remarkable that they pay writers anything since it seems people will submit content to many popular websites that don’t pay anything.  And this formula works – the payments keep many people actively creating content which draws search engine, direct and organic traffic to the site.

I didn’t start writing on AC to make money – I can make more money in a weekend selling goods than in a whole year of writing for AC – I wanted to promote my website.   AC allows you to put your website after the article, which I thought was great as I would be in essence, backlinking from AC to scottrasher.com – which could only improve my website’s search engine ranking.  I discovered today that this is not the case.

I went straight to the source code of one of my article pages.  Here is a snipet of code relating to my website:

[<li><a rel=“nofollow” href=“http://scottrasher.com” class=“link_383838”>scottrasher.com</a></li>]

No follow?  Apparently, AC does not want search engine robots to not follow the link.  So the only benefit of having the link is if someone reads the article and follows it – which is a potential although my stats don’t show any referrals from AC.  My website isn’t getting any search engine benefit from AC links.

Another thing I realized today is that I’m on my own promoting this content.  I’ve never seen it show up anywhere on the site. A google search of Associated Content revealed this discussion which you might be interested in reading.

It’s interesting to read through the disclaimers/terms of use you agree to when you sign up at AC.  You get paid for the page views where an advertisement impression occurs.  Here’s what AC says about that, “*Page View. means one view of a single page of Content on the Site containing an advertising impression. AC shall in its sole discretion determine the type, frequency, and category of advertising impressions served on the Site in general and any content page in particular.” and “3. Your Acknowledgments. You acknowledge that:

a. You understand that the data presented in the Beta Program may not be accurate, and that you will not rely on those numbers in any way“(emphasis added).”

I guess the lawyer in me just can’t help but be fascinated with the disclaimers we accept without even reading.

Paul, it seems there’s a little bit of money to be made but if I were you I’d get a hundred monkeys to each type ten articles a day and submit it to AC, then you could really make some dough.   It’s all a numbers game really.

Good luck!

Is it AADHD or just boredom?

Lately I’ve been having a hard time concentrating, focusing and relaxing. Every time I start a project, I get sidetracked and follow a path away from my goal of the moment. I know this isn’t uncommon in ordinary adult human beings but the extreme end of it is a medical condition referred to as adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (AADHD). Reading a number of websites on the topic has made me wonder if I’m a candidate for this condition. I’m also acutely aware of the self fulfilling prophecy aspect of this. People can give themselves medical conditions by thinking and believing that they have it. Part of me wants to say that this is just a bunch of crap – the other part makes me wonder if there’s some great meds out there. Would it be a condition that could get you a medical marijuana card in a state that offers such a thing ie. Washington or Montana (but not Idaho?) Is there a connection there with Mormonism?

The fact that I can’t coherently write an article about AADHD is proof that I might have it. Is rambling a symptom of the disorder? According to wikipedia, which is always true since it’s an encyclopedia, incessant talking is a symptom of this neurobehavioral developmental disorder.

Really we’re just talking about “monkey mind.” Perhaps it’s a chemical imbalance in the brain that causes it or maybe it’s just the nature of being unsettled that creates the chemical imbalance. I also wonder if diagnosing it as a bona fide disorder relieves the social stigma of poor behavior resulting from the monkey mind. I Imagine many apologies are made for individuals with Tourette syndrom, “Sorry, my child says ass repeatedly because he has a disease.” “Sorry, I didn’t hear a word you just said Honey because of my AADHD.” Just like depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD), I wonder if it’s really just a bunch of made up stuff to explain various states of malaise or the condition where someone just can’t accept things the way they are.

I still don’t know but I definitely feel better getting it off my chest. Wait, what was I doing? I can’t remember – forgot my damn alzheimer’s medication again.

Late Night Brainstorming – Prison Reform

We had a brainstorming session with our friend Bryan last night (btw, Bryan, I google searched BKM Designs and there’s a guy infringing on your intellectual property rights) and the conversation turned to how to reform prisons.  In our estimation, prisoners need more activities to release their aggression and the United States needs more “green energy”.  We came up with an idea which would solve both:  PERP.

PERP is the acronym for Prison Energy Repayment Plan. Under our plan, every prison in the United States would be outfitted with stationary bikes creating a human powered energy fed back into the power grid.  Weights and weight lifting would be banned.  The only exercise allowed would be riding these power bikes.  The benefit to the inmates would be that they could reduce their sentence by one hour for every kilowat of power generated on their bike.  A prisoner could bike his or her way to freedom, get fit and supply the US power grid with 100% green energy. Two problems solved with one idea!

Camp Awesome!!

Remember Woody Harrelson?

I came across this article posted on the deceiver.com about the White Men Can’t Jump star, Woody Harrelson.

Woody Harrelson Has Lost His Damn Mind

He lives in a farming village in Hawaii where there are no shops and everyone uses solar power. A committed vegan, he eats mostly raw foods. He goes through a ton of weed, which may be his biggest carbon emission because his car runs on biodiesel fuel.

Now Woody Harrelson wants to take it to the next level: a forty-day fast during which he does nothing but surf all day. And probably smoke a lot of drugs.

“I know it’s going to be really hard,” the Kingpin actor says. “But can you imagine it? Eating nothing for 40 days? Swimming and surfing every day in a remote place? Where does the mind go?”

It goes away, probably.

Honestly, this plan is so extreme that I can’t help but respect it. And wait for the epic failure. Harrelson, I’m watching.

Sounds like camp AWESOME!!… Sign me up now! Woody is a god-damn uber-genius! Wait five years from now, when all the marrow has been sucked out of our souls, people are going to be lining up around the block to pay $15,000.00 a person for an experience like this.  This is the true essence of life.

I tell you who has lost their fuckin mind… People that sit on the fucking 405 for 2 hours a day, grinding out some stupid job for 30 years then they end-up dying from second hand smoke.

The Law of Attraction in Practice

Question from Anne in Alaska:

Hi Scott, since you claim to be a spiritual guide maybe you can explain how come the law of attraction doesn’t seem to be working for me. I read “The Secret” and thought I understood what it was saying but I’m still broke and it doesn’t seem to work for me.


Dear Anne,
I’m sure you’re not alone in this. Once when I was talking to a client of mine, clutching to the book “The Secret.” I was trying to explain to her the benefits of settling her case but she insisted on going to trial, “so he could understand her pain,” she said. I asked her if she had read the book she was holding and she said she had read it over and over again and it had changed her life. “If that’s the case, then you should be prepared to let the past go and begin to heal,” I said. “No, I have to stand up for myself,” she said. I spoke to her at length about the law of attraction – that if she focused on the pain she had experienced in her 30 year marriage, that the universe would send her more of the same. I couldn’t get through to her. We went to trial and she got her ass handed to her. The judge didn’t believe anything she said. She was very unhappy with me and I reminded her of the day I begged her to settle her case because of the many, many problems she had with her case. To no avail, “The Secret” failed her. Hopefully, I can give you something helpful but it will only help if you are ready to hear it.

The law of attraction basically states that “whatever you predominantly think shapes your reality.” If you constantly think, “how come I don’t have the money I want?” the Universe only hears “don’t have money.” Basically, this is like the genie in the bottle. The old story goes when you rub the bottle, the genie appears and grants you three wishes. But beware, you will get exactly what you ask for. In the stories, people seldom ever get what they really want because they don’t ask the question right. Here, the law of attraction says that you will get everything that you want from the universe. The problem is that you are not sure what you want. It’s not enough to say to the universe that I want a million dollars. You have to be much more specific. Try thinking, money is abundant and comes to me easily and frequently. Then, and here’s where the disconnect often occurs, YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING. You cannot just think about what you want you have to think about what you want and then do something to achieve it. If you ask the universe, what can I do to make money, you’ll start to be flooded with ideas about how you can accomplish your desire. Then you have to take steps to implement the idea – that’s when you’ll get your pay-off. Take for instance, you think “I’m going to own my dream house on this certain spot on the ocean.” You have to buy the land, hire the architect, hire the contractor, and do all the things to create the dream house on the spot. Just thinking it will not bring it into existence.

Anne, the other thing to consider about the law of attraction is that you have many, many thoughts that are programmed in your brain. You might not even be aware of the multitude of thoughts that you continually have that can be sending negative impulses into the universe which the Universe delivers back to you. Negative thoughts create ill health, poverty, unhappiness, all kinds of bad things that people are not aware that THEY CREATE in their life. If you want to get to the bottom of your thoughts, you need to activate the Observer. I explain how to do this in my book From Garage Sale to Financial Freedom in Five Steps. Of course, I recommend that you read it because it will also answer your questions about how to make money. If you try my ideas, you’ll find the law of attraction working for you.

Much success,

Scott Asher