The Next 180 Days of Scott.

It has all come down to this… this is for all the Money. I have a massive 180 days coming. To even think where I will be in 180 days is mind blowing. During this time I will be visiting India. I am just out of my mind with excitement. The India Project, is at the starting gate with engines pumped and ready to blast off. I can’t even tell you all the things that are going through my mind right now. I am just finishing up moving the blogs that I am contributing to the project and to the India project hosting account. Also the Corp. papers are in the mail, coming to the right address this time! So we are in the thick of things here.

I have learned many lessons from the past project Online Investment Solutions, where we had a mix of 70 websites and domains. Surrounding them was two 40 website networks and a 35 website network.  I love the documentation of the project Mark and I have done. I think this will make for an interesting story to read, when it’s all done. We also will be posting the list of ideas for the blogs, I think some of you are going to find this very interesting. We have lots of good ideas some even silly, and some very strong front runners. We are looking to reach a lot of niche markets.

We are now also constructing a punch list for the blogs. We will also run all the blogs against this list, this will happen once we get all of them up and running. We are posting this list so you can maybe add some of our ideas to use your own blog. I think anyone can find something juicy they can use.

So what happens when the 180 days are over? I can say this, I think anyone within ten feet of The India project is going to make some real money.

A Weight Loss Tip Your Never Going To Forget.

Want to lose belly fat? This might be the best tip ever!! Who knows, but still very interesting story about a girl I knew that lost a ton of weight in a very short amount of time!

When I was younger I knew a fat girl that lived up the block. Over time I got to know her, and she was a nice girl. One thing she always talked about was losing weight, but it was clear that some Jane Fonda workout wasn’t going to do the trick for her. So one day she came to me asking what I thought about this idea she had. The idea was – to wire her jaw shut. This is when I found out the little fun-fact, that it is illegal to wire someone’s mouth shut. So I am sure you are just dying to hear what happened. She talked her parents into taking her to Mexico to a Dentist, for 15 dollars she had her jaw wired shut. It took about, 45 days to lose all the weight. All she could feed herself was protein shakes and fruit smoothies, with the gap left wide open just wide enough so she would not choke on her own vomit. Eating anything solid was totally out of the question.  It’s like quitting cocaine by super-gluing your nostrils shut.  It works but at what cost?

I guess, wiring your jaw shut, although illegal in the United States is probably a better alternative to stapling your stomach.  I don’t know why people don’t just try to stop eating when they’re full and exercise more – I’ve heard that the new line of Sketchers Shape-Ups, endorsed by former NFL quarterback Joe Montana can really do the trick.  Anyhow, I just thought it was kind of crazy what people will do to lose weight – they’ll look for any one little weird tip to lose belly fat or whatever.  Didn’t they get the memo about belly fat?  It’s just fat and not some special kind of fat that comes off easier by some weird tip.  If you’ve got a weird tip to lose fat, weirder than wiring your jaw shut, I’d sure like to hear it!

The upside to being on Chex Systems

Just in case you were looking for an upside for being on chex Systems, my bank just tried to charge me a flat $9.95 a month for a checking account. Now, they didn’t offer me any lube with that!  Like I am going to pay $120.00 dollars a year for a checking account, you’ve got to be kidding me! It is not a good time to be a banking customer. Not being able to get a banking account might be a good thing.  Well, unless you get paid cash, you have to find ways to cash checks and they’ve got tons of bogus fees at the local check cashing places.  Hell, even the bank that issues your paycheck will probably charge you five bucks to cash it since it’s a “business check.”  Damn these greedy banks – and you know, the banks are behind Chex Systems.  It’s not like Chex Systems is a government agency or anything –just like credit bureaus, they’re private companies that sell your personal data for their profit.

What I’m trying to understand is why we allow this shit to happen.  As consumers, we should be able to make this stop.  Banks should be paying us.  It used to be that way.  Banks actually paid interest on deposits, not this half a point annually shit.  Maybe if everyone took their money out and stashed it in a coffee can we’d all be better off.  The other day I got a paypal payment from a customer–do you know how much paypal keeps on a hundred dollar transaction.  Just over $7.  That’s amazing.  I earned $100 but by the time it was in my bank account, it’s only worth $93.  Of course I can use a paypal debit card, just like a bank but if I want to withdraw cash, there’s the atm fees so really I’d like to get paid in cash.  There is so much money being stolen from us all of the time, it’s truly amazing.  Chex Systems can really put a damper on your banking situation but that expensive checking account, might be cheaper than paypal.

The twist and turns of life.

I was driving down the road and of course I saw on the side of the road a homeless lady holding a sign, you all know I can’t help myself… The sign said, “homeless hurts.”  Wow touching… really, that is the best you can come-up with? Reminds me of those depression drug adds, where does it hurt? -everywhere, who does it hurt? -everyone.  Here let me try… Paying my Credit Card bill hurts. Doesn’t really have the same ring, I’ll give you that. But some months I think I would rather go homeless over what I have to deal with everyday of my life. If I was going to make a sign I would go right for the throat, something snappy, like… “Sucking dick is to demoralizing so I went for the sign instead.”  Put a smile on their face, you won’t change their life, but you might change their day.

I am sorry you had to read this, I apologize.

Big S

It is Scott against the world

Warning: This post contains explicit adult humor.

Do you ever feel like the water is starting to boil? Today was a day of reflection for me. Lately, I have been feeling like there is a mood or a feeling in the air, almost like consumers have become an easy target. Recently have been hearing lots of silly consumer related news stories going around lately.  This really got me thinking… you know when the best time to move in on somebody is? When I say move in on somebody, I am referring to a time that a person maybe extra vulnerable. In this economy I can’t really think of a better time for companies to take advantage of consumers and just fleece people of every last dollar.

One good example – Recently, I was looking to purchase a ticket on Allegiant Airlines. I mean the fares are cheap don’t get me wrong. But from the starting price, of $29.99, I had no less than 4 fees come time to pay. Four fees? Why?  I mean WTF! It just doesn’t feel right, I don’t get it? Why can’t you can’t just put the price? Works out well for the all the stores I go to. I look at the price, it’s 10 bucks, I pay 10 bucks. It is as simple as that. When I pay fees like this, I feel like another fee is coming any minute so I am afraid to do business with them. God forbid, they have my card! But i’ll tell you who got my business, Southwest!

Look at the banks – We are passing laws to keep banks from charging fees, isn’t that nice. A simple stop it…wasn’t good enough?  If that shit don’t make you think, it had better.

Car insurance – You got me started… See what you got going now? I just changed car insurance, I have never had a ticket or a car wreck but I get @ss F%&$ed everytime I get car insurance. I know lots of you use this Direct horse-shit, if you are not sure what “Direct horse-shit” is, this gives the companies direct access to your money, and as a reward for this, they give you a fucking discount. As for me, I wouldn’t give my mom my banking information. I pay with my Credit Card. So if they fuck me, as a reward to them, I charge back on their asses, and I love to write letters! Why can’t I get the same discount for just paying my bill on time?

Do you give your banking information out? Not me! When the banker dude gave me my little banker book and number, he told me never give this to anyone. You bet your ass I listened!

A buddy of mine calls me, he told me about what Dish Network did to him. He signs up for the bundle horse shit. They come out on Saturday to install it, he calls them on Sunday tells them it sucks. They refuse to cancel and try to stick it in his-ass. If it where me – I would get me a screw gun, take that dish down, I would paint the mother fucken dish pink, tie it to the top of my fucken car and paint Dish Network screwed me on the side. See what happens then. But that is just me…

Next time someone tries to charge you a fee, tell them – up your ass! I will take my money somewhere else, spend your hard earned money on your wife and kids!