Do it yourself American Pickers guide.

Looking for a job? Need money like a Mother-&^$(“er? Don’t know where to turn? Have I got a job for you!

Leave it to your Uncle Scotty to show you the way. By the time you are done reading this article you should have all

the information you need to make a very modest salary with very little problem. You can start this afternoon.

Have you ever watched the show the American Pickers? I am about to show you how to become a working amateur picker. Anyone can make money with just the walking around money in their pocket. With this information, you could start your own picking business or just make some quick cash buying used goods and selling them for profit.

It is truly limitless what can be sold on the internet. I currently have the number of a lady in Wyoming that sells tumble weeds to Hollywood for movie sets, and the number of a dude, that owns 3 houses on his block from selling dirty panties, to sick perverts from his website. These are the extremes of something so simple. How to make money from almost anything.

*Not to get off topic, but here is a link to a girl patties vending machine in Japan. I don’t even know how I found this. What is more shocking, is that something like this exist in this world.

The second hand business is all about the mantra, “buy low sell high.” You always buy for the right price, which is less than what someone else is willing to pay. Over paying for any item loses money so you don’t want to do that. The kind of seller you want to buy from is desperate – they need the money and will take a hit for a quick sale. The other type of seller is someone professional in the second hand market and they will over charge you because they’re in it for profit.

Bread and butter items, these are the items you will lean towards when making buys. A bread and butter item is something you are familiar with. You understand the demand for this item and you know what is being paid for these items. Start by finding desperate sellers of your bread and butter items and resell them for profit.

Some of my go to items – little girls pants, steel cars, used doc martens, used Nikes, Golf equipment, Star Wars, Disney, R/C airplanes, jeans, and name brand clothes, large size woman’s clothes! These are things that I know the value of and can always find someone selling under market.

Want to know how to get nice name brand designer closes for nearly free? As a picker, you’ll naturally be going to garage sales. Once in a while you will pull up to a garage sale, and they will be selling all these nice name brand clothes all of them not my size, but she is willing to almost give them away. no-problem-eo, buy them all! That’s right! One time I went to a garage-sale and got about 70 pieces of name brand clothes for 25 bucks, I just stuffed them in the car and took them to Plato Coset, they turned around and gave me 400 bucks credit in the store, that’s right, all for 25 bucks! You can’t tell me that didn’t just get the wheels turning!!!! OMG

Quick hint- buy a PDA and look up items on ebay while you are right on the spot for a pricing guide you can use for buying items.

I happen to have a cool story – my brother, the one that originally got me started on ebay almost 10 years ago now. he would go to the junk yard and fetch parts off of cars that would bring big dollars. I also know people are making great money on ebay selling Mexican jumping beans.

Places to find inventory – Garage Sales, Flee Markets, Craigslist, Storage Auctions. All of these places will bring you mountains of quality second hand merchandise that you can turn and sell.

Where to sell – You should consider having your own garage sale. You can make a very nice profit from a well planned garage sale besides you’re going to need to clear out space to hold your new inventory. One weekend, I took a truck load of merchandise to the swap meet and my wife held a garage sale at our house. We had a $4,000 cash weekend. I turned that cash into the purchase of an entire household at storage unit auction and made over $20,000 on eBay. I’m not kidding when I say you can make serious cash with this gig.

How much money do I need? Well this is really a trick question, because some of my most profitable finds have been with just the pocket change in my pocket. I can’t even count how many times I have turned 5 bucks into a hundred. You can get started for free by driving by garage sales on Sunday afternoon and picking up what they leave by the curb. I’ve picked up truck loads of free merchandise that people simply do not want. This is a disposable society we live in after all. Haven’t you seen furniture, tv’s, computers, and all kinds of stuff left to the curb at trash time. I’m not telling you to dumpster dive – I’m just saying that there’s money to be made in this market with very little start up. Go find some stuff to sell and get your share.

1,000 Ways to Make Money

Life Is Content

For me – Being a blogger, everything in life is content.

As glamorous as most people feel working from home is, sometimes it does get in the way of my personal life. I am working on this. So my travel plans were set and I was ready to go, I had planned this in advance so I could get the best price for room and flight, but come time to travel Denver wasn’t having it. A winter storm had hit the Denver area leaving me at a stand still and really not sure what to do. I went to the airport a few times to catch a new flight, it didn’t look good. I was scrambling to figure out what to do. At this point, I really was starting to feel the crunch. I had the weight of my Tuesday’s appointment, and it was feeling like a heavy one. Travel plans have been canceled, hotel rooms had been canceled. I was losing money and I didn’t even leave my house yet! This is not what I had in mind.

So what happened – I received a travel voucher, I was happy with this. But the soonest I could fly was Sunday, the weather was going to be snowy again on Sunday. This was cutting it close for me. This was a problem, I needed to take the weather out of the equation, and fast. I have already lost over $100.00 bucks from changes from my travel plans and traveling on Sunday with the possibility of being delayed further was very real. I wasn’t up for anymore fees. The pressure was on.

Plan B – I was already calling  Bob carefully probing for info, I didn’t really want to bug him, but I was trying to feel-out if it was possible of missing this and saying home. I had just got finished with a big time 5 day cram session finishing all my work, so I could have a nice quiet trip, with a watchful eye. That didn’t happen, customers were calling none-stop, it almost seem to intensify. One of the problems of being a freelancer is the nonstop attending to my customers needs. One of the things I try to do, make is easy for my customers to reach me. This time I had no choice, I had to draw the line and deal with what was going on in my life. My wife and son was manning my unattended post.

The trip – I was on my way to Las Vegas at about 3:30 a.m. on Saturday, I caught a ride with a very cool Korey. He was a cool dude, this guy is a Writer/Rock Star very smart kid. He was on his way to LA to start back to work writing for a T.V. show. So there I was, again I was going to cross the Rockies and travel all the way thought Utah on a cannon-ball-run style adventure to Las Vegas. I like to think I am not that old, but Jesus. I was just drained from the 10 hour drive. My back was killin me!

My arrival – My original plan was to stay in a hotel at of one of the many special room rates on the strip. Before canceling my reservation I had a room booked for $24.95 a night. This was another problem, because of the issues I was having, I was no longer able to get this rate. I like to be alone, I didn’t want to be bugged. I kind of had my hart set on having a maid to clean up after me.

The stay – So I called Dave. Let me give you some background on Dave. Dave is a very raspy, middle aged, single guy that also happens to be bitter about being laid-off from work about 2 years ago. But I don’t hold that against him, you should try staying with me! 😉

MORE COMING SOON!!! Trust me your going to want to hear the end of this!

180 Days to Blogging Success – Million Dollar Blogging

Want to make a million dollars blogging?  Sure, we all do but did you know that it is actually possible?  It is and I’m going to tell you how to do it.  You won’t that million dollars all at once but if you plan ahead and commit to a sound strategy like I’m going to describe here, your blog could make you that million dollars over its long and productive life.  Remember, the benefits of websites in general, and blogs are websites, is that they work 24-7 while you’re kicking back at the beach or wherever you please.  All you need is a commitment of 180 days, plenty of motivation and some knowledge.  These are the basic skills you must know – Blogging 101.  Get your note pads out and bookmark this page because you’ll want to refer back later, I promise you.

1.  Format – Many blogs skip this step and do not put any thought into their format – the result is that they flounder.  When you’re setting up your blog or if you have an existing blog that is not working, you need to concentrate your format into a niche that concentrates on a few keywords.  Think darts here instead of shot gun.  You’re better aiming with precision than spreading around a bunch of non-related keywords. Lay some groundwork about the theme of the blog and this could be said about starting any type of business.  A blog is a business that just happens to be inexpensive to start, can be run from home, on your own time, but a blog is a business nonetheless.  When you’re starting any business, the first critical idea is to have a mission statement – “I want to sell stuff” isn’t a very clear mission statement.  “I want to sell website design and WordPress customization,” is a lot more concise.  Your blog should be about something and you should make that clear in the title, description and in your about page. Take some time to carefully craft these as they are set the stage for what you’ll later post.  At this stage in the game, you should make a decision about how you plan to earn money with your blog, are you going to sell a service, a product or advertising.  You can choose any format that interests you but it must be something you can create content about consistently which brings us to the next step.

2.  Content – With your format prepared, you should concentrate your efforts on creating 20-80 posts, saturating your content with the keywords that are contained within your niche.  Make it clear to anyone arriving about your site that you are blogging about “x” – whatever that “x” is.  In creating your format, necessarily, several keywords will have come to the surface.  For instance, my blog is about web design.  I’m a web designer – I sell web design service and obviously web design is a keyword my blog targets.  It also targets WordPress, themes, layouts, etc.  Your articles should naturally contain these keywords and give layer and dimension to your content.  If you have a hard time creating content, pay to have it created for you.  Great content will bring readers and readers are what give a blog the ability to succeed.  Google is like the Magic 8 ball but instead of 8 options, it returns millions.  Your keywords give relevance to your pages and if they’re not there, Google doesn’t reward you and you don’t get traffic.  Your content should be unique, contain a personal perspective and you must be willing to put on the show.  Let me say this another way – you must be “willing to embrace the whore within.”  What do I mean by this outrageous statement?  Look, people can get recipes on how to do anything on the internet.  What makes you unique is the crazy and random shit that happens in your life and people are fascinated with this. This is why the reality tv format is so successful and blogs are a similar format. Blast your keywords but tell them how your dog ate your wallet and you had to pull it from his butt with a pair of tongs, for example.  The fastest way to build an audience, affiliates, a community and a following is by giving the details.  Leave out the details and you’re just a boring blog that is like ten million other blogs out there.  Give it personality and you’re on the way to the million bucks.

3.  Monetize – Many blogs monetize by placing random ads on all over the page.  The idea with monetizing a blog is to appeal to the reader’s desire to gain something.  That means your ads, the service or the product must be relevant to what they’re reading and you need to be the authority on the topic.  Why do people buy anything when they’re random web surfing?  They only buy if they believe that they must have what is being sold.  If you just wrote the best article on why someone should use WordPress and have an affiliate ad for WordPress templates next to it, you’ve got a chance.  If you just wrote an article about the latest and greatest WordPress theme and have a pet food ad next to it, you missed your chance.  The ads, services and products you choose to display must be carefully chosen to be related to the theme of your blog.

4.  Why 180 days?  Well, it’s simple – you can remember and keep track of this number.  Consistency is the issue here.  Post relevant, useful and personality filled content for 180 days and you’ve created something that Google can spider and give legitimacy to.  This is the foundation upon which you can build a successful website.  Then you can go out to other blogs, comment bring new readers, advertise on other sites and whatever other advanced strategies you choose to bring new traffic to your blog but you have something – a legitimate site rather than a fish out of water.  This will bring you the blogging success that you are looking for.

Want to see how I have done with my blog? See my results here

The game changer

Well, this week I will be taking off my web-design hat and be putting on my poker hat. That’s right, I will make my return to the poker-ring for about 10 days.

This is the plan – I need to return to Las Vegas for a few days to attend to some business, and as-it-turns-out in Southern California they are playing a rather large poker tournament at the Commerce Casino in Los Angles.

For a $335.00 they are offering a $1,000,000 guaranteed prize. Link here

This is kind of a opportunity that is so close to Las Vegas, while I am in the area I couldn’t really pass on this. For 300 bucks to take a shot at a million, I think it is worth-a-shot. On a phone call earlier this week one of my non- poker friends asked me what I thought was the chance of me winning. I said, I thought I had about 1-200 shot based on the turnouts I have seen online. He said, wow… I want to buy a piece of your action.

I think these fields are going to be tough, don’t kid yourself. There are far more very good broke poker players than rich ones, so I look for these large fields to be very completive.

I look at it this way, 300 bucks I can play this tournament 800 times win it once and make money, so I am really playing for the over-lay. The odds are just too good.

For all of my wonderful clients reading this, please don’t worry my laptop and phone will be  near by. 🙂